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Acerca de mi apodoGracias por leerYo trabajaba en un restaurante Mexicano local hace años, y porque yo era conocido como 'Francisco,' mis compañeros de trabajo me daban el apodo, "Pancho." También, yo expliqué aquí por qué yo usé la palabra 'matte' en mi nombre de usario MFC.
Why I Began Collecting
Hi everyone, I'm Panchito (it's an old nickname of mine). My figure collecting journey began upon finishing season one of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu in early April 2017. Sadly, there wasn't an announcement of a second season, and so began my pursuit to watch the best Japanese animation. A couple days later, something prompted me to search Amazon, and it wasn't long until I bought my very first figure 🡆 ITEM #484371 🡄 on April 12, 2017. Finally, I joined MFC and was properly introduced to the world of figure collecting. The rest is history! <( ̄︶ ̄)>
What I Collect
As a figure collector, I focus on owning as much of a complete set as is reasonable, and I seem to buy a lot from a few series, namely Re:Zero, Kimiuso, Nisekoi, Vocaloid, and the "Fate" series. Although figures are seen as the pinnacle of goods on MFC, I also have a deep appreciation for original scores and artwork. In the event that such goods aren't ever produced for a particular anime that I really liked, I feel either a great opportunity has been missed or the world has yet to experience what I have experienced... Read more!Click to hideIn the Spring of 2017, Tsuki ga Kirei (月がきれい) aired in Japan. It was an original animation with vibrant artwork, a feel-good OST, and a heartwarming story – second only to Kimi no Na wa (君の名は。) from my point of view. Sadly, you will find that only 5 media were released after this show's conclusion. So, I am sharing this anecdotal experience with you, in hopes that I can spark your interest. In summary, it was a masterpiece.

Other Interests
Aside from collecting, I've had a passion for piano since I was enrolled into lessons as a young boy. At one time, I was composing melodies left and right, but somewhere along the way I wrote my last note... Nevertheless, I developed an affinity for well-composed, well-recorded, and faithfully-reproduced music. Over time, my distaste for the music being released in America and enjoyment of anime led me to the discovery of Japan's music. These days I'm often learning new pieces on the piano from my favorite anime's original soundtracks.

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