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Konnichiwa \o/ Watashi Wa RJSerenity Ricky Desu ^o^

I have had a fascination with the country of Japan for as long as I can remember, and have been loosely following Japanese culture for many years, watching the occasional documentary and manga film (Akira, Castle In The Sky, etc).

However, my inner Otaku sky-rocketed into overdrive around Christmas 2013/14, when through a series of random searches on YouTube I found stumbled across Danny Choo's channel and his Culture Japan series. A couple of weeks later, and with both seasons polished off, I was introduced to Goodsmile Company, their Nendoroid series and AmiAmi.... the rest, as they say, is history XD

Collecting anime figures has proven to be a real passion, and in particular the scale figures, as I love the attention to detail that the sculptors put into them to capture that perfect 'moment in time' feature.

MFC has proven to be a great place to keep track of my ever expanding monthly figure orders, and the opportunity to share this amazing hobby with other like minded people is just an amazing feeling.

Happy hunting!!



RJSerenity6 years ago#5069568Hi! Thanks so much for the FR \o/
ur welcome! >u< your collection is awesome! <3
6 years ago
RJSerenity6 years ago#3273179Oh boy, this is late....... happy birthday!!!!!! Woops! XD

hahahah thank you :D :D :D
6 years ago
Bahhhhhh hello!
I'm trying to catch up ahahaha ;A;

Sorry it took me ages to reply but I couldn't get some free time to sit down and write a decent response D;

I saw that but your instagram seems to be private unless it's meant to be that way?
I assume I just request access to see your content? :3
Also, I guess it's pretty obvious but the easiest way to reach me is instagram since I always have my phone with me for it~

I uploaded a photo of her but maaaaan... she is stunning!
I tried to make her look heavenly in my video but wew...
You just have to see her in real life to understand why she's hard to find, yeah?
I need my HaruHaru prototype! I also need a HaruHaru nendoroid...
GSC, calm down on the Kancolle girls and give me my HaruHaru nendoroid ;w;

At the moment, I'm stuck with just filling my room with figures so control is a must...
Unfortunately, seeing pretty girls come up on AmiAmi does not help at all :v

I am either way too tired or too sick to have time for anime, it's sad D;
Yes, I have seen PMMM (I always have to count the M in my head) and as surprising as it may sound, I am not too big of a fan.
I do not mind the series, heck I have the Godoka nendoroid, but thankfully I did not end up getting hooked onto PMMM especially with all the gorgeous scales of the girls!
My wallet is going crazy as it is with Love Live and Kantai Collection ;A;
I assume you have finished the series by now? What did you think of it overall?

That Homura is gorgeous... I would've caved and pre-ordered her if I was a huge PMMM fan but man I am thankful for not being a PMMM fan.
From what I have read as well, they rarely come up but when they do I hear nothing but good things about Stronger.
The LL bases are a killer! I still want them all but the prices are crazy and I can't justify spending over 10k for some of the girls ;_;
I have failed the fandom...

Bahhhh I need to get started on that anime backlog...

Maaaaaaaaaaannn my only chance left of getting her is if my boyfriend decides to sell his heavy armament later on.
If he does, I'm all over it!
For now, light version it is...
I thought sticking with just the girls I like would be fine, but it doesn't help if I like so many of them :L

It's sad!
I just want my figures but they keep getting delayed and my piggy bank of delays keeps getting bigger...
My 1/4 Houki, 1/8 Wo, and also Yamato just got pushed back all the way to June ;A;

