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I was sent here by the Government. I don't own any figures, but I wish I did.....


Happy Bday!^^
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
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Happy birthday !!!
Have a good day ;-)
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Thanks for the wiki link, I've used it to research in depth material since I got the game. As for what I've done so far, I captured my first great Jaggi; my first attempt was needless to say frustrating, the second time I brought my own traps and a sizable amount of tranquilizers, after I wore it down in an area I got it to limp to another area, then in the next location I planted traps at all the exists and cave entrances it would run to. Inevitably it ran into one, then I sodomized it with my lance then tagged it's ass with a tranq and the deed was done.

Have you managed to finish Bakemonogatari? Very stylistic isn't it? The final arc in the series is quite the eye-candy, though in truth, its a show you watch for the story and chracter interactions amoung anything else. Araragi is a quarter vampire due to the prelude before the series even began, this is why he can heal quickly after getting his inner mouth stapled or, as you said, getting his intestines ripped out and being swung around by them...that child will never use his bowels again.

When you do finish Bakemonogatari I suggest you watch either Soul Eater or Kaibutsu Oujo/Monster Princess/Princess Resurrection (yes its has three possible searchable titles). Soul Eater has perhaps the best fight cinematography you will ever see, not to mention its quality is always top-notch during every episode. Kaibutsu Oujo is slighty old, but happens to be one of my all-time favorite animes, in a way its like the precursor to Bakemonogatari....just Halloween themed.
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QuoteMan, what were you doing from Nov. 10 to Nov. 15. You see that big time gap difference in between the comments from then and now? Also I've watched episode 20 from Macross Frontier. I understand now.

I participated in planning a surprise party for one of my close friends who had just turned 21, that as well as the usual regiment of projects and classwork are the reason for my lapse in responding, though ever since this semester started such a thing has become typical for me here. Good to know that you've watched episode 20, by far the crown jewel of episodes that can even contend with the events which happened at the finale of the series. I'm not going to lie, episode 20 was extremely sad and seeing Michael die right after he and Klan confessed their love to one another pretty much drove a stake through my heart.
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QuoteSo that Klan Figure came in. Can we expect some photos of the War Beauty? I know there are already photos of the thing already but, can you get involved ;D?

Perhaps when I have the time, as of now I'm currently booked though I hope to get the opportunity around thanksgiving.
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30 minutes? were you looking through entire pages of figures briskly? You could have narrowed your search down by looking up a specific series or VF name. Things do tend to get hectic when you're searches are not typed specifically or if you have no knowledge of what to actually look for. As for company suggestions, that really all just depends on what figures you prefer; For instance a good majority of members here are PVC collectors (Your standard 1/8th scaled female figure)and most favor companies like Alter and Good Smile Company which are both reputable and are known for excellent quality.
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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