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Uh... me? I guess so... Hi there!

My name is Noah and i'm a collector. I began with games and manga but finally i caved in figures last year (my wallet hates me From that moment). Before that, as i said, i used to watch anime since i was a child. I like all kind of types but i specially love Yaoi/BL, Shōnen-ai, Steampunk, Supernatural and Dark fantasy.

About this Hobby i must admit that is an addiction. I promised myself i'd only buy figures that i knew... well... ehm... meh. I try to focus but suddenly a awesome figure that i don know about appears in notification or some festival or wherever and i can't do nothing but cave in. After that i hate myself for a while (3 minutes more or less) and them forget my weakness.

Besides that, i'm gamer. I like JRPG/RPG, Survival horror, Platform/Adventures and action. I love movies and series, and when i'm not collecting or watching something i play violin (the most important to me). Music is my drug, my life (almost my bf).

And... Nothing comes to mind right now :/ If you're interested, please feel free to send me a PM or FR ^^ i'll be plased to talk you




Happy Birthday ;D
1 year ago
Happy Birthday ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
3 years ago
NoahGreen3 years ago#16681200I have that Archer and i fell in love when i saw him. It was a instant PO to me. That expresion, his dark skin... absolutely fantastic. I like Makoto from Alter and Ren (Max Factory) with his tattoos and everything. I Agree with you about more R18 male figures but not bondage stuff. I'm not a fan of that but i PO Aoba anyway 'cause he's Aoba and collect everything about DRAMAtical, but yeah, i'd prefer another pose or scene. Wish Native/Max Factory made Koujaku
Love him and all japanese stuff.
yea I really do want to get Aoba and all the Dramatical Guys, I'm still thinking about it
3 years ago
NoahGreen3 years ago#16669106Yeah! I really love Super Lovers! (Actually i have a Wall Scroll) and Yuri on Ice!! is the next. I had on my list, besides GSC is going to make their nendos :D. I love old yaoi too like Junjou Romantica. I see this video sometimes and *-*
I'm a romantic hahahahaha
We are all born to need romance! Yea I want more Male figures, my favorite male figure is probably my 1/8 Archer by Alter, it's so hot to me lol. Aside from that I love the Free! Figures both the Alter and water gun versions. I just wish they would make more +18 male figures that aren't so bondagey and characters that are more shounen. Oh and by the way you made my day when you mentioned the Nendos for Yuri!!!
3 years ago
NoahGreen3 years ago#16644758Prince of Stride. It's an otome game, but then they made the anime serie Prince of Stride: Alternative. It's like Free! one :D.I'll have to check it out :) have you seen Super Lovers! or Yuri on Ice!! (i don't know why so many anime have "!!" in the title lol)
3 years ago
NoahGreen3 years ago#16634275Always!
Love your profile by the way *-*
woah what anime is that?
3 years ago
Gay collectors unite!
3 years ago
Heya :) I noticed your comm on the Aoba page and came to check out your profile to realize we have a lot in common taste wise be it game or tv show or figure related, so I thought I'd friend you :) hope you don't mind!
3 years ago
NoahGreen4 years ago#13450047I was gonna write you for it hahahahahaha I love them *-* Alter makes a really good figures. MakoHaru gonna be absolutely fantastic. Did you see something else that take your attention in WF? i want lots of Nendos :___)
I missed some DmmD boys BTW

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this beautiful figure. It’s so gorgeous~ Oh I sure did! There were so many male figures! I’m so happy~ Here’s what I’m interested in ITEM #464652 ITEM #460017 ITEM #460018 ITEM #455587 Definitely a must-have!
Then a few interesting ones that I may get depending on their release month and price ^^ ITEM #463570 ITEM #464625 ITEM #464570 ITEM #250358 ITEM #460678 (I want Soma before I commit to these God Eater figures :D)
And I’m floored by these figures from my favourite series when I was younger. Ah the nostalgia~ ITEM #464229 ITEM #463456 ITEM #463457 ITEM #455250 ITEM #464581 Never expected a KOF nendo! Oh there were a lot of nendos I want as well but I’m not gonna list them (it’s too long >.<) Gah I know right? Like I really want Lamento nendos and more DMMd boys ;A; I’ll keep bugging GSC till I get my boys made X’D. How about you, anything you’re interested in WonFes? :D
4 years ago
I am so stoked for this!!!! ITEM #464652 (^0^)9
4 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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