Have you finished KanColleeeeeee? :>

RJSerenity6 years ago#2823873Hi Z!
I will take a 1/7 scale figure any day of the week :-) The outfit and pose for ITEM #125758 is taken from the opening credits so you never get to see Sawa like this in the series...... however it just captures her personality brilliantly.
I set up my Instagram account recently to use specifically for my hobbies, so please feel free to follow if you wish. I shall be uploading photos of my anime hauls and new arrivals in the post, as well as some gaming and movie related goodness... :-)
Glad you picked up Takao for a good price, she is a great figure, particularly the detail with her hair. I will be keeping my eye out for the future Arpeggio figures release for sure. I will definitely be on the lookout for the painted HaruHaru prototype, this one could be great, and coming from Alter I am sure she will be.
...Sacrifice, I know what you mean. This time last year there were no shelves on the wall and my bookcase was sat filled with movies and video games. Now you walk into my lounge and the figures have just completely taken over the place. I am now looking to expand into my study for my influx of hauls coming throughout the later months of this year XD
I am so far behind with my anime, and having only started watching it last year, I feel I have so many quality shows to work my way through. My little clue I left on my last YouTube comment regarding my current series of choice is none other than Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I bought this series on Blu-ray last summer but have only got round to watching it this past week ( I am currently ready to watch episode 9 of 12). I am enjoying this series so much, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the animation is like nothing I have seen before, particularly the fight sequences the magical girls have with the various witches. Without saying anything more at this point it might be worth you confirming whether you have seen this series.....?!
I have really taken a shine to the Stronger figures recently, I have nearly all their current figures on pre-order(but not yet secured ITEM #198394, I think she would look great displayed with the GSC Ultimate Madoka scale figure I have). Although I don't own any of the figures yet, judging by comments I have received from various people so far it appears that they are up there with GSC and Alter for pure quality, however I can't wait to pick up my first figure just to see for myself.... And those LL bases.... Another thing I have noticed with Stronger are their base designs, the LL types are just ace.
If there is any way you could watch TariTari without being drawn into the whole 'Ok I need the figure set to complete my loving bond with this show, syndrome' then give it a go.....
As with ITEM #144368, I actually ordered the heavy armament version without any prior knowledge of the series. I was simply captivated by the design and the look of the character. So glad I ordered both her and Musashi, these will look great together. Well, I haven't done too badly with the Kancolle pr-orders so far, just sticking with the one manufacturer at this point seems to be doing the trick.......hmmmmm.
As much as I would love to see all my figures arrive as early as possible, I have to admit I just love the e-mails I get from GSC and AmiAmi stating that this figure or that figure has been delayed by two months, I can just about hear my wallet breathe a sign of relief each time an e-mail makes its way through....!
Well, I am off to finish Madoka, and then I think it's a choice between Attack On Titan or Kancolle. Choices, choices.......
Bye for now.
6 years ago

My only gripe with Kirigiri though is that the base made her tiny so I reckon she should've been better as a 1/7 with everything going on with her :< Yeah! That was the figure that made me curious about the show ahahaha XD Phat is great :3 They have been one of my top 3 companies for a while and they're only getting better, in my opinion *3*

OOoooo not sure if you have instagram but I posted on there that I managed to grab an A/B (essentially A/A) Takao from Mandarake for 9k!!! EEEEEEEEE she looks amazing! I also pre-ordered Iona as well as soon as she came up ahahaha >< Yuss HaruHaru! She's my favourite from the series (I seem to be attracted to battleships... even with KanColle lol). I'm really keen to see the Alter HaruHaru painted but I'm hoping Ques Q makes one of her as well. It saddens me to see the lack of Hyuuga figures (not surprising) but I'm hoping Ques Q picks up all the girls so I can have my HaruHaru, Iona, and Hyuuga :3 Takao is my fourth favourite but only because she got pushed a slot down by Hyuuga hahaha ><

Well they look amazing! I would like something like your glass shelving one day but wooden shelves just fit my room style so I'd have to think about that later on since it'll clash D: I'm thinking of setting up another set of wall shelves (pushing my room to its limits lmao) but it would mean sacrificing my wall-mounted TV :( The things you do for figures....

