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I hope so! It seems pretty underrated, but at the same time the fanbase it does have is strong. And now that season 4 has been officially announced as of today, it'll hopefully get more attention when that airs! But they definitely could do more OVAs, cause I do notice the anime has a tendency to skip arcs that happen in the manga.

Yeah, Noda seems to do a good job of giving the characters a good amount of attention. Obviously Sugimoto, Asirpa, and Shiraishi are the main trio, but even side/minor characters like Kirawus get more scenes than characters from other series tend to get.

It's just so well put together. It's definitely a favorite of mine too :)
1 month ago
It's nice to not be left in such suspense, but at the same time I've really grown attached to the series so it hurts that it has to end. It's bittersweet though, cause like you said there'd be no point to go on even after finding the gold.

But yeah, Noda is really amazing! I wonder what else may be created once GK is finished, but I'm sure it'd be just as good. But yes I absolutely love when the title of stories are referenced! And I feel like making Tsurumi say the line made a much bigger impact than if anyone else said it.

I did not see that though! Lmao that's not my thing either but it sounds pretty funny. And of course always glad to see any new merch

We can all hope for baby Koito :)
2 months ago
The characters are one of the reasons I really like the series. Pretty much all of them serve a purpose and have depth, so no one feels like a filler. And sadly I'd probably guess that Ogata won't make it. He's obviously not gonna change his ways and get redemption, and he's got Vasily, Sugimoto, and Tsurumi and his group as his enemies.

I'm guessing they made his nendoroid first because he was more popular/more requested? Supposedly we can expect something concerning season 4 in 2022 but that's all I've heard. I hope it comes true and we do get more figures though!

Yeah, exactly. Often times I start a series because I've seen the anime though, and it's hardly ever finished so I move on to the manga to catch up. I did the same thing for Toilet-bound Hanako-kun (I want a season 2 of that too). Golden Kamuy puts a lot of thought into the accuracy of its characters, story, and settings! It's another reason why I love it so much. Just like the dialect, it captures historical figures well and provides a lot of fun facts, especially about the Ainu.

There's still hope for Koito's backstory getting animated though! Him being saved by Tsurumi is referenced when he talks to Tsukishima after they all leave Russia. They could animate the flashback for that scene in season 4 :)
2 months ago
Oh nice! And so glad to hear you love GK even more!! Pretty much all of the characters are interesting imo, so it makes it a bit hard to have just one favorite lol. The circus arc is such a good arc too! I also love the arc when Vasily makes a comeback too.

And same here! I'm really searching hard for a good deal on Asirpa's nendoroid, mostly cause I don't see a rerelease since she'd pretty old... They could've rereleased her with Ogata tbh. But I'd also love for a Sugimoto one! If a new season is animated, I think they would make his

That's understandable! I tend to get really absorbed into things, so as soon as I finished season 1 and the movie, I went online to read the rest of Demon Slayer cause I didn't want to wait lol. Tengen's story is almost here though!
2 months ago
He's not a good character, I'll admit. But he is a bit of a wildcard which I find interesting. I do recommend to reach the manga too! It's been updating pretty frequently online, at least.

Mine would be Tanjiro, Mitsuri, and Obanai! I recommend reading the manga for Demon Slayer too, especially since it's already completed and it may be a while before every arc is animated lol. But yes this one will be Tengen centric! Him and his wives, plus the introduction of another Upper Moon, so it'll be very exciting! :)
2 months ago
I'm assuming you're near the beginning of GK? Anime, manga, or both?
Either way Ogata isn't gone for long! And he's there for a good while too lol
But yes Demon Slayer is so good too!! Do you have a favorite? And personally I can't wait for the Swordsmith Village arc to be animated
2 months ago
Hey there! Thank you for the friend request! Always nice to see another Golden Kamuy fan :)
2 months ago
i like shiraishis 1/8 from koto!! he’s my next purchase
2 months ago
it’s my fave fig in my collection! i have pics of it on my ig:) the base is HUGE tho
2 months ago
yup!! hello LMAO i saw u under atobes comments
2 months ago
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