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Welcome to MugenTenshinFRD's page!

Huge Dead Or Alive and K-On! fan!!
"Kore ga Mugen Tenshin ryu yo"

I'm a big Kasumi fan, hence my nickname.
Kasumi is my favorite character since the year of 2000 already!
My favorite games to play are Dead Or Alive, Tekken, GTA, CS:GO, Pump It Up (arcade), anime/manga games and all other 2D/3D fighting games/beat 'm ups.

I collect anime figures and dolls to show my love for the animes/characters and it cheers me and my room up.
Even though this hobby is pretty expensive, I try to even it out for spending my money on my other hobbies too.

Proud owner of 2 Dollfie Dream daughters (and Azone daughters)!
The Dollfie Dream Dead Or Alive Kasumi project (in progress)

One of my holy grail goals reached! 10/2016: Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku
My next planned Dollfie Dream daughter: Snow Miku

My languages:
- English
- Japanese
- Indonesian
- Dutch
- A bit of German and French

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PSN name: MugenTenshinFRD

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Check out my photographs on Flickr:

Thanks a lot!

K-On!, OreImo, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, SoniAni, Fate series and many more animes
Manga, Game Guides, School Books
Dead Or Alive, Tekken, EA Skate, CS:GO, GTA, Touhou, Sonicomi, Hatsune Miku Project Diva series, DDR, Pump It Up, Battlefield, Rocket League. Genres: Fighting Games, Anime Games, Visual Novels, Rhythm games, Arcade games
MOE Point(s)
Anime Music/Anisong, Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Music, World (Pop) Music, Drum n' Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Trap
Photography: Nikon D70S & Canon EOS 550D T2i - Filming: Sony VX2000E, Canon 550D T2i, Sony FDR-AX53 - Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S4 & iPhone 6 Plus
Custom PC with Antec Lanboy Air blue edition case, Win7 Ultimate, Asus ROG mobo, i7 2700K, CoolerMaster CPU cooler, 16GB RAM, GTX 550Ti, SSD, HDD, External HDDs


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MugenTenshinFRD (2 days ago) #29652459Thanks for the comments!
You own quite a big collection! I see you mostly like trading figures and Nendoroids. Your BJDs are really pretty too!
I see that you're already 4 years on MFC, but somehow I haven't noticed you that much before. Maybe it was just me haha!

I don't know how it got so big... well, I did start as a kid I guess lol.
Yeah it's funny how people are on here for a long time and don't meet, mfc is a big place! I'm usually looking at figures of bishounen so that is probably why. I used to only get trading figures because you get many characters that way; scale figures were out of the question for a long time. x'D
Nendoroids have steadily taken over my life over the last 3 years orz. Thanks for visiting my bjd! (they say hello! lol). I should update my profile... I'm kind of done with Yuri on Ice and now Fate Grand Order and /staynight have taken my time. I never actually saw that show, so playing the game has been all a surprise to me lol. I might the be only one that doesn't know how it ends xD.
2 days ago
MugenTenshinFRD (1 month ago) #27212266You're welcome! ^^
Thanks! Yeah, K-On! is one of my favourite animes of all time. Your collection is nice too, I love how it has the pink theme. Lately I saw ITEM #464665 in a store and I love it, my favorite Madoka figure perhaps. I still need to finish Puella Magi Madoka Magica and watch the movies, your collection reminded me again. >__<
omg you have to finish the anime!!!!! and then go watch rebellion!!! It's the best thing ever imo.
I love that figure too :3 Kotobukiya did a great job on her, also i just realized today that the figure's box is really small, which is a really good thing when you have like 100 figures lol...^^'
1 month ago
thanks for the FR! you have a great collection, i love k-on! too!!
2 months ago
Hey MugenTenshinFRD,

WonFest revealed a Kasumi figma. Hurray!

also a renewal to the max factory Kasumi statue.

: )
4 months ago
MugenTenshinFRD (5 months ago) #23247247Hi,
Thanks for your comment on your picture PICTURE #1788009.
Yeah, I was wondering what kind of wigs you used, they look pretty good and the wig color is very similar to Miku's. Could you please send me the link to the shop?
If you could please leave a comment on my profile (PM box is getting full), thanks!

