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SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - 1/6 - Cheerleader ver. (Orchid Seed)Atelier Sophie ~Fushigi na Hon no Renkinjutsushi~ - Plachta - 1/7 (Alter)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Ping-Yi - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Chun-Mei - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube - Dai-Yu - 1/6 - DX Ver. (Alphamax)Walkure Romanze Re:tell - Noel Marres Ascot - 1/6 (Daiki Kougyou)NieR: Automata - Bring Arts - NieR:Automata Bring Arts Trading Weapon Collection - Faith (Square Enix)Gotoubun no Hanayome - Nakano Ichika - Nakano Miku - 1/7 (Wing)Shining Resonance - Sonia Blanche - Shining Beach Heroines - 1/7 - Summer Princess (Vertex)Original Character - Skytube - Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 - Ver.2, Junpaku Edition (Alphamax)Original Character - Stella - 1/7 (Max Factory)THE iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors - Morino Rinze - 1/8 - Brave Hero Jersey Ver. (AmiAmi, Kotobukiya)Fate/Grand Order - Miyamoto Musashi - 1/7 - Berserker (Kotobukiya)Nanoblock - Bunny Girl (Kawada)Nanoblock - Umbrella (Kawada)

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Mabinogi - Nao - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Ping-Yi - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Jin-Lian - 1/6 (Alphamax)Original Character - Skytube Premium - T2 Art☆Girls - Chun-Mei - 1/6 (Alphamax)SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - China Dress Statue Series - 1/7 - China Dress Ver. (Emontoys)Original Character - Skytube - Dai-Yu - 1/6 - DX Ver. (Alphamax)Tony - Art Book - Doujinshi - Tony MAGAZINE SP (T2 Art Works)Original Character - China Musume Koharu - 1/5 (Daiki Kougyou)Original Character - Skytube - Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 - Ver.2, Junpaku Edition (Alphamax)Tony - Art Book - Doujinshi - Character Design Works by Tony (T2 Art Works)Tony - Art Book - Doujinshi - 07 - Tony Magazine (T2 Art Works)


SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - 1/6 - Cheerleader ver. (Orchid Seed)SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - 1/6 - Nuresuke Satsueikai (Dragon Toy)SoniComi (Super Sonico) - Sonico - China Dress Statue Series - 1/7 - China Dress Ver. (Emontoys)



Reading list : China Dress

Everything about traditional China Dress!!

艶娘幻夢譚 by T2 Arts (The Fantasy of Glamour)
"The Plum in the golden vase" Trio

[NSFW] Tony Taka X Skytube Premium : Ancient Oriental Beauty
BLOG #42488

[NSFW] Jin-Lian - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube Premium(Alphamax)
BLOG #41804

[NSFW] Ping-Yi - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube Premium(Alphamax)
BLOG #41972

[NSFW] Chun-Mei - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube Premium(Alphamax)
BLOG #42408

"Dream of the Red Chamber" Duo
[NSFW] Dai-Yu - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube(Alphamax)
BLOG #45913

冬月茉莉(Jasmine under the Winter Moon)
[NSFW] Tougetsu Matsuri - Skytube(Alphamax)
BLOG #45996

[NSFW] Tougetsu Matsuri Ver.2 Junpaku - Skytube (Alphamax)
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[NSFW] Super Sonico - China Dress Ver. - Emontoys
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[NSFW] Hong Meihua - T2 Art☆Girls - Frog
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[NSFW] Chuuka Musume Koharu - Daiki Industries
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Reading List : Figure Archaeology

Revisiting figures aged over decades.

Figure Archaeology : Nao Mariota Pryderi - Mabinogi - Good Smile
BLOG #45964

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Figure Poll, Cast your vote!

[NSFW] [Poll] Figure Versus : Skytube High school
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[Poll] Figure Versus : The Console War
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Thank you very much!
I look forward to reading your next article.
My next review will be about Natsumi from Date A Live but I think I will get her in at least two months. I am a little bit disappointed that she got delayed. Otherwise, I would have received her for my birthday.
1 month ago
Yep from AmiAmi. COVID-19 is pretty much the reason for the delays. Decided to pay extra for DHL shipping and that ended up being a bit of a headache due to AmiAmi procedures. Should be arriving next week.
4 months ago
Finally got ITEM #763603 a few days ago.

Waiting on ITEM #676040 and ITEM #805793
4 months ago
Sounds like you are doing fine then.

Going good at the moment. Work has it ups and downs. I'm on leave for a week starting on the 26th.
4 months ago
? You mean MFC inbox?
Or discord
4 months ago
Hey Moeromoero.

It has been a long time! How have you been?
4 months ago
Hello Moero

Yes indeed, a great time can be had looking at old figures.
Agree totally with your Ayanami goddess statement. As 'The Premium Girl' of that time she certainly contributed to expansion of anime merchandise.
I must admit I don't much about Tamaki or ToHeart2.

I have about 30 Replicant figure magazines (plus others) from 1997 to 2009 and these are an excellent resource. In Vol. 36, 2009, there is a Saber Figure Archive which features 50-0dd Saber figures from 2004 to 2009. This has helped me much thinking about early Saber figures.

One such example that I'm quite partial to is this Saber sculpted by Bome and released by Kaiyodo ITEM #239 Another is this holiday version ITEM #4

There are connections to be made between history and figures which I also like to explore. Like in 2020 it was 100 years on that the seifuku was first introduced into Japan as a uniform - even if it varied considerably to what is worn now.

Anyway, all the best with the choices you decide to make.

My collection is well and truly overblown in size and now I mainly purchase preowned figures that are damaged or have parts missing and do my best to tidy them up and give them a good home.

Cheers, Momo
6 months ago
Hello Moeromoero

Just read your blog about figure archaeology.
I think that is a fantastic idea.
I've always been interested in collecting figures that have been released as close as possible to the anime.

Some that come to mind are:
1997 Ayanami, ITEM #26443
2001 Kasuga Ayumu, from Azumanga Daioh, ITEM #15302
I'm currently looking at the earliest possible Saber figures from the Fate series.

I read your article about having your pictures stolen and that's tough.
I'm not sure what you can do about it but I hope you will still consider posting on MFC as I find what you do imaginative, thought provoking and fun.

Cheers, Momo-San
6 months ago
Thanks! Happy Holidays to you!
7 months ago
Great seller! Very communicative, shipped fast and packaged well. Would definitely buy from again. Thank you!
7 months ago


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