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I also do reviews and unboxings of my purchased figures and anime merch, if you're interested take a look:

Besides figures, I also love to collect Mangas and cute japanese merch. However, my most prized "possession" from Japan would be my little Shiba Inu Paku ;) He has his own little Insta-page if you want to find out more about him: www.instagram.c...


Ofcourse!! ٩꒰ʘʚʘ๑꒱۶ I read your disappointment and because I follow you on youtube,I knew how to make you happy!
Neco is a mastermind , it's insane how badass girl- bossing their character designs are. Have a great day!
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Thank you
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Thank you ^^
1 month ago
Hello! There are more neco announcements here: twitter.com/ita...
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Danke! ^^
2 months ago
Thanks so much for the birthday wish!!

Hope your autumn season is off to a lovely start! ʕ^ ܫฺ ^ʔ ♡♡♡
2 months ago
Hi there! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes ♡

And sorry for the late reply!
I've been having quite a difficult time, actually, and just couldn't bring myself to reply.
3 months ago
thank you so much for the birthday wishes ♡ I love watching your videos and looking how your colection grows ♡❤♡ have a wonderful day :3
7 months ago
Hey! :D
Heute wurde mein Ootakemaru geliefert und dein Video Review hat mir echt geholfen ihn auf diese verdammte Base zu bekommen... xD
Hatte erst Angst, irgendwas abzubrechen (die Blitze an der Base haben das nicht wirklich leichter gemacht) aber nach deinem Hinweis dann direkt zu meinem Fön gegriffen... uff! Aber er sieht wirklich klasse aus.

Danke auf jeden Fall! :3
8 months ago
Aw thank you sm for the birthday wishes(╹◡╹)♡!
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