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Hi! I'm Aleu! I'm 23yo and live in the US. Pronouns are she/her.

I've collected figures and other anime goods on and off since 2011. I've downsized a couple times over the years but since 2017 I've been building up a collection again.

Higurashi is my main focus when it comes to Japanese stuff, but I also love to collect fashion dolls like Rainbow High 🌈 and Bratz. I'm also a big fan of Elsa from Frozen and collect very nice quality dolls of her. Sailor Moon is also a favorite, but I don't have a lot of SM stuff right now! I also love Nendoroids!

I'm always open to making new collector friends (I don't have many collector friends irl) so feel free to say hi and sent me a friend request!!! :)

Yes, I actually own everything that I have listed as owned!

NOTE: I am definitely NOT selling my Elfen Lied figures, Sailor Moon DDS, Rena Dollfies, or any Rena figures unless I end up with duplicates of certain things!


Well, I think that’s the best way to do it. You need a lot of space with a figure collection like that. I know that from my extensive plush collection,,, Three hammocks and a five-shelf ladder bookcase and I still don’t have enough room for everything.
4 days ago
I really didn’t know the site existed in this capacity until yesterday. I’ve seen the site before when looking up a couple of figures, but I didn’t know people could comment on them, have profiles that showed their collections, and talk to others. Technical, I’ve collected for a couple of years, now, but I only say that because I got a single figure at a convention a whiiile back. Been more serious about it this past year.

Nine years seems like a long time! But your collection certainly shows the dedication nine years would take.
6 days ago
Heya! Well, I decided to make my account after looking at a couple figures I know I would like to own on the site. I saw that a couple people had somewhat recently commented on the Oyashiro v. Rena figure (one of them being you), so I clicked on your profiles and read through them. I saw we had some of the same interests, so I figured I’d send a request. :3

I’m Rini. Nice to meet you~
6 days ago
Hi, its my first time making an entry, I changed a few things but also made it a draft. Feel free to make any improvements :)
7 days ago
Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you for adding more Higurashi items to the MFC database! c:
9 days ago
It's not something I would post publicly, but let's say I was just making some jokes (they were sfw) and then the article owner got upset about the jokes. Probably because their topic was serious.

I didn't mean to sound obnoxious since I was just trying to make people smile and it's my way to solace. But I suppose there are better ways to cheer myself up other than goofing off. I did apologize in a DM and they did say they misunderstood my intentions. I would say the rest in a DM maybe someday.
9 days ago
That's ok! It's important to heal and I should try to heal myself too. This site always made me feel down and I've usually promised myself to take a break. But I then come on here every single break and after work. I should stop my addiction and find other ways to spend my free time.

Sorry if this turned into a random vent. :(
9 days ago
Not good unfortunately. :( I sent you a PM about my day. But yesterday was better in my opinion. Hopefully I will catch up with your previous comment. :)
20 days ago
Hello. Thank you for the kind comment. MFC has been hard on me and work too. I've said some dumb stuff, even today. I think I'm better off keeping my mouth shut. Right now, I just reported my own comment. I don't feel like eating dinner and getting ready for tomorrow.

Figure related, I bought a Dead Master Nendoroid (ITEM #117941) and a Kanna scale. (ITEM #638646) I'm planning on buying the Freeing Homura (ITEM #1223555) as my last figure. I want to take a break from this expensive hobby.
25 days ago
I'm actually not sure, I added some people a few weeks ago by random. Mostly from the same groups as me or I trailed off from there somehow. Hope you weren't bothered by it. Nice to meetcha anyways.

Cute Rena on your profile too, she's one of the best out of Higurashi. And haibane renmei is one of my favorite shows! Higurashi No naku Koro ni kai was also very enjoyable, the newest higurashi show was alright. Although the pacing was off.
How has life been treating you NekoAleu?
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