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Mama Duck ❤ Self-Indulgent Fanfic Writer ❤ Doodle Drawer
Hello, I'm Milady or Alluca, whatever's good :> Thank you if you take the time to look here~!
https://68.media.tumblr.com/dd6dc8c034cf26eb2f68de35c491d1eb/tumblr_oqbunbyDTa1tx2azyo2_250.png>My Art Blog<https://68.media.tumblr.com/754ed6b703ad5001388049140fe37697/tumblr_oqbunbyDTa1tx2azyo1_250.png
Queer, bipolar, depressed, and socially anxious with a mother duck-hen complex.
If you feel a need to talk to someone I'm willing to try and be an ear if you want it.

I'm currently figuring out how to adult and how to pace myself better with collecting. My tastes are really all over the place and I mostly just collect what I like, whether for my irrational love of Gundam Seed girls or something I saw and just thought "Nice!" I've also fallen into nendoroid hell and broke my last rule on "don't collect this please" lol

Unfortunately I don't watch anime as much these days but I'm a huge fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kill la Kill, and School Rumble to name some of my long-time favorites.
I watch a lot of let's plays for games these days but I like playing Pokemon and I love playing Final Fantasy XIV, quite obsessed with my characters haha~

Some of my hobbies are cosplay, writing, and drawing, I drew my icon and about pic c:
I like writing trashy romance and fanfics though I spend more writing time about my FF characters these days ^^

If you ever want to chat about collecting, shared interests, anime, games, shipping, cosplay, fanfics, whatever feel free to talk to me~!

My Very Incomplete Waifu/Husbando + My Babes Harem:
View spoilerHide spoiler♢ #1 Utena ~ RGU
♢ #2 Lacus ~ GS/D
♦ Satsuki ~ KLK
♦ Sailor Uranus & Neptune & Jupiter ~ Sailor Moon ♦ Fran ~ FF12 ♦ Lightning ~ FF13
♦ Seo & Chiyo & Kashima ~ GSNK ♦ Kou ~ Free! ♦
♦ Mamina ~ Simoun

♢ #1 Makoto Tachibana ~ Free!
♢ #2 Kira Yamato ~ GS/D
♦ Ira Gamagoori ~ Kill la Kill ♦ Mikoto Mikoshiba ~ GSNK ♦ Genos ~ One-Punch Man
♦ Sousuke & Haruka & Seijuuro ~ Free! ♦ Andrew & Dearka & Mwu ~ GS/D
♦ Balthier & Vaan & Gabranth ~ FF12 ♦ Mizuki & Virus & Trip ~ DMMD
♦ Jean & Eren & Erwin ~ AoT ♦ Krusty & Nao & Shiroe ~ Log Horizon

Some of my favorite shows are:
View spoilerHide spoiler♦ Revolutionary Girl Utena ♦ Ga-Rei: Zero ♦ Kill la Kill ♦ Steven Universe
♦ NANA ♦ Gundam Seed ♦ Free! ♦ School Rumble
♦ S-Cry-Ed ♦ Log Horizon ♦ Sailor Moon ♦ Simoun ♦ Big Wind-up!
♦ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun ♦ Gakuen Heaven ♦ Junjou Romantica
♦ Samurai Champloo ♦ Code Geass ♦ Michiko to Hatchin ♦ Eureka 7

Some of my favorite ships are:
View spoilerHide spoiler♥ HaruMako ♥ SouMakoHaruMakoSou ♥ UtenaAnthy
♥ SatsukiGamagoori ♥ MakoGamagoori ♥ RyuukoMako
♥ NozakiChiyo ♥ NozakiChiyoMikorin ♥ KashimaHori ♥ MayuMikorin ♥ SeoWaka
♥ LacusKira ♥ LacusMeer ♥ AthrunKira ♥ LacusKiraAthrun
♥ GrimmjowIchigo ♥ NeptuneUranus ♥ NanaHachi ♥ ErenJean ♥ ZeldaLink
♥ LightFang ♥ LightFangVanille ♥

Polyamorous ships will be the end of me, though they are rare

Utena, Gundam Seed, KLK, Ga-Rei:Zero, Sailor Moon, Log Horizon, GSNK
FF14, FF13, FF12, Arkham City, Bayonetta, Last of Us, Lost in Blue, To the Moon, Pokemon
MOE Point(s)
Princess, Brown Hair, Blue/Purple Eyes, Pink Hair, Tall, Gentle Guys, Deep Voiced Women, Thigh High Stockings, Crying Boys