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Lived in Japan for about 3 years, still visiting regularly. Loves: Photography, Collecting Figures, Bunnies and Games.

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02 months ago (2 months ago)brunodecastrobrunodecastro
NagatoPyon (2 months ago) #21411461Thank you! Same to you! :)
It´s been a while since I´ve seen your youtube videos about types of figures . I started collecting at that point .
Now, after acquiring almost 700 itens I face bankruptcy true happiness . xD
02 months agobrunodecastrobrunodecastro
Have a nice week !
05 years agoIlviasIlvias adorable little doll
Welcome! Uuuh, I remember you from and from your videos (I'm still singing "Fami-fami-ma" XD)!
Have a nice stay!
05 years agoNagatoPyonNagatoPyon
Thank you all (*^O^*)/
Will take a while before my "owned list" is up-to-date ^^;;
05 years agodailong06dailong06
Welcome to the boards!

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