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Gonna be broke cause of anime figures haha!
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I’m just a guy that loves anime and Japan!

I’ve started a YouTube channel featuring the otaku culture in Japan as well as a bunch of Unboxing Videos! www.youtube.com...

List of stuff I own but aren’t on the site:

Apex - Yae Sakura
Damtoys - Elf All Rounder
Damtoys - Orcus Bullseye
Emon Toys - Nidhogg
Hobby Max - Sun Shang Xiang
MiHoYo - Yae Sakura
Myethos - Night Hag Lilith
Myethos - Stardust
Myethos - Yaoguai Mingdan Su Jiuer
Myethos - Another Little Mermaid
Myethos - Another Queen of Hearts
Toy’s Workshop - Shana


Hi. Do you still have tatsumaki goodsmile for sale?
5 months ago
Great videos! Love how you do a good job covering the major parts of the figure in a short time.
6 months ago
Keep up the great work! I love watching your videos!
6 months ago
Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! :3
7 months ago
Happy birthday!
7 months ago
Happy Birthday!!! (^O^☆♪
7 months ago
Happy Birthday! waaaaaaa
7 months ago
Happy Birthday... (〜^∇^)〜
7 months ago
Happy birthday my friend!
7 months ago
Thank you again for reviewing the gorgeous Nidhogg figure and helping me decide to get her :) you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find info on her since she isn't allowed in the MFC database ahaha
7 months ago
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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