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https://i.ibb.co/VNzfh14/nahbino.pngI started collecting in 2019. I mostly like to collect 1/4 scales + some average sized scales here and there
Other Things:
My other hobbies are working out, playing video games, and riding my motorcycle (2018 YZF-R6)
I like playing visual novels (horror and sci-fi), jrpgs, sports games, and competitive shooters/fighters.
and I’m a backend developer. (I do some frontend stuff too) I also like to play basketball on my free time
shoot a friend request if u want to view my stuff!! (privacy issues because of a weirdo on here)
I like making friends in this community so don't hesitate to leave a comment, send a dm or a fr.
I also got a personal/fitness instagram and tiktok. just message me for my @ if you want



Hey Mr DIY :) its been a while

check this out: maybe a nice tip for you and your followers

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2 days ago
Your collection is really lovely.
28 days ago
Hey man, just wanted to say your custom bases are awesome. Also read your bio and you seem like a pretty cool dude :)
1 month ago
Thanks for accepting bro. I see your a man of culture with your White Queen bunny.
GOATed collection
I also play fornite if you ever want to play and get a free dub
1 month ago
yo! thanks for accepting ^^v cool collection btw!
1 month ago
Hi, good post!
1 month ago
Definitely gonna reference off your profile it look so clean! and love your collection!
1 month ago
thanks for accepting! and thank you, i see you’re a bunny girl fan as well lol. i loveee your collection :’)
1 month ago
commissioned some clear bases and they turned out pretty well! haven't tested them all but the ones I did turned out great. responsive to PMs as well.
1 month ago
Ishiku Always Broke
Thanks man! I saw your post on reddit about the acrylic bases (which are dope btw), and I peeped your mfc profile and noticed we have similar taste. I also wanted to see your collection, which didn't disappoint either. I really like your 1/4 scales, especially your 13 Sentinels figs.

I'm not the most knowledgeable person by any means, but if you ever have any questions or need help regarding figure collecting feel free to reach out, and I'll do my best to help.
2 months ago
W Figures
eva girls by Flare
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