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Oh the struggle with anime fandom lol.
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CAREFREE ... That's basically me <. I love watching Anime, mostly dubbed because I do have bad eye problems, I have not read any manga, I"m very much new to collecting anime merch; it's a new hobby that I'm starting to get into, but only for anime I really love and could watch over and over again with no hesitation :)



Hi Nessa!

Like I said, I really liked your review on the Dark Magician figure. I was wondering though, if you a got a poster with it as well (of Yami Yugi with Dark Magician)? It could have just been in the first production run of it so that's why I probably didn't get it. Just wondering.

Thanks! :)
6 years ago
Hi just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Hope things are OK with you. Hope you get lots of pressies!! (*^_^*)
6 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1646432hahaha yeah but I have to keep that feeling somewhat to myself so I don't annoy my friends and family too much :P. Gooood geesh haha you go so crazy with buying them I can't keep up, although I wish I could be like that :P. I wish I could collect as much as you do, then again I wouldn't know where to put it all yet imao. Yeah but the only thing that worries me about those nendroids are all the small parts that can be broken or lost and all the faces and accessories haha I would be terrified for something to happen to em. haha yeah! That's why I try to not look around too much when I can't afford something or else I will just be sad about things haha. Lol no worries! I sometimes don't see things right away because I forget to look at my profile page for it haha, because all of my other messages and subscriptions are notified to me.

Yeah I was super excited about Coldplay I drove my mum mad! lol That has slowed down now. In fact last month I only bought three and this month I've bought two. Also almost all the unboxing is nearly done now. All that's left is the K_ON! girls and the Haruhi Suzumiya group and what I've bought. Then I'm done! lol Although I will be having another cabinet built for the wall near my bed and that will house a lot more of them and my big Tamaki Kousaka. Nendoroids are a lot like Figmas so I've had a hard time with her as she kept falling to pieces on me! lol Yes there are a lot of accessories, extra hands and feet. I truly didn't know where to begin! lol Still now I've got her posed in the cabinet she looks really cool. Also I have a close up special vid coming soon for her too. Did you see my Satellizer El Bridget special? Did you like it? I know it was kind of risqué but I wanted to show more of the beauty of the figure hence that's why I chose the music from a visual novel game called Katawa Shoujo. It's an amazing free game that I'm playing I highly recommend it as I think you would like it. :D I still look on AmiAmi even though I know I shouldn't. Tbh I haven't spotted to many I want on there yet. I still feel that time will come though when I see some that I really want but can't buy them as that usually happens when you have no money. Anyway good luck with the competition. I really hope you can get them right and be entered in to the prize draw as I really have got some awesome prizes that I'm really excited to give out. :D
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1618377lol I wish, the anticipation kills me haha. I watch the ones that look interesting to me or if I'm not sure which to look at haha. I looked at your blog and I was shocked at how much you buy! You are crazy lol. I'm the type that likes to do multiple things so I never have that much money to spend on figures sadly :(. Idk about figmas but I do think nendroids are kinda cute, but idk if I'd evere want to own one haha. Lol I know how that feels, you have no idea how much I stalk anime related things and whisper to myself I know you want it but you can't have it right now imao. This wedding isn't too formal thank goodness but I still have to look semi formal so I have to buy an outfit that fits that category lol, I only have casual and formal so I wish it was a formal wedding haha. I know haha I go there every now and then to browse but lately I've been trying to stay away from any place, it's hard being a member on here when I can't afford things at the moment lol. No worries, I'm busy too with school, managing my own business, and a lot more so trust me it's fine lol.

Lol I know that feeling! I was so excited to go and see Coldplay I was counting the days! Yeah I guess I do put up a lot! However that will slow down soon as I've only bought three figures this month! Which is most definitely a first for me! Usually it's in the double digits! lol Ah that blog! I will be putting up part two soon as the rest of the figures I bought in June have now all arrived. So what you see in that picture add another eight to it and you get the total amount of figures I bought in June! lol I'm like that too I collect too much so it drains my pocket quite considerably. Well as you may have seen I bought the Black Rock Shooter ones and actually found them to be quite fun. I will unbox my nendoroid soon as I actually do think she is quite cute but I don't normally buy those kind of figures so it's going to be interesting looking for a place in the cabinet for her as she'll stick out like a sore thumb! lol I do that too and then regret it as there's always something you really want but can't afford it. In my case now that's what's happening. Ah that's a pain as if it was formal at least you might have an outfit already to wear but instead buying one could cost quite a bit I guess. I know what you mean. I still come on here knowing for well that I shouldn't as it's one temptation after another! lol Thanks I try to respond as soon as I can sometimes it takes longer though.
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1585484Ohh no hahaha I had to purchase my tickets ahead of time because they are sold out haha. lol yess I will be like where's my popcorn I have a whole lot of videos from RockGodItachi to watch imao. You are insane!!! Over 30 figures!!! I wish I could do that it sounds like a dream. I know gawd I am happy for them to be getting married but my pocket book hurts lol, and now Tsume Art is getting closer to releasing a Ciel Phantomhive figure and I'm really praying it won't be anytime too soon! Or else I won't be able to get him :(. I am not looking at any stores for stuff haha I will be way too terrified if I find something in the preowned section like a Black Butler figure that I cannot have at this time haha. I'm surprised you're not broke already lol you are a mad man with buying figures!

