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Hello and welcome to my page! I began collecting Pokémon merchandise starting with the video games and TCG cards in 1998/1999 when the franchise hit the USA. However, it wasn't until later in 2010 when I also began collecting the plushes and figures. My username is both a tribute to my love for collecting and a reference to the trainer NPCs found within the games. On my spare time I enjoy uploading plush and figure entries to help expand the Pokémon merchandise database!



Hello! I have been working on categorizing WCT 8 in plush by waves since I noticed they were not done so past wave 5. However, I noticed that several were re-released. I've placed these re-releases (such as mimikyu, for example) in multiple Classifications as a result, but have doubts on whether this is the proper way to do this.

Since you seem to be the main uploader/editor where pokemon merch is concerned on this site, what is your opinion on this? Would it be better to simply place the wave numbers in the 'Further Information' section instead since all of jazwares/WCT lines appear to be released in waves that don't coincide with one another?
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No problem! :3
9 months ago

I saw that you had Yujin Link gachapon on your wishlist (ITEM #4798). I'm selling mine for 25! PM me if you are interested!
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Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for helping to flesh out entries I've been making to the database. I'm not so experienced in adding things nor do I know a whole lot about pokémon merchandise history but I'm glad that I can add a lot of things on here from my own collection anyway and have more information on them!
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Oh thank you!! :') happy new year to you as well!!
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Thank you so much!! ^^
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you haven’t been online in a month it seems, but your collection is amazing!!! i would love to be friends and talk about pokemon with you!
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Showering you with appreciation for adding so many Pokemon entries once again >w< ~~~~
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Hi! :)
Check this:

Great job, keep it up!
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