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Hey! :D My name is Jackie, and I started collecting figures, anime, manga, and video games since i was a kid.



Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day! ^o^
4 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2940937Happy Birthday! :D
Have a wonderful Birthday!

Thanks! ^.^
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2469115Wasted opportunity, maybe one of these days we can see more Nintendo nendos. Those Amiibo figures do not look as nice as they did at E3, kind of disappointed.
The manga is good, I am really enjoy reading it. The anime adds a little bit of filler, but not too much.
Yeah thats true. It is probably a new character or somebody we least expect.
Haha the Flash is good. It is very fun to watch less drama more superhero stuff. Sometimes Arrow has way too much drama. Lol yes more Mr. Miller xD That scientist in the wheelchair is super sneaky. (forgot his name...)

I was never really hyped for the Amiibo thing but some of them do look pretty awful. It's a shame, Nintendo could do better.
Yeah, I think it's fun to try the other medium to enjoy the series in a different way and refresh my memory and stuff. Except if the anime adaptation is bad, but I don't think I've seen that happen with a sports manga yet.
So I guess it's not Cupid. Obvious but it was a possibility. Sort of.
I didn't know that Caitlin and Cisco were also based off of DC characters when I started watching, and apparently Caitlin is based off of a villain?? O.o I don't see anything big happening, like the two of them getting powers or something, but it makes me wonder if more will be done with them.
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2461655They really should haha. Rosalina one would be great as well. :D Lol knowing Nintendo, they might not let this happen or make it exclusive...
The fortune thing is so funny. He never believes that it can be wrong. He just believes that the bigger the item it is the better the fortune. I just started reading the manga. I am slowly catching up.
Hm.. for Arrow I believe View spoilerHide spoilerRas Al Ghoul is the killer
I do watch Flash, but it is super cheesy. Its getting better. I like the mystery. Are you watching it?

So much potential for Nintendo nendos! But yeah, knowing Nintendo they would probably rather push something like Amiibo instead. -_-
Wow, the manga too? How is it? I'm doing the same with Yowamushi Pedal.
Yeah, that seems most likely but it's the most boring scenario imo. :/ I guess Thea isn't very possible at this point. XD The lower than average height thing is still strange though.
Flash is nothing amazing but it's fun to watch so far, much more typical superhero stuff than Arrow for sure. I can't wait to see some more of the bigger plot- also, Michael Scofield Wentworth Miller!
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2457738 That would be pretty cool if they made Wario and Waluigi. The whole gang will look adorable. I do want to get him, but I have lack of funds at the moment. One of these days I will. Now that you mention it, solid hair does look nice.
Midorima is funny, I like how tsundere he is xD. Kuroko is super adorable.
Yes I have, but I haven't watched the recent 2 episodes. Will probably watch them tomorrow.

I know, right? If GSC has a Ninty license then they might as well go crazy with it. With their international fan base I can only see it being successful. Now you've got me thinking how cute Wario and Waluigi would be. Lil troublemakers. X3 A Rosalina nendo would also be pretty sweet! But now I'm dreaming too much about it... I'll stop there.

Doesn't it? :D Hope you're able to get him on the cheap once the figure funds are restored!

lol yeah, his reliance on the whole fortune thing kinda threw me off at first. Not to stereotype megane men but they're usually more on the logical side. His strong belief in superstitions is so charming... There have been so many good sports anime to watch lately, this talk reminds me I need to get back to Kuroko. ._.

What are your thoughts on the question of the season? View spoilerHide spoilerWho da fuq killed Sara? Are you also watching Flash?
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2449779That is true that there are more female nendos than male. We might see her though since for Luigi they are making a Mario to go with him. So maybe they will make Zelda for Link.
Yeah they should not have made it exclusive. Now its expensive. Maybe they might re-release him?
I saw some the pictures of Goku, hes amazing detailed. I wanted to get the translucent hair one, but they weren't re-releasing it.
Thank you, hopefully I don't give up. From Kuroko No Basket, it is Kuroko and Aomine. Actually, I like everyone from the Generation of Miracles xD. How about you?

Yeah, good point! If they never make Wario I'd at least want Link to have Zelda. They'll re-release him if they're smart.
The solid hair looks great if you ever change your mind! Although it was the one I wanted originally so I may be biased. He's actually the heaviest figure I own too. XD
Yeah, Generation of Miracles is badass. Kuroko is adorable and I also really like Midorima. Most of the guys are cuter than they initially let on, really. ;P
A little off topic but have you been keeping up with Arrow?
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2448184Somewhat yeah xD, but I am trying to figure out where to place him so he might stay in the box for a bit. Zelda nedo would be amazing. Hopefully they make one. I want to get the Pokemon Trainer nedo, but too expensive... Has your Goku shipped yet?
Yeah it has it seems he is having trouble getting Megahouse stuff. He still hasn't shipped out Kagami. Hopefully there is, but I doubt it; however, I am not giving up. ^^

It's as if they're restricted to Link, strange because usually(?) female nendos are more common. Oh yeah, I don't know why they had to make that Pokemon nendo exclusive. Anything Nintendo would sell really well, especially something as popular as Pokemon. :/ I just got him today actually! He's the most amazing figure I own, so glad he was re-released. Have your Free boys shipped yet? I haven't seen the anime but they look really nice.

That's the spirit, you'll probably get the figures or the money back at least eventually. Don't give up hope! Which is your favorite character?
5 years ago
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 years ago
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
5 years ago
Pokejackie5 years ago#2446720Um, just the Kakashi figure, the first one Megahouse made, I manage to get that, but I am waiting for the Free figures and Link Nendoroid. How about you?
I wish I will be receiving Kuroko, Kise, and Aomine, but I ended up ordering them from The grandlineshop so I do not think I will ever see them or my money again from that shop which the seller is not shipping Megahouse figures. I do not have the money to buy them from other shops.

Link nendo is so cute! X3 Do you have a planned faceplate/pose? I'd really love to see a Zelda nendo be made to go with him. Right now I'm just waiting on my super grail Goku.

Oh no, that's awful! D: I heard about all that Grandline Shop Sentinel Levi trouble but I can't believe it's gotten so bad. There's a chance you can still get them, right?
5 years ago
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