The wigs are from "Cotin doll"

Their FB : www.facebook.co...
website: www.cotindoll.c...
5 months ago
MugiwaraPirates (5 months ago) #22506182Happy birthday bro!! :D
Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! :)
Keep on collectin'
5 months ago
Happy birthday bro!! :D
5 months ago
MugenTenshinFRD (1 year ago) #11804670Sorry for the late reply. O_O'
Good to hear that, you're back to MFC again.
I check the photo section often too, there are some creative, funny and great pictures out there. I'm kind of amazed how much time and effort people spend on taking their photo, plus the expensive gear they use sometimes. It's an art indeed, with hidden gems. :)
Yeah, you can get Ritsu anytime. It's not too hard to find and luckily not sky-rocketed in price, unlike some figures. What figures are you after right now? All the ones in your wished list?
A break in a hobby is a part of it too, sometimes interest can lower or it can take up too much time or money. After a break it feels fresh to come back again and there's so much new to check out. :)
Yay! You like DOA and K-On too! :D
I watched K-On a lot back in the day too. The movie was somehow my favorite, since I could relate to London. Back in 2013, I was so excited to visit London again for my vacation, after I watched the K-On movie. :D
DOA is not an easy game, but very different then Tekken and Street Fighter. You don't have to be good, as long you have fun with it. Online players are usually pro, but the computer is nice to play with.
Play Xtreme series instead. lol That's possible too. Honoka is a nice character, I like Marie Rose too. My favorite characters are Kasumi and Ayane. :)
By the way, I still need to buy Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3. I'm planning to buy it this summer.
Your shelf is full already too, I see. Do you just use shelfs or you have a display case?
My display cases are mostly full too, but I don't really have room for another display case, perhaps I need shelves too later on or something else. :S
I know right! Some people on here have hundreds of figures, I would never have room for that. Well, not unless I have more rooms to display my figures or an entire house with figure spaces everywhere. xD
Yep, let's aim for that in the future. Expand figures and space, so we can have an unlimited collection too. :P

:D no problem.
Yeah, i really love seeing people's effort they put in those photos :D.
I want to do the same as well but just can be creative or productive enough haha

Well yeah, i'd love to get all my wishlist. I will, but slowly =D. I still check around the sales to snatch any cool figures for cheap :D
A break is nice and all, but after a break i sometimes feel myself spending too much at once. Like, hey its been a long time since i last bought a figure so just go all out then. Its quite dangerous for any kind of hobby lol.

Hehe, i watched K-On! simply for its moeness :D. They are just too cute :D
DoA Extreme 3 has a free version on PSN so you can check it out. it only has one playable character Kasumi though. But since you like her, it should be enough haha :D
If you like the game, you can purchase other girls for around 2500¥ or so. I only bought Honoka :D

Well, my shelf is pretty small anyway. Its only fit for around 30 figures. The extra, i have to display them on my table.
Hehe, yeah, lets go for 500 figures! Should also buy another room in the process as well :D
1 year ago
MugenTenshinFRD (1 year ago) #11327253Hi! Nice to hear from you again.
I noticed your name, I remember we talked before indeed. Yeah, let's chat again. ^^
I have been great. You? There was a time I took almost a year break from collecting and I barely watched anime, but I'm back into it now for a while already.
Yeah, I mentioned that. It's a few years later now. Last year I had the chance to do my international internship, but I went to another country instead. Japan was a possibility too, but it's kind of hard to find temporary work/an internship there for the first time.
However, other things with Japan will happen. Next month I will be going to Japan for the first time, just for holiday. I'm pretty excited, I will stay there for almost a month and I will travel around a lot. Naturally I will see how much I like it to live there and I will come back with a nice loot of merchandise.
Lately I finished my college, but I decided to take another study, so things are kinda different. I'm not going to work right away. I'm just going to start year 1 now, but in year 3 I will probably have either my internship or study period in Japan. I'm pretty excited for that, that will be totally different then going on holiday.
Back in 2012 I really wanted to have holiday in Japan, but everytime we had holidays to other places, Japan was still kind of a big deal back then.
So yeah, that's my story. Goal not really achieved yet, but I'm sure it will come. :)
How has your collecting been in the last few years? Still active or less?
In one of my comments from back then I read that you were from Davis, CA. Have you moved since then?
For me, times have changed a lot in these few years, but I'm still into the hobby. How about you?
These days I'm also a lot into Dollfie Dreams, right now I'm saving up for one, which makes it not possible to buy expensive scale figures for a while.
When I see your collection I see many of the "classic" figures from a few years ago. Nice!
I see you really like Nendoroids too! I personally really like Figma's, but Nendo's are nice too!

