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I'm like never here anymore. Mostly playing MTG these days. Hoping to downsize except for Masato+UtaPri everything/Pokémon everything/nice figures y'know/Gift Plushes now since I have accumulated waaaaaaaaay too much over the years. Anything besides those items I may part with, so have at yee.
Still a 19 year-old shitlord whose life is measured by nice animu men and Pokémon :^)
Will post photos once in a blue moon on what shit I have bought as of late.

Also will trade animu merch for MTG anything since why not.

Also still busy 'cause college and real life.



Milks4 years ago#6543128Hey, sorry for the late reply (I'm never on here anymore).
In regards to my Kotetsu cushion (In this picture- PICTURE #656076), I actually bought it from another user on here about four years ago, so I unfortunately don't know the origin of where they got it (I'm assuming Y!JA or something like that, or possibly AmiAmi).

Awww okay, I'll try Y!JA then. I wish that I could've ordered it when it came out, but I've only been collecting for about a year. Anyway, thanks for the reply!
4 years ago
I received your gifts! xDDD
Really many thanks for it! And yes I didn't have it so thanks for helping me build on my UtaPri collection. xD
Yea this is an official doujin book hahaha it is like half official and half non-offcial. ^^
Thanks for the drawings too it is not bad at all hahaha XDDD Much better than my drawings. xD
I am glad to hear that you thought of me when spotting the Syo ita-bags in Japan. Haha have to admit that I have been increasing my pink collection since fell into him. xDDD
Hope you are alos going well with building up your blue collections. xDDD
4 years ago
Thanks in advance for the gift. >___<
Hope it will be here soon. ^^ I will let you know once it is here. :)

Haha do you know that the 4th season of UtaPri is confirmed? The announcement came just after the last episode of MajiRevo was on air. It seems they will make more episodes for Heavens hahaha xDDD I am quite looking forward to it too! :D
UtaPri will have more to come for us! And our wallets! xDDD
Let's keep on! :D

Milks4 years ago#3275264I sent out your gift last Saturday! Hopefully it gets there safe and sound, and relatively soon (But one time, I had a package take two months to get to just Mexico ;O;).
I did enjoy my time there! One of the girls on my trip actually loved UtaPri too (Her favourite is Shou!), so we both did some damage in Akihabara and Ikebukuro, ahaha. And I can't even begin on how many girls I saw with Ita bags and trading UtaPri merch and going nuts for the show.
I hope your busy life isn't too stressful for you :'D Hopefully there's some downtime so you can kinda reconcile with everyone here, and everything that's being added every day! Honestly, I didn't think UtaPri would get a fourth season for a while, but then I thought, "With how popular it is in Japan, it's gotta have another". More merch for us to buy, I suppose ;w;
I also hope your collecting endeavors are still going strong. I just paid a personal shopper currently in Japan to go crazy and spend my money on just Masato stuff :'D I'm a bit nervous on how the outcome will be, but I will soon find out!
4 years ago
Haha please enjoy your trip!
When you hang out around otaku areas like Animate, you moght bump into random ita bag girl xDDD
Ita bag is so popular in Japan, it looks really cool but costly at the same time lol

Milks5 years ago#2895448Yeah, there seems to be quite a bit (I'd try to help, but I don't want anything to be wrong ;O;)!
Ooh, I haven't heard it yet (Right when I get some elongated free time, I'm going to watch the first episode to finally hear the song, ahaha). I can barely wait, but school is important too ;w;
Thanks! It's supposed to drizzle/ rain a lot (Since it'll be the rainy season), but I'm glad I'm not going in the dead heat and humidity of July again :'D I'm expecting so much merchandise, it's going to be insane! When I went there last time in between Seasons, there was girls lining up to play UFO Machines for UtaPri prizes, and many girls in Kotobukiya with Ita Bags (The most memorable ones were of Masato and Natsuki!).
5 years ago
sarious Chino is My Life
Milks5 years ago#2918293Sorry for the late reply; been busy all week.
That's cool; Japan is an awesome place. Whenever you get the chance to go, take it!
I live about 15-20 minutes away from Geekplastiq, so I always try to make it there when I'm in town. I'm a bit surprised Madison has a store like it, as some larger cities (Like Chicago) don't have a store in mind (I went to the huge mall down there last weekend, and there was a shop full of bootlegs!).

Gotcha. Unfortunately I'm like an hour away, but go there every once in a while.
5 years ago
sarious Chino is My Life
Milks5 years ago#2901237Nice to see another Wisconsin person collecting! Weirdly enough, I'm also studying Japanese in college in Dairyland, ahaha.
I like your taste in figures, also!

There's a figure store in Madison by the way. It's called geekplastiq.
5 years ago
I didn't see them in the database. Utapri has too many merchandise that our mfc database is not so complete hahaha xD

Yea the 3rd season!!! I watched the 1st episodes twice wow...I love the new theme song so much too! T___T Hope you can watch them soon! >___< They are really good!

