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nnnhgh... love... nintendo...


She's definitely my favourite figure incarnation of Sayaka, aside from maybe the newer scale lol. I love the whole cu-poche set so much.
1 year ago
Oh, I'll fix that, thank you! Unfortunately I JUST bought her from another user earlier today. Sorry!
1 year ago
Bought a couple items from Montavely here! Quick communication, quick shipping, and super sweet! Definitely will buy from again if the opportunity arises! 5/5!
3 years ago
If you don't like what I offered in the PM for the trade, I could also do this: I'll give you my Uta no Prince Sama Tokiya Alter figure for the Touken Ranbu Online Mikazuki Munechika plushie and Gakupo nendo. I could Also give you my Etrian Oddessy: Untold, Unseen , Unheard, Promotional Comic and CD for the K - Isana Yashiro rubber strap and the Gekijouban K: Missing Kings Tapestry.
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Montavely4 years ago#13512323Hey there! I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about those hetalia plushies!
I'm trying my best right to get the money right now, things are a bit rough at my house at the moment.
Thanks for being so patient! I'll let you know once I get it all!! ^-^

No problem! Hope everything's ok and take as long as you need to :I

4 years ago
Montavely4 years ago#8146482Unfortunately one of his hands is broken. I'd sell him for $80 c:

Oh. I'm sorry, I can't take him, then.
4 years ago
How much for Azone Aoto?
4 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
5 years ago
Welcome to the board Montavely! :)

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