selling some of collection: https://www.depop.com/machiyas
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hi im ollie, i've been collecting for a while now.
i really like Yugioh (DM/S0), No More Heroes/GhM, Dragon Ball, Madoka Magica and Evangelion (these are primarily what I collect).


Mikitsu6 years ago#2562056It's fairly often. Right now they have buy 2+ items and get free shipping.

Ah okay, thank you!
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2561974I usually try shops that have free shipping, like TOM. They usually have offers for free shipping.

Do they always have free shipping, or just sometimes?
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2561224i need to try amiami one day! i usually buy from anime jungle, otakumode, and during anime expo i go buy them.

I really like Amiami cause there prices are good, but I don't know if shipping is high. I think people have said it is, but I don't know.
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559458What shops do you buy your figures from?

Amiami. (Ad maybe Mandarake once I Order something from there. I'm waiting cause my sister might be buying something from them too.) What about you?
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559454I hope your first time ordering from them will go smoothly!

Me too!
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559446It doesnt happen often.

Well that's good at least. Thank you!
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559438Its because their a second-hand shop, and im afraid that the figure will have some damage. Considering some users (i read the blogs about Mandarake) get the wrong item, or the item HAD damage when the description said it was unopened etc.

Wait that happens?! Do you know how often?
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559429From Mandarake? I havent bought from them because i dont have a paypal to exchange the currency, so i buy from online shops that are in US$. I'm also scared to buy from them XD

Why are you scared? I'd like to know cause I think I'm gonna buy from them soon.
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559375My first fake was Cheerful Japan! Kagamine Rin. What was your first figure?

Oh my gosh I'm looking for that one right now! (But not fake.) I found her on Mandarake for 3000 JPY, but I've never bought from them so I'm scared to. Have you ever bought anything from them?

My first figure was my Hatsune Miku nendoroid! (Number 33.) Also I've never bought a fake if you where wondering.
6 years ago
Mikitsu6 years ago#2559256when i first started collecting, i actually bought 2 fakes. But i eventually bought my first legit figure.

Was your first a fake?
6 years ago
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