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~愛してるずっとずっと変わらないキモチ~ <3
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happy birthday!
2 years ago
Mikaino5 years ago#3002810Thank you! ; w ; It's a cosplay of the Love Philosophia costume for Luka > u < Luka's my favorite Vocaloid, and I've always wanted to cosplay her~

Oh wow I like it alot! I'll admit that I've only ever seen Miku's online but never Luka's, nor have I actually heard the song! I'm gonna have to check it out now. Thank you!
5 years ago
I love the cosplay in your icon! Which character are you?! :O
5 years ago
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
Mikaino5 years ago#2899089Yeah, it's been SO long for me! I haven't done gaming cons in such a long time. :3 Hmm, I typically look out for cosplay and I heard about last years cosplay contest? So I'd be checking that out, but that's just because personally I'm a giant cosplay-nerd xD; Game testing and of course meeting new people is something I always look forward to at big things like GenCon. :3

I didn't know Cosplay was a big thing at GenCon! I had always heard of it as a massive gaming convention. I guess I should look up more info about it before I go!
5 years ago
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
Mikaino5 years ago#2879327Haha, yesss you would XD
Possibly! GenCon is SO amazing! I love it so much ^_^ I haven't gotten to go in ten whole years, sadly enough.

Wow, that's a long time away! Outside of all the gaming while I'm there, what else is cool about it I should look for? I'm definitely excited about quite a few new games an expansions! :-D
5 years ago
Chorazin This Weeku In Miku
Mikaino5 years ago#2878877Thanks for the FR :3 Also, Nendoroids are amazingly adorable, I don't blame you for collecting them~

They totally are! I'm limiting myself to just those or I'll quickly go bankrupt! XD

Maybe I'll see you wondering about GenCon, I'm going to my first one this year!
5 years ago
Mikaino5 years ago#2857352Oh man, I know that feeling! I've been doing my schoolwork during D&D, my DM lets me get away with it xD;
5th Ed is a lot of fun, but it has a LOT of leeway, OHMYGOSH XD; They don't clarify a lot of things, if you look closely at the PHB, you'll notice it and wonder. xD

That sounds pretty great. I need to check it out and pay attention to it. Sounds like all kinds of fun antics can be had with it haha~
5 years ago
Mikaino5 years ago#2853632Hiii! I was just messing around and noticed you said you play D&D ^^ That's so cool! I do too! We have a game every Tuesday~ It's nice to see other D&D nerds > u <
Haha, awesome! I use to do weekly games with my friends for years, but recently cause of work/school I'm on like the exact opposite schedule of everyone else so I haven't been able to play in months. Luckily summer vacation is coming soon. I think they've all moved onto the 5th edition, so I gotta catch up to them haha (u_u)
5 years ago
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Kiiyame6 years ago#2845664Aww darn! Maybe this next year will be the year! It's a tooon of fun so I hope you're able to go soon!
Kiiyame goes?! I may have to try to go next year then X3 It will definitely be challenging, but I'll have to try~
6 years ago
Mikaino6 years ago#2837653I've been following AseliaCon since their first year > u < They keep scheduling as either the same weekend as Naka-kon or the one after.. which really I can't do ; _ ; I've been wanting to go for SO long~!
Aww darn! Maybe this next year will be the year! It's a tooon of fun so I hope you're able to go soon!
6 years ago
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