Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Hello I'm Wizzy and I am a casual figure collector (for now).
I think of myself as more of a figure appreciator until I can get some more funds to go into my collection.

Nearly all of my videogames in my collection are NTSC.

New to the website so expect this box to change as time goes on.
Feel free to send me a friend request / message anytime! I would love to meet others with similar interests.

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Happy birthday!! :)
20 days ago
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
so sorry for the late reply T-T ive been ridiculously busy this past week. i have to catch up on all the messages on here lolol im so so sorry!

just so you know, my job is managing a fashion store's account on instagram. my @ is @denpaloli. i will most likely be able to respond to you 9999999% faster on there since i'm constantly tabbing in and out of my store's account and my personal account >__<!! but if you're okay with talking through pm's / comments that's fine too

favorite figure in collection has to be gsc's madoka kaname, phat's yukari yakumo, and native's princess mordina. with exception to the air girls, all my KEY figures are pretty solid quality tbh, especially max factory's ayu and makoto.

my favorite is rpgs too! hmm, games ive been playing recently? with college costs unfortunately i haven't been able to keep up with a lot of modern games. maybe im getting cynical? lol. ive been playing a lot of chrono trigger again (eternal favorite), some p4 (fave persona), and i restarted my fave dragon quest, sentinels of the starry sky! i recently beat katana zero, that was a super fun time. i should replay some pokemon firered or emerald though. do you enjoy nuzlocke challenges? as an adult, it's the only way i can enjoy pokemon anymore lolol
5 months ago
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
dj technorch fan and an amazing profile + taste....beautiful to see
5 months ago
Hi, nice to meet you too! 可愛いは正義です!
6 months ago
you're the sweetest !! thank you for the warm welcome <3 :'3
6 months ago
this is me, in awe of the person running this myfigurecollection.net profile .

6 months ago
Absolutely! I get a lot of weird crap all the time - some of which I even forgot I ordered. Like, I remember being utterly confused when I found the Vanilla Ice movie in my mailbox one day. Turns out I impulse bought it on eBay while I was tired, or something, haha. I'm getting a couple of my friend's old cameras, so hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures in that delicious '00s picture quality soon. Gonna use those to film the new video, too. Really excited to work on that! Oooh, I see - that makes sense. Still, not bad of a collection so far! I really like the Chocola and Lala Deviluke ones.

What's your Spotify name? Mine's "windowcrisps" (yes, really.) I also have a last.fm, if you use that. Same name on there.

Just checked out that gameplay video you showed me, and... goddamn, haha. This game looks awesome, though. I really like the art style. Are you a fan of shooters? I talked to Kadoatie over on Twitter about retro games and shmups. He mentioned this game named "Crimzon Clover" which also looks super cool. Personally, I'm terrible at shmups; but I always have fun playing them and I would like to get better at them. So many good ones out there. Any more that you like?
6 months ago
Thanks for the fr! You have a cool collection!
6 months ago
Thank you! I ordered another Nanoha Swimsuit figure a while ago to match with Fate. Hopefully that one and my "Stars Bless You" Sakura should come in soon. Speaking of Sakura, I like your CCS collection! What's your favorite figure?

I like a lot of their songs. "tomboyish love for daughter" is probably my favorite album of theirs. Have you heard of M1DY? They're one of my favorites.

By the way, I noticed you own Deathsmiles. I thought that was just a username you used on AniList, until I realized it was a game. Might be able to get my hands on a copy and play it, because I found a random 360 game in my step dad's collection. If he still has his 360, then I definitely have to give it a shot, if you like it!
6 months ago
Nice figure collection!

Also, nice music collection <3 Gotta love goreshit.
6 months ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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