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Hello, my name is Vanessa and my user name is Miniterasu (which I've been using everywhere since 2009) If you see that user name somewhere else, it's probably me! I am a Pokeplush collector, and a figure collector. I mainly collect Pokemon plushies and figures of my favorite video games and manga/anime characters; mainly scales and Nendoroid. I am also a hardcore Okami collector! I am from NB Canada et je parle français.

Pokeplush collection

I first started collecting Japanese Pokemon plushies in 2009 without knowing of the existence of bootleg merch. My collection was pretty small and I had little to no motivation to make it bigger since all of the plushies I was getting in the mail were weird looking or had defects. After doing some research about my disfigured plushies, I finally found out about the ugly truth: bootlegs.... BOOTLEGS EVERYWHERE!!!!! No wonder why the plushies I was getting from eBay were so much different from the one I had as a child that my parents got at walmart, Toys R Us, etc.

After this discovery, I was very depressed and decided to not collect Pokemon plushies anymore. I gave everything away to charity. In 2010, I started collecting animal plushies, webkinz and webkinz signature to be more precise. I was buying the plushies myself at our local stores and there was no known bootleg so it was a safe hobby free from bootleg. It was a fun hobby, but I realized fast enough that this hobby was popular among children... I couldn't share my collection anywhere without getting comments and/or private messages from children asking me to give them my most expensive plushies FOR FREE!!! Yes you have read that right... they wanted my stuff for free! Even calling me "cheap" or "mean" for telling them no. It was the beginning of the end, I was starting to really hate this webkinz collection.

In early 2012, I was browsing online for more info on Pokemon plushies, just for the heck of it. I found a video on youtube from brianjapan. He was showing off some really cute Pokedolls (a line of Pokemon plushies from the Pokemon Center). I wanted to know more about them so I decided to click on the link bellow the video which was his store, pokevault.com. I wanted to see those Pokedolls with my own eyes and bought one on the spot! There was a lot of them and choosing only one was quite difficult. I ended up picking Raikou. I waited 2 weeks and there he was! My very first legitimate pokemon plushie! It was love at first sight! I wanted more!

This little Raikou started it all; May of 2012 was officially when I started collecting Pokemon plushies again! I was aware of bootlegs this time, but didn't quite know how to avoid them. At first I was only buying from pokevaul.com since I knew for a fact that everything was legit there, but those who know the store will all tell you the same thing: "pokevault is really expensive". I was still a university students back then and in order to be able to buy more pokeplush I started to sell my Webkinz collection. I discovered other great stores and also found out about pkmncollectors, a forum full of Pokemerch fan ready to help you out finding what you are looking for.

As of today (2016-02-29), I have no webkinz plushies left and am still collecting my favorite pokemon plushies!

Figure collection

I always loved figures, but never really thought of having a collection of them. The main reason being that I was not really an anime fan. I really love video games, but most of the figures are of anime characters.

In 2014, Tales of Symphonia got a remasted version for the PS3 and for the occasion, Alter decided to make 2 characters: Zelos and Lloyd. I am a BIG TOS fan, therefor I needed those figures! Zelos was the first to come out on the same year. I pre-ordered one on plamoya.com (the only place that was still taking pre-orders by the time I decided to order one). The figure finaly came in the mail sometime in march... I was expecting a quality figure, but what was standing before my eyes was way supperior to my expectation! I now wanted all of the Tales of characters made by Alter!

In January of 2015, my best friend got himself a Nendoroid figure. He didn't trust his neighbors so he got his nendoroid shipped to my place. I received the figure to my home and brought it to his place where I saw a nendoroid in real life for the first time! I was fascinated at how this tiny thing could have so many poses. I went home that night and started to look online if one of my favorite video game character were made into a nendoroid. I found Toon Link. I bought Toon Link, next Shizue, Masamune, Yukimura and so many more !!!!!! I also started to watch some anime and I started to get figures and nendoroid from the anime I really like hehe... I have the feeling that I fell into something very costly... oh well! At least I am really enjoying this new hobby! :D

Back in the days, I didn't really had controls and would buy pretty much everything without really thinking much about it x) I even bought plushies and figures I didn't really wanted in the first place simply because I could... Not only that, I was also a completionist and wanted everything of a set or series so that it would be "complete" for my collection. By doing so, I ended up buying items I really didn't wanted in the first place! I now realize how foul I was. Because of my silliness, I now find myself hating my collection... I sold over 70% of my plush collection and around 40% of my figure collection to try to fix things up. I am still in the process of selling the stuff that do not belong in my collection, but I feel like I am enjoying my collection more and more each time an unwanted item finds a new home ^^


Hello! Thank you for reaching out to me about the Kane-San figure!

It arrived quickly and safely. He's just as photo and the box was in great condition too! Can't wait to add to collection ^ u ^
2 months ago
Happy birthday! Have a good one.
3 months ago
Although I was not able to purchase anything from this seller, I will say that they were incredibly responsive and helpful in answering all the questions I had regarding one of their sale ads. Would HIGHLY recommend the seller just based off initial impressions :). Thank you again!
6 months ago
Enjoy your flying Angel :)
6 months ago
Hello! Would you like to buy both eijun & miyuki palmate for $100?
8 months ago
Happy birthday!! Have a wonderful day!
1 year ago
Happy Birthday!
2 years ago
Splash4 years ago#27586832Eee nice to see you here! :D :D Ohh didn't know you collected Tales stuff too, love the collection! >w<
Hey! :D
That username of yours was quite familiar for some reasons hehe ;D
Thanks! :D I am a big Tales of fan!!!! My most favorite is Tales of Symphonia!
4 years ago
Eee nice to see you here! :D :D Ohh didn't know you collected Tales stuff too, love the collection! >w<
4 years ago
Miniterasu5 years ago#6961759Hello :) je suis interessé a acheter Celty si elle est toujours dispo (je suis de Dieppe)

Celty est encore dispo! Je viens de t'envoyer un message.
5 years ago
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