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Hello! I'm Naight, but you can also be call Nai. I started collecting figures & merch goods since late Feb 2015. I like arts, puns, cleaning/organizing, BL & GL, manga, anime, retro/class shoujo. I'm basically a boring person, but nice to meet you!

Fave Nostalgic Series:
CCS • Sailor Moon • Konjiki no Gash Bell! • Yu Gi Oh! • One Piece • Pokemon • Katekyo Hitman Reborn • HunterxHunter • Yu Yu Hakusho

Other Faves:
Madoka • JOJO • Love Live • Yowapeda • Haikyuu • HunterxHunter 2011 • Card Fight Vanguard • Soul Contract • Yuri on Ice • Natsume Yuujinchou

Current Collection Focus:

CCS • Acrylic Charms • Bishies • Scale Figures with cute frills & ruffles in their outfit (*´ω`*)

Going to be taking a very VERY long break from collecting in early October.I started having a crisis breakdown & will try hard to stay positive & improve.
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6 days ago
Hi, I'm interested in some details of your sale (CLASSIFIED #158860), but when I try to send a message, the system says your inbox is full. Could you contact me?
1 month ago
Thank you very much! Hello, I want to seriously buy something you've posted for sale, but your inbox is full. When you get the chance, please PM me. Thank you.
7 months ago
Question about CLASSIFIED #140465
Hey! You are selling this for usa only ?
8 months ago
Hi, I'm interested in an item you have for sale but your inbox is full. If you can, message me back. Thank youu
8 months ago
Hi I saw you had some items for sale I wanted to know about. If able to message me back! Thank you
8 months ago
hi your inbox is full. I had inquiry about your sale.
Could you please message me
1 year ago
Naight (1 year ago) #16324568!!! I just realized the reply has been 2 weeks old OTL.
I agree with you that selling on eBay is faster than on MFC. I used to sell small amount of items there & it took around 1-2 months to sell since they are bulk of old books haha. But, I had a buyer that gave me bad anxiety & I avoid selling on eBay since until I have the courage to sell there again. I think I also have to do research on how to sell there again when I’m ready. It’ll take me a very long time since I also heard & read too many horror stories on the seller side that scares me to death.
Oh I heard about buyers not paying after winning or so. It’s a waste of time on the seller end when there’s no payment & you have to message them about it & sometimes there’s no response from them. But vice versa too since I heard buyers said items they bought the seller don’t ship out & no response.
Haha that’s good! I consider sleeping is productive because work can tired people out. Im one of those that gets tired easily haha owo;.I salute to those who can work & manage.
Ahh I don’t cosplay ><, but I have friends that do! I really admire the passion & craftsmanship in cosplays. When my friends get ready during convention..I’m the only one or two people in the room that don’t cosplay & the rest does haha. I really like to observe my friends applying makeup or doing their final touches on clothes, accessories. I keep saying “so pretty or so cute” when they're finish. & I say it a lot. Like really you cosplayers are so pretty please keep it up >A<b!!

Lol, np! Recently I have had enough time, but I can be very slow too. :)

Yeah, on MFC users only get notifications of ads when they have figures wished. We have sales forums too, but never managed to get anything sold there. Selling blogs are also not allowed anymore... ^^'' So you really have to rely on people getting the notification or seeing your ad.

I didn't dare to sell on eBay for many many years, until a friend of mine (who is a big seller there), gave me some good explanations and convinced me. At first I thought it was too much of a hassle when I started. I had too many buyers that didn't pay or people that would complain or send weird requests to me after buying it. After learning a lot from her advice I became a "tough" seller. I made very strict rules and made higher requirements for the people that want to buy from me. Now I barely have bad buyers anymore. :)

At first I was also scared of eBay for not understanding the fees and services. Their FAQ and terms and conditions are a mess. So yeah, I would advice you to find a friend that is already familiar with eBay to help you trhough the basics. Once you know how it works, it's just a case of listing and partially re-using earlier made descriptions. :)

Yeah, I had to open unpaid item cases many times. :/ Especially when I was just a new seller there. People would simply not respond or they would send weird requests where I didn't agree with (for example: I had multiple times that people tried to haggle for a lower price after getting something for 'buy it now'-price or starting bid. >.>)

It's pretty crazy how long you can keep on working while being tired. Unless I have a vacation and a long rest I don't even realize how it feels to be well-rested, omg... e.lvme.me/3see2...

Aww, that sounds a bit sad...but fun at the same time too! If you don't mind me asking, what's the reason you didn't start cosplaying (yet)? A lot of people over here are afraid of judgement of family members and people outside of cons.

I also know a lot of people that just like to dress cute and/or wear make-up and a wig. They wear different styles of J-Fashion. Maybe that's something for you! :)

And thanks! >w< My next costume will still take a long looooong time to finish, but i'm really looking forward to wearing it!
1 year ago
'IM WATCHING YOU <O> <O>' omg with ur ava that list name is hilarious
1 year ago
Naight (1 year ago) #15904462Ah I see. I was wondering why you were selling much harder items to find/get on eBay than on MFC owo;.
The newer music box was easier to get two years ago when I saw it as $60-$80 but around that time, I used to be more logical with my spending. After collecting for awhile...whoops I lost some screws here & there haha! So I came back to see the music box & now it went to $160 on Amazon & $200 on eBay oAo!
Ah darn owo; I tried not to be so quick haha! Collecting CCS made me fell back in love with the series after buying Sakura nendoroid (brings me so much ostalgia qwq).Currently, I don't have any specific CCS items in mind, though Im curious to see your CCS collection, but I don't want to take too much of your time ><.
I hope you can find some time! & also time to relax. Please don't stress qwq. Many & I will be patiently waiting to see it! Also you make such a pretty Lilith!

Yeah here on MFC sales don't get much exposure. For example, with the CCS music box I even had to make the entry. ^^'' And listing an item for sale on an entry that barely has hits...yeaaah... ^^''

Ebay is crazy when it comes to their high fees, but still worth it more for me than having to wait for a long time on MFC or another place for someone to buy something off me. >.<

Oh man, that means that the newer music box became even more rare/expensive than the older one! :O

No, it's good, keep it up, haha! If something is frustrating on the seller side, it's someone buying something from you and then doesn't pay for multiple days...that makes me think "does this person actually wants to buy this item or is it scamming?" :/ I once had a "horror bed sheet" on eBay that had 3 different fake buyers before I managed to sell it locally. >.>

Oh no problem! You can see a big part of it displayed here: PICTURE #1175199 & PICTURE #1078631

And most of the ones I will probably sell you can find in this list: lists.php?root=...

Hehe, I just started working again after almost 2 weeks of vacation. I was planning to be productive, but ended up sleeping so much in those 2 weeks. Oh well, considering I was so tired from work, all the sleeping was 'productive' too I guess. xD I also managed to watch many anime that were on my backlog, so that was nice. :)

Awww, thank you! :) Actually I just put up a new picture on my site from Lilith, haha: www.cosplay.com...

Are you also a cosplayer yourself? :)
1 year ago
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