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Hi! My favorite series are Love Live!, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Bleach, Angel Beats!, and Konosuba.

I plan on buying all the Love Live μ's birthday figures WITH clear files (because I also collect clear files), so if you're selling any that I don't already own for a reasonable price, please DM me!

I accept all FR so feel free to send one if we share the same interests!

Also, Kotori Minami best girl !!!




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Thank you so much! They mean a lot to me!
19 days ago
I don’t know I just thought it was funny.
3 months ago
I appreciate the compliment, thanks! I might try posting recent updates of the room since it's actually been awhile. (I should actually take out other figs from their box lol.)
3 months ago
Racecars huh? Don't know anything about that, but someone showed me some really cool looking anime paint jobs on cars at the recent NYC Comic-Con.

Thanks for dropping by the stream!
1 year ago
np!! you have really cute figures!
2 years ago
I found it on Surugaya by chance! It gets really expensive in a set with other 10th Anniversary goods sad to say.

Thank you so much! I love collecting Higurashi!
2 years ago
thank you for your comment! ^_^
2 years ago
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