Ahhh gosh I had to do another round of culling to my list and I don't think it's enough lol... I should stay away from new anime because of this OTL

I recently found a photo here on MFC explaining the LL! girls' bases and they spell out 'L O V E L I V E !'.... it will kill me not having the set later on and seeing Kotori with her lonesome 'V' base LOL I was thinking of grabbing Hanayo and Rin as well (maybe) but that'll end up spelling out 'L V E' so the temptation to get Maki is there just to get an 'I' =_=;;

Oh god why do I feel like my wallet will be in more pain if I watch that show....

Bahhh I'm so jealous you have the heavy armament ver of Yamato :( It took SO MUCH will power to resist because once you start KC, you're dead... but ughhh I regret it now :( So I'll only be getting the light armament ver of my girl... unless N-Y or BIJ reopens the pre-orders ahaha ;_; Man... GSC did really well with Shigure but I must resist as she isn't a prioritised fleet girl of mine... ;____;

God I have no idea how many items I got delayed but I'm expecting more soon... Curse my orders being mostly under GSC/GSC umbrella T__T
6 years ago
RJSerenity7 years ago#2369837Happy birthday!! thank you ^^
6 years ago
Helloooooooo! Indeed it has been :o

Yeah I've been quite busy as well so I know how it feels D;

Whew good thing you got a refund for that! What do you think of her? Worth the wait? :p

Oh! I was just looking at those photos ahahaha I love the glass shelves and I'm so jealous of your Takao! D: Mannnn I want some glass shelves now haha

Yes I did! Lots of things I had my eye on got updated prototypes and a ton of figures caught my interest *.* I'm both sad and happy about this ahaha ;w;

I have heard of them but this shall be my first time ordering one of their figures! I guess it's pretty obvious on who it is? :P Same here! I've heard nothing but great things about them :3 Guuuhhh that Sento... so jealous! D:

Hahaha! I was all game for the set but 15k (from Nippon-Yasan inc EMS shipping) for each girl is too much for me since I only really like 3-4 of them :( So I decided on only getting Kotori (heh) and maybe 2 other girls, depending on other orders~

Ooo I'm quite pleased to hear you enjoyed Arpeggio! Ohh I haven't watched Tari Tari yet... should I? Does it seem like something I'd enjoy? :3


I was going to keep it 2-3 but then delays happened and I recently gave in to KanColle... I absolutely love the game/characters/history but I knew if I caved, it would be expensive. I was so strong for almost a year but well... I can't resist ahaha T_T I just have to prioritise my favourite ones instead of trying to complete the set >_<
6 years ago
Kiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku

Eto... Arigatou desu nya!

What? Really? You Relatively new to anime? Really?!

it is so embarrassing ...
I watch animes for years I know so many anime.
My collection is so small and your collection so big.

I'm such a shame! (*`へ´*)
6 years ago
RJSerenity7 years ago#2369848Happy birthday!!
Thank you very much. I just saw it T.T Sorry about the late reply.
Thanks again.
6 years ago
RJSerenity6 years ago#2602147Hi \o/ Happy New Year, I hope you had a great Christmas ^o^
Sorry for not replying to your last post, I've been so busy as of late, time has just flown by. Did you get any figures or anime related goodies for Christmas? I managed to fit my shelves up in my living room over the holidays and the last couple of weeks have been spent unboxing my November and December figure hauls. Lots of moving figures around from one shelf to another trying to set up my ideal displays.... lots of fun had to be sure!
I have also made an unofficial New Years Resolution to watch more anime, so I have recently set up my subscription to Crunchyroll and I am now watching Sakura Trick, Kancolle and Tari Tari. Are you familiar with these shows? What anime are you watching at the moment?
Just going back to your previous comments, I managed to control my rapid fire purchase tendencies on Ami-Ami late last summer, but as you said it is still nice to simply visit the sites and browse for any rare or hidden gems. I've found quite a few great figures just by popping onto Ami-Ami pre-owned every once in a while :-)
I purchased my first Detolf last summer, but I soon filled that so that's when I started planning for my shelves to expand my collection. Every now and then I find myself moving a few figures around just to keep my displays fresh.
Haha, thanks for accepting the FR, it would be great to chat this year and share stories of our mutual love of all things Japanese pop culture :-D Although I don't own any figures by Griffon, I find it fascinating that people so easily knock this company down. Some of the prototype pics of their figures look great, however not having any of their figures in my collection means I would be very interested to see how the final sale figures look in terms of their overall quality.
I found out recently that the London Comic Con I attended in October last year had its highest ever attendance. Over the three days nearly 111,000 tickets were sold!! I went on the Saturday and it was insanely busy - I will no doubt be going back there same time this year :-P
Wowza.... garage kits.... Some of them look amazing, but having to master the painting yourself to do justice to the figure quality is one hell of a daunting thought XD
Well, if you decide to study Japanese or decide to go over to Japan, then please share, haha.... I hope this all goes well for you!
Hehe, If you get round to watching Love Live! I would be fascinated to hear what you think of it... Lots of conversation points ahead...... And I know the feeling when it comes to specific figure sets... I'm currently working on my Love Live! and Hyakka Ryouran collections amongst many others. I am thinking about starting up a kancolle collection, having ordered ITEM #198336 and ITEM #198448, however with so many girls to choose from, this is one collection I need to be very mindful of.....

