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Hiya welcome to my page! It's somewhat of a perpetual wip but I hope it is at least somewhat presentable and up to date.

I'm a half lurker, half participant of MFC. Kinda how I am everywhere but I'm here the most since google+ shut down.

I'm a senior in college and I like drawing, playing games, watching anime, and working out. Currently dabbling in cosplay, makeup, and casting and painting resin kits but those are new things for me.


My first figure was this lil gal: ITEM #136444
She was bought at NakaKon for well over what she was worth.

For my figure collection I gravitate towards nendoroid-esque figures. Scales are expensive, fragile, and take up a ton of space so I get really picky when it comes to those. I tend to look for:

1/8 | unique base | dynamic pose

It's not a hard rule by any means. Exceptions are made. If anything, I value the base more over the figure itself. I like something best when it was planned out as a cohesive piece rather than a base as an afterthought.

NSFW, original characters, and characters I’m not familiar with are okay as far as I’m concerned.

All guidelines get thrown out the window for my Romani collection though. If it exists and I can find it, I will buy it.
Well okay I have standards for that. Not fond of clear files, Romani with other characters, doujinshi, and a large volume of small merch with the same design plastered onto it. I’m more or less just trying to keep the amount of merch managable.

My boyfriend's collection is at the bottom there. He doesn't particularly want a mfc account so I keep track for him.


Since my life has gotten busier with university and work I haven't had the time or drive to play as many console games as much as I used to. Mobile games have more or less filled that void since a smartphone is just so convenient.

Well I say "mobile games" but it's really just one. Fate Grand/Order has sucked me into itself and isn't letting go. I did try out a few others but they weren't captivating enough to maintain my attention. That said...

Favorite Servants in order of acquisition
Gilgamesh | Edmond Dantès | Leonardo da Vinci | Merlin

I am sufficiently baited by men in suits, pecs, and main characters so if I summon for any more it'll probably be of those types.

Angel Beats! | Card Captor Sakura | Cowboy Bebop | Fate/Zero | Fullmetal Alchemist | Gurren Lagann | Madoka★Magica | Violet Evergarden
Fate/GO EN | Legend of Zelda | Pokémon | The Sims 2 & 4
MOE Point(s)
chibi | contrasting colors | formal clothes | mermaids | pecs | unique base/pose
vocaloid in general | out of survice | *Luna
iphone 7s plus
HP Omen

♢ Sales List ♢21

Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Kisekae Pajama - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Pajamas - Tunic Type, Charcoal (Good Smile Company)Fate/Prototype - Arthur Pendragon - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Fate Series ~10-shuunen Kinen~ 2 Saber Special - Kyun-Chara - Saber, Secret (Banpresto)Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up Swimming Wear - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Bikini, Sexy Black (Good Smile Company)Nendoroid More - Nendoroid More: Dress Up Swimming Wear - Nendoroid More: Dress Up - Bikini, Ocean Blue (Good Smile Company)Gudetama - Gudetama Cafe - Miniature - 3 - Loco Moco (Re-Ment)Splatoon - Inkling - Acrylic Keychain - Splatoon Ikas Rubbertsuki Acrylic Keyholder - Hito no Sugata, Boy, Roller (empty)Fate/Grand Order - Jeanne d'Arc - Rubber Strap - Strap (Bell Fine)Rilakkuma - Miniature - Rilakkuma Sushi - 06 - Fukkura Oage no Inari Sushi (Re-Ment)
Romani Ramblings Withinclose
I felt it was a better idea shoving this all under a spoiler so it wasn't all in your face upon clicking on my profile.

I'm more of a favorite series type of person. It's somewhat rare for me to pick a favorite character. But something clicked for me with Romani out of literally anyone else in FGO's cast and so here I am. It's saved me quartz I suppose, haha.
I'm still not quite sure why I picked the guy who essentially is the comedic relief, closeted otaku, info dump npc of the game.

But he's awkward and cute.

He's hardworking, self deprecative, a little inconsiderate, and a worrywart. He masks all of that with a happy go lucky and a friend to everyone attitude.

♢ Romani Collection ♢13



Wanted Figures not in Database


FairyTail -Another- Little Mermaid
Wine Glass Girl - Lily Wine


PVC anime figure store.



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