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\('◡') Hello I am Nendoroidoodads! I love taking photos and making cute things for my nendos ('◡')/
You can see my figure photography here www.facebook.co... and my D.I.Y miniatures tutorials here nendoroidoodads...
I started collecting March 2015 and I'm loving it, I have already met so many lovely people too!
I have a group for all Australian collectors, so feel free to join CLUB #1447
☺ Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me, have a nice day ☺

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Nendoroid English page: www.facebook.co... for nendoroid lovers!!
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Nendoroidoodads (4 months ago) #23906855View spoilerHide spoiler

Ahh sorry I am terrible at finding the time to hop on MFC these days...*scream into sky* LIFE! \o/
I watched it in mandarin, it was hard to get used to watching an anime that isnt in japanese.
I really need to motivate myself to exercise regularly again =.=
I wouldnt laugh! I hope that you can reach your goal soon!
I am quite satisfied in my current job in the aquatic industry, there is plenty of areas in it to branch out into and stuff :)
When I was a kid I wanted to be a farmer :')
How have you been the last month or so? (sorry again ill try come on sooner) xD

Hello! :D

Long time no talk! I had to think very hard about what we were talking about, haha!

Life has been super busy for me too! Currently most of my free time goes into overtime at work and my volunteer work. Meanwhile I have also been planning for a long time to build a new gaming PC and we are finally going to buy the parts this weekend! So I'm very excited for that. :)

Yeah, I once had a bootleg Howl's Moving Castle DVD that was only spoken in Mandarin. I guess the bootlegger didn't hear the difference in language and thought 'good enough', lol.

Hehe, that's the reply I get from most people when I tell them I exercise a lot. xD "Oh hey I should get going to that too!" :P And depending on the person I sometimes give some tips or motivation. ^^ For example, I exercise a lot in short periods. 6 days a week for about half an hour sessions each day. A lot of people over-exercise themselves by going only 1-2 times a week and then do a lot of tiring things in 2 hours, which makes them dead beat when they get home. :P

I hope it's possible for you to also grow in your career later! ^^ And haha, when I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher and that also did not work out for me lol.

Hrmm yeah, super busy with everything, haha. How about you? Did you make any new pictures? :)
4 months ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
Hello! How are you?
Lately I didn't see any posts from you on Facebook >w< is everything all right? Cheers!
5 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (6 months ago) #21542436View spoilerHide spoiler
Yeah I have always loved stationary and stickers!!
I am still enjoying my chinese anime, I believe this one is in mandarin. Its called The kings avatar.
Aha you don't have to be sorry!! I have been Ultra sporty since I was a kid that I just kinda got bored of it so i just do a little exercise to stay healthy enough xD
It sucks about the contracts, especially if you just want job stability..what is your degree in?
I am sure that you will reach your goal!

I do buy regularly cute and fun stickers from the artist alley when I visit conventions. I put them on my refrigerator and one day the fridge is going to be filled with cute and random stuff! :D

The Kings Avatar looks good! Do you watch it in Mandarin or Japanese dub?

For me it's the other way around. xD I used to be a really lazy kid and teenager and from the moment I got near the end of high school I started sporting and am luckily pretty good in keeping it up! I wouldn't call myself super-fit, but I am pretty healthy. And with the amount of overweight people in my country actually seen as 'skinny' here, while I have an BMI at the end of normal range...

I have an (don't laugh) Bachelor of Digital Arts and Sciences. Which just means: a degree in all kinds of media and digital projects. I did a specialization in management, financing and documentation so I could also have higher management jobs in that type of company. So my perfect after-graduation job would have been a job in a (starting/learning/assistant) management position in a media company (tv, games, news, graphic design, websites and the like). The problem is that there are not much jobs in that field, so most people end up opening their own company right out of college. Of which I was scared to do (rather not get in a ton of extra debt right after college with a chance of your company failing and you being in debt even more).

And thanks! :D As you could probably already guess, my dream is to indeed start my own company! Right now I'm leaning towards something with graphic design and/or fashion. :)

Do you have any kind of dream job for the future? :) It would be even better if you're happy with your job now and want to be like that for the rest of your life!
6 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (7 months ago) #20838530View spoilerHide spoiler
Yeah it is the case unfortunately, but I guess its better to have it than none at all hehe :p
Man I am a stationary freak, I buy so much especially stickers and pens. It's unhealthy lol.
I am watching quite a few things this season at the moment there is a chinese anime that is about MMO players its different for me I have only ever watched Japanese ones!
Ummm ^^;; yeah when I started as a lifeguard maybe now I have turned a bit into a weeb hermit blob lol!!
What do you do??

I used to be a stationary freak, especially when I was in high school and college, because there I had to use so much stationaries every day. Ever since I graduated I only got jobs where I need to be on the computer. When I have to write my grocery list nowadays I sometimes go 'uhhhhh' and write really slowly. xD While my writing used to be faster than my typing, now it's the other way around!

Oh~ In general I hear a lot about Chinese anime getting more and more into the general anime season in Japan. I also once watched an Chinese anime movie, for me the language was a bit weird, because it sounds similar to Japanese, but is quite different!

