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About me
I´m Dani. 26 years old. Living and germany, working having a office job.
I´m a Doujinshi collector (*‘ω‘ *)
❤Currently obsessed with a certain crumpy Levi heichou and his shitty glasses❤

Stuff I love
Sweets, chocolate in general, books, music, Anime/Manga, drawing, games, my friends

Stuff I hate
A lot of food (I´m a picky person),assholes

❤ リヴァハン ❤ バトベア ❤

Shingeki no Kyojin obsessed at the moment <333
Shingeki no Kyojin, Umineko, Higurashi etc.
jpop, kpop, classic, ost all kind of things


Thank you! I appreciate it. :)
7 months ago
ITEM #640994

Do you have info on the rest of this set or is it just Hanji and Levi? Thanks. :)
7 months ago
Achso, schade :( Meine Bekannten in Japan interessieren sich so überhaupt gar nicht für Anime. Auch mein Freund in Deutschland, der mit einer Japanerin verheiratet ist und deshalb regelmäßig dorthin fliegt, kann sich nicht dafür begeistern. Folglich kriege ich in der Regel nix mitgebracht T_T

Ja, kann ich mir vorstellen. Und dann bleiben die Charaktere übrig, die eh keiner will xD

OgonChou (8 months ago) #27053380Ne, sorry der macht das nur für mich, da wir Freunde sind. Er hat mir das von sich damals Angeboten somit war das alles auch für mich reines Glück. Zu den Charakteren wo du suchst typisch wieder die beliebtesten wo bei mir immer sofort auch weg sind falls ich was verkaufe xD Gerade zumindest habe ich nichts mehr von diesen übrig. Habe noch Nanaba, Armin, Connie. Ziemlich ausverkauft bin.
8 months ago
Das ist ja super praktisch! Ich wünschte ich würde auch jemanden kennen, der mir die Dinge besorgen kann T_T Dein Freund macht nicht zufällig auch Besorgungen für andere Leute, oder? XD

Levi ist mein absoluter Favorit. Außer ihm mag ich noch Hanji, Eren und Erwin. Die restlichen Charaktere interessieren mich auch nicht so wirklich ^^"

OgonChou (8 months ago) #27042399Ich kenne einen Japaner um ehrlich zu sein und er besorgt mir fast alles. Ich verkaufe aber auch Sachen falls ich Sets einkaufen musste. Anhänger, Buttons usw. Sammel ja nur Levi und Hanji und keinen anderen der Charaktere. Falls du etwas suchst von Snk ;)
8 months ago
Wollte dir nur sagen, dass du eine supertolle Levi & Hanji Sammlung hast! <3 Wo kriegst du die ganzen Sachen nur her? :D
8 months ago
OgonChou (10 months ago) #24438118I apologize for my late reply.
I think here is the best to see what I have still for sale. Because you might not want to join group in Facebook where I have them shared too.
Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of the splits are already filled. I might have to be quicker if I'd want to join.
10 months ago
OgonChou (10 months ago) #24224088Publicy and Privately. On many sites I have them posted. Facebook, Tumblr and more. Since 3years now. Since I collect Snk in short. I collect a lot of SnK stuff myself. Splits would definitely help. I have a lot of box sets I need to split myself. XD I don't have a facebook, but if you have links to your other sites, I would love to check them out.
10 months ago
OgonChou (10 months ago) #24195489If you look for Armin stuff I can even help you maybe out since I split orders up. Some Armins are still left. Oh really? Are you doing the splits publicly or privately or how does that work?
10 months ago
I love your collection! I'm currently collecting lots of Eren and Armin stuff myself. XD
10 months ago
aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Hi there!

I just fixed up all of your recent SnK doujinshi entries and just wanted to let you know some important points to keep in mind if you'd like to add some more in the future:

-Please avoid copying and pasting direct Google translated romanisations. They're okay to use of course especially if you don't know Japanese but please also read the encyclopedia guidelines on how to romanise titles correctly about/faq/#ref-.... Also please capitalise whenever necessary.

-Remember to mark R18 work as 18+. This can be done by clicking "18+" in the drop down menu next to Rating in the edit page.

-For the thumbnail please crop the full front cover as much as possible - avoiding NSFW parts though.

-Remember to add alongside the Doujinshi classification what kind of doujinshi it is (comics, art book, etc.)

In case you weren't aware you can use a previous entry as a template if you're adding similar entries. Pick an entry, click Edit, add all of the details of the new entry you wish to add then click Save As at the bottom and it should keep your old entry intact and create a whole new entry for what you just added.

Hope this helps!
2 years ago
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