Ah I thought you'd already been! lol Indeed you do! ;) Na you don't have to watch them all! lol
Yep pretty much! If you've seen my blog on here there is a photo of almost everything I picked up in June. There's still 10 coming! lol Then that's it I've got to take a break as I'm skint. Still I got a lot I wanted last month. Will do another pic once all the others arrive. I actually decided to get a figma and a Nendoroid. Which is a step out of the norm for me! lol I guess you could say it was a dream which has come to the end now (waaahhhh!!). I still want to buy more even my brain is saying buy more but I have to fight the urge! lol Yeah weddings are expensive. I remember my brothers. I had to buy a suit which cost quite a bit. Ah I know that there are figures I want too but even I'm trying to stop the urge of going on AmiAmi as I know I would inevitably buy a figure or two or three! lol I am officially broke now! lol Soz for the late reply but again I'm really busy. As you may have seen the unboxing express has taken off and won't be stopping for sometime! lol
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1572784hahaha I kept thinking what happened to him :P The concert is not until November 29th haha so idk how it was yet :P Ooo lala yay! I have noticed a lot of stuff going on since I subscribed but the number on the side sometimes gets too big that I get scared to look how much you posted lol. What Special Shelf!?!?!? I am very intrigued! haha. Well both of my figures on preorder don't come out until August which was originally a good date but now I'm not so sure because I have been invited to a wedding that I'm going to because I knew the guy for 10+ years and that means I have to spend more money for something to wear lol so that makes me a little nervous that I will be able to afford my figures because his wedding is in August and I just bought them a gift and just ahhh! lol. I pray daily imao. AmiAmi does have an addicting site haha it looks pretty so it's fun to browse on, but I have been closing my eyes to stuff because I can't afford more at this moment in time haha.

Lol. I have been about. :D Ah I didn't know that I thought you'd already been! lol Rofl. Yeah I've been busy unboxing for the cabinet It's been one crazy week after another and the videos keep going up. I guess your have what it feels like a mini movie to watch! lol . I've still got more to unbox believe it or not and this month I'm set to break that record of last month with the figure buying as so far I've bought at least 31! I'm not kidding on that. Sometimes I scare myself! lol Well this shelf will be totally awesome and I'm sure your love it but more has to be done on it yet. Ah that's what you call unexpected circumstances. Good to hear he's getting married but I guess for you it does mean spending more money on an a new outfit for it. Which is I'm guessing something you don't want to do. I know that feeling though when you've planned ahead and then something pops up and changes it all. It can be frustrating at times. Hopefully it will work out for you. :D Yeah that site is too addicting (if you ask me) I've spent way too much time on it and also way too much money on it too! lol So far I've accumulated over 300 points already and I've not even been buying for over a month yet! lol
I don't blame you! I too will have to tighten the reigns next month as I can't continue on this figure spending streak or I will end up broke! lol
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1571406LOL I've been wondering why you haven't responded, it's been forever so I decide to view your profile and it turns out you replied on your page haha which made me laugh because I've done that else where before haha. Anyways Hi! :)

Lol! Yeah I did a while ago. I too was wondering the same thing. Hi! :D How was the concert? As you've probably seen I've been really busy over the last week as the unboxing has begun for the figures for the cabinet. I've videoed them all and there on my channel. It's basically finished apart from the 'special' shelf which will be done at a later date. They're looking awesome though and I can't wait to share the cabinet and the figures with everyone. How did you get on with AmiAmi? I've been buying a lot from them lately. That sites addictive! lol
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1529680I'm hoping too, I'm also hoping nothing else catches my eye for a long time lol. I already told you what I'm getting haha Lucy from Fairy Tail and the Dark Magician from Yu Gi Oh, but I might do a video on them ha idk. Ahh ha I knew there was a flaw lol, we had so much in common now I hear you're not a major fan of JT lol jk, we all have different tastes so it's no biggie :p. I'm personally so excited for his concert because I'm a big big big big fan lol. Yeah and if you have to cancel a payment on AmiAmi I hear you get blacklisted and you can never buy from them again! Which would suck because Lucy was the least expensive there. That is so true hahaha if someone wants water who's gonna put the ice in it and fill it up if not me imao. OMG hahaha is that all you do is buy huge hauls of figures!!! See I can't do that lol I'm currently in the process of getting a new outfit for JT's concert imao so I have other priorities that out weigh figures at times haha. I know right I was slamming my head into the palm of my hand when I saw some Black Butler figures at a great price that someone was selling and I couldn't get them :(. I don't think my addiction problem is as bad as yours lol but I do have a hard time spending my money elsewhere because I'm always thinking that someone could sell something I want imao. Well then you may use that cleaning tip haha :) I think it will make your life much easier to not have to dust them all the time!

