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Welcome to my profile!
Hey there! My name's Mobius (or call me Mobi!). I collect a lot of Tales of merchandise alongside bits and pieces from beloved series here and there. When I first began collecting in 2012, I focused entirely on collecting Naruto. I've since changed direction, but I'm always up for a discussion about things we might have in common so send over an FR! 😊

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Kemono visual novels Morenatsu (漏れなつ) and Lagoon Lounge (ラグーン)

http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_syujinko_sm.png http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_sousuke_sm.png http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_gou_sm.png http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_yujiro_sm.png http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_yamato_sm.png http://kemono.cc/hidamaru/inugoya/char_seiya_sm.png
Boku no Hero Academia, Shokugeki no Soma, Comic Girls
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light novel)
Tales of Series, Ace Combat, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros., Dragon Nest (NA), Klonoa, Kemono Visual Novels
MOE Point(s)
Protagonism, canine teeth, sleeveless & short-sleeved shirts, pants tucked in boots, designated healer girl of the party, being Sorey.
Game & anime soundtracks, non-lyrical soundtracks, M2U, DJ Okawari
Nikon D40X
Acer ASPIRE Z24-880



Sorry for the late reply! That Asch and Natalia gacha was not kind to me. Got so many Luke and Guy dupes that I have extras of their MAs after maxing them both. orz Hope you had better luck than me!
2 months ago
I just KNEW they were gonna do him in that outfit XD Isn't Repede supposed to come with him? Can't wait for that prototype @_@
3 months ago
It is! It feels so good honestly ^-^ I actually went out and immediately bought Alter's Flynn plush that I had seen in a shop the day before the announcement (and which I have been after for the longest time #_#) because I was afraid it would sell out now X'D

I'm really excited to hear if we get a new game too! The 16th and 17th will be intense XD And figures too of course!

I've also downloaded Asteria and Rays but I haven't started yet ^^;;; I'm seriously so bad at keeping up with mobage :p But hey, at least that saves me money and nerves with these gachas ^_^°°
3 months ago
npnp. I used to have a lot more but due to space I ended up selling quite a few, n I was in quite a few splits too so they just piled up. I fell behind on getting scales so I'm missing so many.

And yeah, it is really hard to pick what to hang up and what to use. But wherever I go I guess I always have a Milla with me.
3 months ago
Oh dang incredibly impressive Tales collection
3 months ago
Heyyyy~ Nice to hear from you ^^ I'm currently in Tokyo and just woke up to the news and the PV for the Vesperia remaster <3 I'm just so freakin hapoy rn ♡^-^♡ Been waiting way too long for this but it's all good now :')

Yeah I'm so imaptient with these two >.< I suppose Alter will be slappin a big fat delay on them anyway so I'm mentally preparing myself to be more patient XD

I actually indended to go to Tales Fes myself this year since I happen to be in Japan at the right time but at the end of the day I couldn't make it happen, oh well. I'm just tryin to pick up some merch here and there and it just feels good to be around here since the Tales series is so not visible back home in boring Germany -_-

How have you been coping with the news? ^o^
3 months ago
MobiusX (7 months ago) #30932363I think the cafe areas are open on very specific dates and promotions, though they did have exclusive items for New Year (Tales of Friends rubber straps for Velvet and Eizen in traditional clothing). Thanks for reading my old blogs! I should really write again :)
It's true Higurashi is set in Shirakawa as well (though I've never played Higurashi haha), the VN my friend and I played was called Morenatsu. It's a kemono VN about a boy who visits his childhood friends (and stuff happens...).
I went to DisneySea last year! It was absolutely fantastic! While most of the attractions are Japanese-language only (i.e. the Finding Nemo one allows you to talk to Crush but only in Japanese), the place felt soooo magical. I do recommend it on top of USJ! Here's hoping nothing's closed/broken down whenever we go to places like this haha.

Yeah, I've read multiple blogs from people visiting specific café's (not Tales of) and they sometimes have waiting list with online sign-ups. :S When I go to Japan myself I want to try a themed café, so I think I will keep it easy and visit one that is always there (like the Capcom or the Gundam café).

Oh, Higurashi is very nice, although I did not play the game, only watched the anime and read the manga. From the VN I know it's really long, with every arc being different quality, so I'm not sure how recommendable it is. I'm not familiar with Morenatsu, but after Googling it: multiple of the characters look very cute!

Damn, jealousy x1000 for you visiting DisneySea. xD I also thought DisneySea would be more unique than USJ, but USJ is still very nice. :P Did you also try some of those escape rooms USJ has? Or was it too hard as a tourist to get into those? They had one from Resident Evil and one with Death Note the last time I checked.
7 months ago
MobiusX (8 months ago) #30904458I did end up going to two Tales of Stores this time around but since I've written about them before, I'll probably pass on writing a blog haha. I'm currently working on a 30-40min-ish video of my entire trip so that's taking up the time I'd usually use for the blog.
I went to heaps of places but I really wanted to see the countryside! My favourite spot was a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Shirakawa-go (it's the setting of a visual novel my friend and I absolutely loved a few years ago, except that it's summer in the game but we went in absolute freeeeeeeeeeeezing snow).
Also spent a day at Universal Studios Japan but unfortunately the Final Fantasy section was closed off when I was there (it re-opened on the day I left, lolol)

Ooh, are those also the Tales of Stores with the café's with the super cute food? And wow, that is a long video! :O I liked your previous blog btw, but I can understand that you don't want to make a blog that is very similar to it.

Oh gosh Shirakawa-go looks absolutely adorable. It looks a lot like the Higurashi village Hinamizawa (or is it that one you're talking about? xD Higurashi is mainly in the summer heat.)

Universal Studios Japan is also on my list of what I want to visit there (but I think Disneysea is even one step higher of the 'I want to be there' list :P ). The Final Fantasy ride was a VR rollercoaster, right? Too bad you missed it. :( Reminds me of my own experience going to 2 diferent Disneylands (Orlando and Paris): with the Pirates of the Carribean ride closed for repairs. Why is it broken whenever I try to ride it???
8 months ago
MobiusX (8 months ago) #30901693Yeah it was great! I just came back from a 2 week vacation in Japan so I'm feeling pretty good about 2018 xD

Oh wow, I'm so jealous! Which areas/theme parks/events/etc. did you end up going for your vacation? Or are you planning on making a blog about that? :)
8 months ago
MobiusX (8 months ago) #30639739Thank you!! <3

No problem! Long time no talk, did you have a nice birthday and a good new year? :D
8 months ago
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