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Nsuln3 years ago#22708463Yeah, stuff in that list hasn't been sold. It's been a I mean to sell these. Surprised you found it in there. How about $25? I'll take care of shipping, though if you want it fast, I'd have you pay for the shipping

let me pm you :3 definitely interested
3 years ago
ITEM #96905

still available?
3 years ago
I love your thumbnail XD
5 years ago
Nsuln5 years ago#2497709I see no point in any further discussion. This discussion of knowledge has turned into nothing but insults. I assume you feel the same. I suggest we part ways. No reply necessary.

It's very convenient for you to cut off conversation when being taken to task for things that you said. Nonetheless, I have said what I wanted to say. Don't respond to this message or any of my other posts on the site from this point forward. Thanks.
5 years ago
Nsuln5 years ago#2463171Welcome back after 2 months.

I'm a university student. I don't have an endless amount of time to spend responding to people like you on the internet.

Nsuln5 years ago#2463171But YOU took them as personal attacks to your intelligence.

This isn't a personal attack against my intelligence?

"I know more about WWII than you would probably ever want to know. War crimes that would make you vomit."

Ultimately, your statements are both laughable and condescending.
5 years ago
Nsuln5 years ago#2335062
As far as the belittling goes, being a history buff, I believe history shouldn't be forgotten so that it won't repeat itself. I know more about WWII than you would probably ever want to know. War crimes that would make you vomit. So I view Kancolle as door for people to find out more. But we've already talked about that.

1. You can call it "remembering" all you want. It doesn't change the fact that people who are fans of kantai collection are GLORIFYING WWII and the death and destruction that took place within it (the personification of WWII ships into cute girls within the franchise makes that clear).

2. Just so you know, when you start to personally attack someone's intelligence (i.e.: I'm smarter than you/ I know more than you), you are effectively admitting that you're losing the argument.
5 years ago
Nsuln5 years ago#2334383Hahah, are wars the only unethical thing in your eyes? All the sexism isn't?

There is a significant degree of difference between figures that are simply sexy and figures that imply that a period marked by destruction and the death of millions is "cool" and "awesome". "Sexist" figures aren't belittling the seriousness of war and trashing the victims of war. If you can't see the difference, I can't help you.

Nsuln5 years ago#2334383If you notice, my messages were trying to express the glorify/fantasize about WWII that you didn't understand. So I tried to play it by my understanding and what I saw in it. But I'm assuming you saw my comments as an attack on your stand when they were just an explanation.

There is nothing that I "don't understand" about people who think war (specifically, world war II) is awesome and deserving of glorification. I just find it to be reprehensible,disturbing, and a slap in the face to those who suffer(ed) during war, both past and present(which was implied in all of my comments).

Nsuln5 years ago#2334383When you came back with a follow up, I saw that the comments were getting out of hand and not even talking about the figure anymore. I think you would agree that we had jumped from a figure discussion to is glorifying war right or wrong discussion. That is why I said that it didn't belong because you turned the discussion into a ethical discussion that no longer was about the figure.

The figure was related to kantai collection, right? Kantai collection glorifies WWII, right? It's not really off topic for those that don't make that determination based on whether they agree with the statements or not.
5 years ago
Nsuln5 years ago#2324101
I will also say, this is the first time on myfigurecollection I've seen someone just openly post hateful comments about a figure and it is why I think you are getting so much attention.

It's called an opninion. Just because you disagree with it, doesn't make it wrong or unreasonable.

Nsuln5 years ago#2324101Most of the comments on the site are critiques, which can be mean but it's still a critique, or hype of a figure instead.

Oh no! How dare someone criticize and take a dim view of a figure you like!


Nsuln5 years ago#2324101I understand it's your opinion but there are all kinds of unethical figures. Ethical discussion doesn't belong on this site.

1. Most figures don't glorify horrific wars, so no, most figures aren't unethical.

2. Again, just because you disagree, doesn't mean it's inappropriate commentary.

At the end of the day, I make no apologies for my opinions and don't care if people like yourself are offended or disagree (it's MY opinion). Ultimately, I'm not the kantai collection fan who has to sleep at night and make justifications and excuses for the franchise (that's you). Have fun trying to do that.
5 years ago
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