Enjoy your school trip! This is a good time to go to Japan since the whether won't be too cold or hot, but yea haha probably a lot of UtaPri exposures since the 3rd season is airing! XD

Milks5 years ago#2881949Got kind of busy this week ;O;
Thank you! I'm going to Japan for three weeks with 15 other people from my college (It's a school thing) in June. My wallet is not gonna have a good time, since there will probably be billions of UtaPri merchandise ;w;It doesn't help that we can only take one suitcase, too!
I finished up Season Two for the second time, so now I have to wait for the episodes to be releaed over here ;O; I'm beyond excited to see the newest season!
Also, I was trying to find these UtaPri bags and charms on here (www.super-group...), but I have no idea if I'm looking at the right searches ;w; I was debating if I should add them on the database, but I get really paranoid about being wrong and jazz. Have you seen these bags and straps :?
5 years ago
Milks5 years ago#2497027No problem ;w; It's almost all over now- I have a week of Finals, and then I'm free for two months! I'm enjoying all things UtaPri and wonderful other men when I have the free time :'D Stalking the official page is fantastic, as always P:
It's going good! I'm splurging a bit 'cause I haven't bought anything in a while- I snagged ITEM #210105 on Mandarake about a week ago, and for getting good grades, I was allowed to pre-order his 2000% Plush. I also have his Grail-esque Perfume on pre-order, but I'm hoping the seller gets it through customs ;O; I hope to get some stuff of him from upcoming holidays too. How's your Shou/General UtaPri Collection? I see that you got the Prince Parkas, so it must be going well :'D
You're welcome! Don't feel bad ;w; I'm the one who should, 'cause I'm just really bad with birthday stuff in general.
That's an awesome idea :D I'll PM you my address when I get the time later today, and I'll need your new one. I usually make Pokemon Christmas cards for another forum I'm on, so you'll have that and a few Shou things coming your way P:

You are having a holiday! Great! Do enjoy your holiday with all your loved stuffs!
Holiday is just too precious since most of the time we studying/working people are busy with studies/works like crazy ;o; I am currently having a holiday too but still need to do some works at home ;o; but at the same time I decide to relax and get charged for the coming busy year! Let's just fight together! XD

It seems that your collection is going well too! And yup the perfume! I regerted that I didn't buy it for the first release so I am quite grateful they are going to re-release them! However, I am also quite worried about the customs...anyway let's cross our fingers and pray! Haha yea the parkas! The quality is better than I expected, and it is quite warm! XD however I might not wear all of them but maybe one or two, the rest is for collection purpose lolz

Thanks for your PM! I have the address in my inbox! Will PM you mine soon! I will send the postcard this week or early next week! I 'll look forward to your card too xD
5 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
Milks5 years ago#2496992No problem :D For me, it all started by chance when I bought his bed sheet. Watched UtaPri and played some of the games, and then I was sucked in.
Lucky duck ;O; I see a few pop up over here for like $60 a pop. I see them cheaper on Y!JA sometimes, but I usually use a Proxy for more expensive things I know I can't find over here, which is almost everything, ahaha.
Same story here ;w; All I got in college is my 3DS and PSP though, along with Dmmd on my laptop. Sometimes, I'm just like, "Yeaaah, just gonna forget I have all of this work and play games" :'D What games are you currently playing?

I feel you. I couldn't help getting sucked in by UtaPri at that time. My first UtaPri items back then was a loot of Cecil's items in a local store here in my area. It was a sign that I'll be addicted to UtaPri soon which I honestly did, LOL. XDD

Gosh, that's expensive. I got mine for 500 pesos here that's about 1000+ yen conversion here in the Philippines. I wasn't expecting to be able to get my hands on it since it's much more expensive in Japan whenever I saw one in Mandarake and other sites. >__<"

Hha, well all I got in college is my Vita for my stress relief. My other consoles are left at home since my brothers and sister play as well. That's what I also think about most of the time~ Forget about stress, just let me enjoy my games~ ;u;
Ohh! I'm currently playing Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ by Otomate. :D
5 years ago
Milks5 years ago#2495332Hey ;O; How've you been? Sorry for kind of disappearing for like three or four months- I've been juggling college and a new job and other jazz. I see your collection has grown quite a bit since we last talked ;w;
Btw, I'm planning on sending you a birthday gift P: I was going to send it earlier, but I haven't been at my house for a while, nor have I had the funds to send it (Masato is sucking my wallet dry).

Hi! Thanks for the reply! It is okay, take your time to deal with your stuffs ^^
I understand you must have been through very busy times, life is like that! Hope you still enjoy your interest and fandoms in your free time. ^^
Haha I am stalking the utapri official as always so...xD
How is your Masato collection? Hope things are going fine with you! :)

Oh thanks so much for your goodwill! Oh dear I feel a bit bad making you think about my birthday >___< It already makes me very happy just hearing the good wishes from you! ^^
Anyway it is a good idea that we exchange Christmas cards xDDD
If you don't mind, you can PM me you address then I will send a card to you! xD If you need my address, I can PM you again as I have moved. >____<
5 years ago
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