My figure collecting has definitely slowed down over time. It's hard for me to say why because it was likely a combination of things. Budget was definitely one of them. My spending decreased quite a bit after my 1st time in Japan, as I was building up money again for the next trip. I also got sick of having to pre-order and not being able to see the product in person before purchase. That's one really awesome thing about being in Japan. Another thing I experienced in Japan was that many shops will display trailers, posters, and have plenty of goods for the current popular anime, and I felt immersed and in the moment. Here in the US, I feel disconnected from all that goodness.

Another strong reason is that college killed me on the inside a bit. Often when I sit down to watch anime, my mind wanders and think about not happy things like assignments and projects, making the whole watching experience undesirable. I also have a lot of other hobbies, like reading manga, playing video games, building model kits, photography, and blogging. Those require more attention and my mind doesn't wander.

What other countries did you went to and how were your experiences there? I wanted to visit some countries in Europe, ultimately went to Japan because I wanted to study more Japanese and also have fun with things related to my hobbies.

So where in Japan will you be visiting and for how long? I am interested to hear what your plan is. If they are places I am familiar with, maybe I can even give you some suggestions.

I have been to Japan twice for 3 months each time. The first time in 2012, I studied abroad in Kyoto for 2.5 months and then went to Tokyo with a homestay for 2 weeks. The second time in 2014, I studied abroad in Okazaki for a month, then went farming for 2 months as a volunteer in return for food and accommodation. It wasn't too expensive since I didn't stay in hotels at all.

How is your Japanese skill level right now? That will definitely determine the range of opportunities you have in Japan. Definitely try to get at least a N2 in the JLPT.

I graduated from university for an entire year, so I don't live in Davis anymore. I have been unemployed since. I have been trying to get a job in Japan for the last 5 months, and it didn't go well. I applied for a Japanese language school in Japan, still waiting to hear the results of the application. If accepted, I will be going to Japan later this year. My current plan is to go over on a student visa and improve my Japanese to a native level (I am already fluent, but not native level), and search for a job in person near completion of the course.

My goal is to settle down in Japan with a full time job, and then get really immersed into all of my hobbies like never before. That would include a revival of watching anime and figure collecting. Definitely not happening soon, but I am making progress.
1 year ago
MugenTenshinFRD (1 year ago) #11309031Yeah, at least that didn't happen.
I know the feeling, you come back and less people are doing the thing you were into before. It happens with everything. You can always make new friends or treasure the good friends that are still into it.
As a ghost it's harder to spot your nickname. xD
I usually see your comments on pictures of the day too.
Oh, I see. How many figures did you have before?
It's nice to get back into it and that you haven't given up. ^^ In the process of recovering.
Yeah, Ritsu is nice too, last time I spotted a pre-owned one for about ¥6000. I understand that other and perhaps newer figures are more important now.
Indeed many great figures you missed, it will take some time and money to find and buy the ones you want. For me, there was a period too that I didn't order a figure in about a year. Not too long, but for me it was some kind of break.
Thanks! :)
Yes, I like Figma's indeed, I prefer them over Nendoroids. I really like Dead Or Alive and K-On!, so I collect mostly figures from those. However, I don't like all figures that exist, so I mostly just buy the ones I like most. My space isn't unlimited either. Even now it's already pretty full in my opinion. :P

Haha, thanks. :D I cant wait to make some new friends here. At least some of my friends are still active so its not that bad :D

Haha, i really love the photo section of this site. People are really creative with their photo and i love seeing the well-done art :D
That's why i check the section in free time to find out gems :D

Hm, i dont really remember, but not many more than now. Yes, i'd like to get Ritsu eventually though :). She's rather cheap nowadays so i can just wait and go with others first :D
I think break in between is also an important thing to do in any hobby haha :D

I also really like DoA and K-On :D! I watched K-On a lot back in the day. For DoA though, im not really good at fighting games so i cant play the game well =.=. But i still really like the characters. Thus, to resolve that problem, i play Extreme series instead haha. Ah, and i really like Honoka :D

My shelf is already full so i gotta buy another shelf though :(
I have seen so many collectors on here with 500+ figures or so. How can they have such a big room for that? :D Anyway, im gonna aim for that as well, in the far future haha :D
1 year ago
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