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I just received my Light and L figure and wow is it beautiful! the box was in perfect condition and was packaged with care and bubble wrap :)

this was my first time buying a figure from someone on this site and im glad it was from this seller. They were really helpful and quick at responding to questions i had.

I uploaded a photo of the figure so anyone can take a look at it!

10/10 would buy from again <3
8 days ago
Myethos - Hatsune Miku
To my knowledge, the figure looks pristine and genuine.
Seller had very good communication and updates.

This was my first time buying a figure from somebody directly, and was a little hesitant.
I took pictures from packaging to shelve; so you may make your own judgements.(You can look at the pictures on my account)
If I were to ever buy another exclusive figure, this seller would be a go to.
2 months ago
Hi, I am super late like a year late since I rarely go to this website or collect figures really. Thank you for selling the Kylin Zhang figure. He was nice and kind. Anyway, I am super sorry for giving any trouble since it was my first time buying a figure.
3 months ago
My Miku arrived in perfect condition, Good packaging. Quick replies and all around very good communication during the process. Would highly recommend this seller.
3 months ago
Awesome seller. Great at addressing all my questions and concerns. The myethos figure I order came in perfect condition.
4 months ago
Amazing Seller! I ordered the Myethos Miku figure from PlatoG, and the figure arrived in perfect condition. Seller was very responsive.

I had issues with USPS ending up returning the figure to the sender, and PlatoG was very helpful in re-sending the figure a second time. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

Thank you very much for the Myethos Miku figure!
4 months ago
Great seller, would recommend. Ordered Myethos Miku and she got here from Singapore in perfect condition. Thank you!
4 months ago
He sold me the Gwendolyn figure from Odin Sphere, and she is marvelous!
There was no smell, no dust. She was shipped within a week of me paying, and I got her in less than a month?
Very good at communication, sends many pictures of the figure, in and out of box and even of the box he sends your figure in, it is great!

Thank you so much for my holy grail figure <3
5 months ago
Great seller :) The Myethos Miku figure arrived safe and sound with the fan bonus. She was a good price and is so cute! I can't wait to display her in my collection (^o^)
5 months ago
Great seller! He was very communicative and patient with me when I had some payment issues. Myethos Miku came safely and was packaged very well.

Will definitely buy from again, thank you so much~! :D
6 months ago
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