Selling off most of my collection!
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I'm Mishy~

I stopped collecting because I'm a poor college student now ;;

I try to only get items that I really love and have sold off some of my collection.



Mishy4 years ago#15296826I thought the same thing but the joints of the figma just throw me off. Nendoroids are fine with me because the chibi style matches well with the height. It's just a personal preference of mine which I guess helps because there are less figures for me to want.
There is? Well if there is I'll still be open to watch it! I just wonder how they will continue on from the 3rd movie.
I do have MAL but I stopped using it long ago so it's out of date now

Thats too bad for you, being bothered by such a trifle, Lucina won't probably get a Scale figure any time soon.

m.youtube.com/w... This is what it will base on apparently.

Thats a shame, hope you change your mind and use MAL someday.
4 years ago
Mishy4 years ago#15296238Figmas won't do for me ;; I want a scale of Lucina!
Oh I never really thought about that. Maybe I'm just the childish type who wants a happy ending, that's why I was so satisfied with it.
Hmmm... my experience with anime could be different for a lot of people. I sure some hard core anime watchers would say I don't have much but I believe I've watched quite a bit but definitely not A LOT. I've slowed down because I don't really have the time to watch a bunch cause of school and work, not to mention a lot are not as interesting as I felt like they were before. That also reflects on my collection because, well I'm a poor college student who's trying to get by ;; I only purchase from a very small amount of series, mainly Anohana.

Why? You already have Nendoroids which are technically action figures too. I wouldn't underestimate Figmas, they allow for next to every pose you wish with them, combined with accessories to complete the package. Lucina fits perfectly as a figma for several reasons, she is iconic to the game and she even comes with her mask. All of this reflects her status of her importance in the game.

There is a continuation of Madoka Magica coming, although im somehow doubtful about it.

I see, do you have a MAL account or plan to make one? You can basically save all your anime watching progress there.
4 years ago
Mishy4 years ago#15220516No problem! I wouldn't blame you for being skeptical though. I'd except some figures of Robin, Chrom, or Lucina if it weren't for the most popular character poll.
Madoka Magica is great! I just didn't like how crazy the 3rd movie was ;; at least in terms of continuing the series. The anime ending was good enough for me but now it's just "How could you end things off there??"

It's fine either way, i have Lucina Figma which is good enough for me since she is my favourite character in the game.

I actually liked the 3rd movies endingView spoilerHide spoilersince it gave a different conclusion other than your typical happy ending by having Homura play with fate and becoming the devil itself, she choose to bear the burden herself with no concern about what would happen to her, saving Madoka and everyone else, thats why i respect her so much.

I may be wrong but according to your collection you don't seem too experienced with anime, if you like, use my list as a reference. myanimelist.net...
4 years ago
I guess i should thank you for your answer from before even though i will most probably remain sceptical about their choice.

Also, nice seeing someone who appreciates Madoka Magica.
4 years ago
It's fine^^ I totally get were you were coming from when you reacted to my comment.
Oh and hi there fellow Ano Hana Fan xD
5 years ago
Took Mishy's Preorder for Aoi Sakurai and received her without a hitch. Trusted member!
5 years ago
is that umaru offer still available?
5 years ago
Looks like your inbox is full ^^
5 years ago
I will take the umaru and chitoge nendoroid preorders off your hands if the person that you already gave them to doesn't pay or changes their mind.
5 years ago
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
Mishy5 years ago#3162266Your inbox is full so I'll notify you here >.< Any info on our group order?

Yep! Delay lol. Everything that's pretty much on our case is on the Nendoroid's page. :/ I'll clear out my inbox right now, but yeah, delayed until the 16th. :T
5 years ago
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