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very nice collection
5 years ago
PlasticFantastic7 years ago#2403006Waterloo isn't far at all! I did my undergraduate degree there! Also, one of our doll meet regulars is from the K-W area so I know it's totally doable~
I'm one of the coordinators for the Dollfie Dream Toronto meets (along with Archangeli) so if you know you're going to be in Toronto and give us enough warning I'm sure we could throw together a meet around your visit. ^_^

That would be so wonderful! Do you think Azone dolls would be welcome? I don't have any BJDs yet though I am eyeing DDS M.O.M.O very hard... might have to cave next time I see her on Mandarake!
7 years ago
PlasticFantastic7 years ago#2402504The Kyouka twins always draw people in! LOL
Do you live in a more rural part of ON that keeps you away from the cons that happen in Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal?

I live in Waterloo, which is only around an hour drive away. I wanted to go to Anime North but had to end up working :( My work schedule is usually the main obstacle in attending anything like that, sadly! Hoping to attend either a con or a doll meet sometime, someday...
7 years ago
PlasticFantastic7 years ago#2401333Your collection's pretty impressive too! How did you stumble across me? Did we meet at a con?

No, unfortunately I haven't been to any Canadian cons :( I was curious about your user icon so I clicked to your profile then I saw all your awesome stuff :)
7 years ago
PlasticFantastic7 years ago#2401007Looks like we have a lot in common~

Thanks for accepting my FR! :D I love your collection!
7 years ago
PlasticFantastic8 years ago#2120702You sure took your time on this! Like what, 3 years?! more?yea....i can't explain why it took so long. ^^;;;; lol
8 years ago
PlasticFantastic8 years ago#2120440It's about time you joined up!:P i like to take my time dammit.
8 years ago
PlasticFantastic9 years ago#1579074I'ts been a while since I've watched any fantasy mecha series.. I've never heard of the other two you mentioned though.
Probably because most (if not all...) of them were made way back in 90's. Seriously, 70-90 had so many anime genres that I miss in nowadays animations...

They both are your typical children's show, however they have that unique charm in them, that made me love them (but again, it can be because I'm a nostalgiafag and I love almost all oldschool anime)
Ryu Knight is fully subbed from what I remember. Lamune on the other hand is not.
They have really nice character designs and music. "Good-bye Tears" from Ryu Knight is probably one of my most favourite openings to this day.
9 years ago
Oh yes. Fantasy Mecha are great. You know any other titles from this genre, like for example "Knight Lamune" or "Lord of Lords Ryu Knight"?
9 years ago
Happy new year 2013
Best wishes ^_^
9 years ago
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