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Public Service Announcement

Please consider the following if you have a cash deposit with Shopping Mall Japan (applicable as at 10 Feb 2017):

- Get the deposit refunded within 90 days otherwise you will be forced to pay PayPal fees to have it returned to you.
This is not mentioned on their website but will happen and you won't get your full deposit back.

- Ask for your deposit back as soon as you foresee you won't be making more purchases.
They will close inactive accounts without notification and keep any deposits without attempting to return it first.

- Request that your deposit be used to pay off items/shipping costs.
This way you won't get caught out on fees if you're already over the 90 day mark and want to have your cash deposit refunded anyway.




Happy Birthday!
2 years ago
Hi! Could i ask of you to do a simple request? I recently wrote something that got a lot of attention, and now i kind of made a mess which looks rather silly. I realised i went a bit too far. Could you delete my comments(and all responses related to it) in this item listing. ITEM #675998 Would be thankful!
2 years ago
No problem! I feel like mods aren’t getting a lot of love these days, and the minute I try to pitch in (with entries, or with the forums, or journals) people jump down your throat. Rather thankless, isn’t it!

So, thank you for all you do!! Some people appreciate it :-)
3 years ago
Thank you for being a moderator.
3 years ago
Mia-chan3 years ago#26699011Happy Birthday Rin! Hope you have been well. :3
Miaaaa! thank you so much <3 I hope everything is fine there :) Miss you, big hug :*
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Mia-chan3 years ago#25927820Thanks agcpictures! :) How time flies hey. I'm doing alright. Not busy as before but stressed and bored as a result! Just can't win. xD Hope things on your end are okay. <3
Haha, that does seem like a no-win situation. Hope you can find a nice balance soon! I'm doing all right as well, thanks!
3 years ago
Happy birthday! It's been a while; hope you're well!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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Happy Birthday! Enjoy it to the fullest!
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