Lol I wish that would happen with me! I was told untill the cabinets are built not to buy more figures but guess what? Yeah I bought more! lol I'm gonna get shot I know it! lol Oh yeah you did tell me! How could I forget? Shouldn't be forgetting if it's to do with figures! lol Would be cool if you was to do a vid of them. I'll support you if you upload on YouTube. :D I can't say I'm a huge fan of JT I do like some of his songs but not all of them. That's great to hear. I know I was super excited to go and see Coldplay. That was an unforgettable night I hope to see them again in the future as they were just so amazing! I hope you have a great time! :D Wow really? That seems a bit harsh. I've started buying from them but that's kind of worrying to hear. I hope it's not true as that would suck. Yep we who stand by and watch the construction still have our uses! lol
Rofl not all the time May has been pretty hectic for me tbh. I was just so lucky to go to that womans house and buy the amount of figures I did. That was a great day. Lol well if your of to a concert you've got to dress to impress as they say. So yeah I can see why the outfit would be more important than figures as you like to look your best on a night out. Yeah that really does suck. It's happened a few times to me over the last weeks where I've seen some figures that I could've got but now don't have the money for them. It's really annoying. Lol who say's I'm addicted? ;) lol Yeah the cleaning tip was useful and I just can't wait to get them in the cabinets as they will be a lot easier to manage over the years without constant dusting each month! lol
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1503291I will have to hold back on getting those ships, but I will be sure to ask when I can, I still hope I can get the figures I have on preorder lol, I just bought tickets to see Justin Timberlake in Las Vegas haha so hopefully I will have enough money left over by the time the figures are asked for full payment :P Yeah I might do a video for them, I will do my standard figure review in my blog, but I might also add some video footage for a more in depth look at them. Hahaha I think we are funny in how we help, I don't even know if refreshments count as being helpful :P. Yay! You will have so much needed display space with a huge cabinet for all the figures you have! What! 28 figures!!! I'm not that good at bargain hunting because most of what I desire is out for presale so it's not so easy to bargain hunt, but I do look at every web store selling the figure for the best price as well as service. I am pounding my head against the wall because there are some Black Butler figures people are selling for fairly reasonable prices and I can't afford them right now haha, so I know they will be bought by other Black Butler figure hunters. Well I'm girl and I'm in love with shoes hahaha and I need some new sneakers for walking soon so that's another expense ha being me is hard imao, I never have enough money all at once gah it's so frustrating! Hehehe, we are in the dark world of figure collecting together now lol, everything I do and I always end up broke lol, I have a shopping addiction problem and I think anime figures is not helping :P. That time will only get longer as you get more and more figures! Oh really, some people say to use those soft dusters, as well as air cans, I use my hairdryer on cool to get rid of the major dust and then the paint brushes for the small hard to get into places. You could have fooled me with how many figures you purchase lol. I can't wait to see your large cabinets!

Ah that's a shame as I know you had your heart set on them. Hopefully you can get them in the future. Oh new figures coming? Looking forward to seeing who you get. A vid on YouTube would be cool so we can see them in more detail. :D Not a huge fan of Justin tbh with you some of his songs I like but not to the point of knowing them. Still that will be cool for you as Live concerts are so epic usually. True your have to make sure that you've got enough to pay for them as otherwise your be missing out on the figures. Yeah we are. Well making Tea is a job so I see it as kind of helping after all they can't work without refreshments! lol So that's where we are integral to the building process! lol Don't!! The amount of figures has doubled since we last spoke as I went and bought a huge haul of them last Sunday from a really nice lady (have put up vids :)) Yeah last month was 28 this month so far it is 28 and I've still got a few more coming then I'm done untill the new cabinet is done as space is getting eaten! lol That's so annoying when that happens. It's just one of those irritating things when you've got money there's hardly anything you want or the figures you want are to expensive then when your waiting for money something has to pop up that is an unbelievable bargain and your like why!!!??? lol My sister loves her shoes too. Mainly trainers as she has waldrobes full of them! lol Yes from the moment we picked up that first figure we were doomed forever! lol You have an addiction!? lol I just can't stop buying them my mind dosen't comprehend the meaning of space to put them! lol That's a really 'cool' cleaning tip! (see what I did there ;) lol I will have to try that as the brushing just takes ages! I can't wait for the cabinets so it dosen't take me almost a whole day just to clean them! lol I definitley won't be buying as much next month as the space is lacking! lol Me too ones half done just need the runners and glass doors done then the unboxing can begin! lol Sorry for the late reply on this as you will see by the vids I've been really busy! lol
7 years ago
NessaPie237 years ago#1492390Hey just thought I'd stop by to tell you I figured out how to leave feedbacks in the shop section lol, I totally missed it where it said it on the ad itself to leave the feedback. Ah well the point is I did it and I gave you five stars haha :)

hahahaha that's ok! thanks you so much for telling me!
I hope you're enjoying Grell so much! <3
7 years ago
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