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Hello! I'm NerdyBirdyx, and welcome to my profile!

My main hobby is gaming but I also like to watch anime and read manga sometimes. I started collecting in March 2015. Unfortunately, I'm not into collecting as much as I used to be. Currently, I mainly just collect figures and merch from series I really like.

I'm a big fan of the Danganronpa series. My favorite entry is Danganronpa V3 and my favorite characters are (in order): Nagito Komaeda, Shuichi Saihara, and Kokichi Ouma. I hope they make DRV3 figures someday because I would pre-order those babies in a heartbeat. :P
Magi, Bungou Stray Dogs, Noragami, Danganronpa 3, Re:zero, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Haikyuu, Free, Owari no Seraph, Durarara, Assassination Classroom, Fairy Tail, ect
mostly manga
Danganronpa series, Overwatch, Persona series, otome games, visual novels, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, etc
MOE Point(s)
guys with white or black hair and crazy male characters.
ASUS gaming laptop


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happy birthday!
11 months ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #14189375Actually I haven't played DR:AE either because I don't own a PS Vita. So I've only seen a bit of gameplay as well. XD I'm hoping to get a PS Vita soon though so I can play it, haha.

oh my gosh we should both get ps vitas to play drae XD I was literally this close to going out and impulse buying a vita as soon as I learned drae might actually be essential to watching future arc, but I was like no dude calm down *watches a playthrough* but now uni is in the way of everything I'm too busy to watch it all ahhh
1 year ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #14186572Future arc is also TEARING ME APART (nice "The Room" reference ;)) and Komaeda being a twisted lucky boy is part of the reason why I love him! XD

AHAHAH there's no other way I could describe it, baes dying left right and centre, at this rate we'll be left with all the douches of the series (lookin at you juzo, luluka, munakata gdi like half the remaining cast rIP)
komaeda might still appear in future arc!! we got a beautiful hint of FUKAWA my bby and komaru last ep, who knows, the best servant might still make his appearance too xD
(if he has been relieved of his servant duties please let me know because I only watched a bit of drae gameplay);;;;
1 year ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #14185892Haha, thanks!
I'm enjoying both future and despair arc but I'm enjoying despair arc just a little bit more because I love DR2's characters. But I can't wait to see how it all ends! :)

ahhaha ofc you do, komaeda lover XDD I am actually loving both just as much as each other, but future arc is literally TEARING ME APART LISA. Ko is such a twisted lucky boy having his plan still go ahead even though he didn't initiate it haha :''''))
1 year ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #14184433Hi! :D

I love how nicely you've done up your profile, I need to work on getting some nice pics on mine too *-* how are you liking despair/future arc so far
*has a mental breakdown*
1 year ago
1 year ago
oooooooh your fav girls from pmmm are the same as mine *_*
1 year ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #12895786The new Danganronpa anime started airing already and yeah I'm watching it. The order sounds confusing at first, but it's not once you get used to it! Danganronpa 3: Mirai-hen (Future arc) comes out every Mondays and Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou-hen (Despair arc) comes out every Thursdays and you're supposed to watch them in that order. (So you're supposed to watch an episode of Mirai-hen, then Zetsubou-hen.)
Yeah it sounds really confusing.. xD

OOOOH okay! :D
im excited to see sdr2 kids pre despair i wonder if well see about the project izuru (i cant remember his name <<)
1 year ago
NerdyBirdyx (1 year ago) #12894182You're welcome!
I'm also glad we don't have to pay right away because I don't even have the money right now. xD

SAME XD its kind of like with animeisland except there i can pay in installments which is ten times easier for me

btw you gonna watch the new dangan ronpa animes???? i want to but apparently there is some confusing order to it?
1 year ago
thanks :D
i ordered hinata xD thank God i dont have to pay right away
1 year ago
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