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thank you for accepting my friend request, your collection is so huge and lovely! the dedication to asuna is amazing ^^
7 hours ago
Thanks for the friend request! I see that you also like Asuna a lot. Cheers !!
1 day ago
Thanks! Yours is really nice as well and pretty big! :D
4 days ago
Oh that is super cool
12 days ago
Likewise. Where did you get the picture in your icon? It looks very nice
13 days ago
Thanks for the friend request! :)
19 days ago
Thanks for the FR. Diggin the Asuna collection and the Mitsu
2 months ago
Thanks for the friend request! Your collection and dedication to Asuna is amazing, she's such a wonderful character! :))
2 months ago
thank you for the fr!! ♡
i love your asuna collection so much!
7 months ago
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