Oh...haha! I was expecting that you would have to keep perfectly fit, sorry for asking. :') As long as you can do your job well and feel good, it doesn't matter, right? ^^

I have been switching a lot of jobs since I finished college (it's hard to find work in my degree and because of certain contract types in the Netherlands most companies fire you after 2 years). Currently I'm working for an auction house. While the company and the items that get offered are very interesting, the job is really tiring and underpaid. ^^'' My dream is to save up and open up my own company in the future! (Hopefully possible for me in 5 years or so.)
7 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (8 months ago) #19481090Ahh it sucks when the end out lightening up on the detail!
Well for me theres been some good animes this past season so if they get some figures I may fold,
I have bought a couple of keychains and a CD track ;p
Did you like any of the finishinig anime seasons?
I am was a Lifeguard at a pool, but now as supervisor I watch over them and manage the pool chemicals :D

Well, it happens with a lot of figures, especially scaleds, both newer and older ones. The prototypes look better than the actual figures with most of them. :(

The good thing on being behind with watching anime is that I don't get tempted to pick up figures from anime I haven't seen yet. xD

I have bought quite some stationaries (especially clear files) accompanied with books (I'm loving the English translation from Baccano!). I guess I feel less bad about buying 'useful' items instead of buying figures haha. Selling has been going slow recently and I want more stuff gone before I start filling up my collection again. ;)

Wellllllll as I am too late with watching everything, I'm not even watching anything this season, lol. But I did watch season 1 from Iron Blooded Orphans a while ago, so I want to pick up watching S2 (which finished this season) asap!!!

Oh~! That sounds as a very fun job! And woah, then you must be in super-fit body condition! :D
8 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (8 months ago) #19228661View spoilerHide spoiler
OH try not to worry I am sure he will be magnificent!!
Yeah it is good can save a bit of extra money for when there is heaps of figure to buy haha :p
There was a new one that went up for preorder not too long ago that was cool, Android 18 from DBZ.
Oh volunteer work nice!! I just went up a step at work to a supervisor so I guess that is a bit exciting >.<

Yeah~ Recently there was an user review uploaded and he looks stunning! The only 'bothersome' part I have is that here and there there are some lost details in comparison to the prototype (with the emblen on his hat being the biggest offender). And people being angry about the typo on his box, which actually doesn't bother me that much, haha. I own 'Gult' too ITEM #97006

Yeah early 2017 was a big financial hit for me when it comes to figures. Everything I got interested in during 2016 seems to have a march/april 2017 release, aha!

Oh, you ordered that Android 18 ITEM #510338 one? I'm a fan of DBZ, but I don't like that figure too much. :(

Oh nice! Congrats! May I ask what kind of work you do? :) Something in retail I assume from your description?
8 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (10 months ago) #18242013View spoilerHide spoiler
Sorry for the late reply!!
Yes though I know it will be well worth it, I absolutly cant wait! :D
Yeah I hear you I see a nice figure then look at the price and nearly fall over aha.
the yugioh one is badass i used to love watching that show ^^
how are you btw?

Hehe, no problem! Everyone gets busy once in a while!

I'm having such mixed feelings! I know Ciel will be beautiful, but the wait has been so long...and the delays make me scared for his quality. >.<

I guess it's good for me. I never bought such a little amount of items in a year than in 2016 I think, haha!

I still love Duel Monsters~ And the original series. I could never really get into GX, 5D's or the other newer shows...

I'm doing well! I've been very busy with my volunteer work, because the convention I have the biggest role in, is upcoming weekend. So much preparations and e-mails!
10 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (11 months ago) #17484065View spoilerHide spoiler
Yeah currently saving to move into my own house with my partner so we dont have to rent.
I have not really bought anything lately, there has been not much that has caught my eye~
How about you bought many new figures?

That was my previous saving goal. Good luck! I can tell you it's worth it from first-hand experience! It feels so good to own a house instead of "throwing away" money as rent!

Ah, I have seen many interesting things, but I lose the will to buy it when I see a simple figure going for 10K+ yen...

Most interesting for me are all my orders of the English translation of the Baccano! books!

As for figures, I still have this insanely old pre-order: ITEM #297454 One day...one day...

And some more recent ones that were must-buys: ITEM #464598 & ITEM #450031

But I have calmed down a lot on buying new things as you can see. :)
11 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (11 months ago) #17324619Yeah I barely get on, so busy working and saving for life, lots of fun lol :p
How about you?

Ah, sounds likewise to me, haha. Since we bought a house, we had to invest in a lot of new items and also repairs for the house itself. Collecting is still important to me, but I'm a lot less active than I was before. Once all the repairs and buys have taken place, I hope I am more settled down and I can start hunting for items for my niche collections again! :)

You're currently not buying any new items either?
11 months ago
Nendoroidoodads (11 months ago) #17263203So cute!!
Thank you, happy ne year ^^

Same to you! :D

I have been very busy and not as active as usual on MFC. I also think you got less active? Busy with other hobbies? :)
11 months ago
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