My christmas was great! I had a lot of fun visiting my family :)

I've been really busy as well... Which is why I took a while to reply now as well D: My test week is over though and I finished my final assignment for high school (no more 20+-page chemistry reports <3) so I'm finally able to have some free time again!
We don't do christmas presents because in the Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas on the 5th of december, but I did receive some anime things for my birthday. I got an asuna figure, the kickstarter pledge for the physical clannad game and my best friend got me something from amiami but it hasn't arrived yet so I'm really excited :D

I want to watch more anime as well! Gosh how I'd love to just be able to get a subscription and legally stream anime, but crunchyroll has like 20 shows here... It's just not worth it :/ I try to make up for this by buying anime dvd's though!
I'm watching clannad after story, anohana and sailor moon crystal. Recently finished SAO 2 which was reaaaaally good!

Yeah I got a hold of my purchases as well! Got quite a few pre-orders so I probably won't get a lot of the figures on my wishlist, but that's all right! I LOVE browsing amiami, it's so relaxing :D

I quite often change my figma and nendo poses just to get this fresh new display feeling! I don't really rotate as I currently have 3 main collections that all take up a whole shelf! Right now it's more of a "I need to get this to fit" than a "Hey let's do it differently"
Might get a second one soon.

No problem! I really enjoy talking about figures and Japan! Some of my friends have started to watch anime and one of them actually owns a prize and two nendoroids so I can get my fix a little, but sometimes talking to people who are really part of the hobby is just extremely refreshing!
Griffon intrigues me... The way the community talks about them makes me dislike them, even though I don't know anything about their figures. I would most certainly never pre-order, but maybe one day I'll get one if the user pictures are decent and the price is as well.

Wooooow! The biggest con over here has around 4K attendees so... Well... LCC wins by only a small margin whahahahahhaahahhaa. But that really is insanely large! I can't even imagine how crowded it must have been! It sounds like it was a great time :) I'm also pumped for my next convention!

Sometimes I'm almost tempted to get one of those pre-painted recasts... Real kits are just extremely expensive and I just don't have the time, money and supplies to start doing garage kits... Maybe in the future :/

It's a dream of mine to go there someday! I wouldn't want to live there though... It seems tough to live there as a foreigner and the mindset can be really harsh...

Figure sets are going to kill my wallet one day... I want to at least get a figure of all the madoka girls and I'd love to get as many miku figures as I can possibly get xp! I'm totally going to watch it! The music seems fun and I really CRAVE a little no-action in my anime... So SOL IDOL it is xp
6 years ago
RJSerenity7 years ago#2549948Happy Christmas Miku, wishing you all the very best this holiday season and good fortune in 2015!

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too & Happy New Year :)
7 years ago
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