That Guilty Gear 20th anniversary pack is calling my name
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Reitsune29 days ago#78764612Hello, I purchased that particular one at Lashinbang while in Tokyo. I would try searching Yahoo auctions, Rakuten or maybe Suruga-ya (with a proxy service) to see if any pop up. Thanks for the comment!
Oh lucky! Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought about checking Rakuten so I'll do that!
28 days ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Jw where you got ITEM #492856?
29 days ago
Are you interested in selling the black rose canvas wall piece
1 month ago
Hello, and happy birthday :)
1 year ago
FinalFan2 years ago#29087141Hey there, happy birthday!
Hope you'll get more cool GG stuff soon :)

Hey there, thanks so much! :D My last big splurge was a second pair of Sol Badguy themed Super Groupies shoes. This way I won't feel bad actually wearing them on occasion... My obsession with Sol/Guilty Gear knows no bounds. ^^;;; Other than that, I recently purchased the old swimsuit gashapon set on the cheap. Not much else (yet)... Thanks for the comment!
2 years ago
Hey there, happy birthday!

Hope you'll get more cool GG stuff soon :)
2 years ago
Reitsune2 years ago#23919432No problem, I'm glad to hear you had a good day. ^_^ That's very exciting news! By chance is it the Rev 2 bonus cd? I thankfully snagged one from my JP and UK editions. The USA release was so bare-bones this time. XP
Congrats, the alternative color is very pretty! I love that they even gave her a menacing grin. Out of the two FREEing made I prefer that one. They're both very lovely though... Ramlethal-wise I only have the Max Factory version on pre-order. Very pricey though I'm afraid of the aftermarket prices. Trying to find a decently priced I-no is brutal.

Yes for Rev2 OST, it's the one from the japanese release, I managed to grab one at decent price from yahoo. Meaning I'll own the 3 Xrd CDs, yay!

I'll probably won't bother to order Ram from Max F since it's her standard pose, unlike the Freeing one. Sadly, same goes for Jam.
Good luck with I-No!
2 years ago
Reitsune2 years ago#23906797Happy Birthday! :D Hope that it was a great one.
Hello and thank you!
Oh well, I have several GG OST (Sign + Rev2) ordered, so yeah, greatness incoming ;)

And also, my 2nd Ram figure (alternative colour ver.) will be here soon, I paid the customs earlier today.
2 years ago
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
5 years ago
Happy Birthday !
5 years ago
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