Be proud of your inner child
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I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year filled with cheer, love, joy, happiness, and many blessings~! :)

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RekkaReka7 years ago#2127922Yup, a lot of stress and mass lack of sleep. Although, they weren't as bad this time around. Certainly better than last semester, I was up for a few days with only 2-3 hours of sleep. Thank you and you're very welcome!
I know people who can sit and watch anime without feeling anything...it's something I just don't understand xD
Exactly, I've tried to tough through the block once and it was horrible. What I wrote sounded like a jumbled mess. It's best to just do something productive or relax like you said.
Has your job gotten any better?

Tsss 2-3 hours of sleep? That's awful x( At least that thing improved this time xD

YES! I mean , there are times when even the slightest change in music for example, can make you burst into tears, or some dialogues that make you remember something, I mean, there's ALWAYS something that you can learn or something that awakes your emotional self xD

Yeah, It's better to relax, or try not to think on it heheh

Fortunately yes, but anyway this monday I have an interview in another place, is basically the same thing, but I hope that the change is for the better, thanks for asking my friend!
7 years ago
RekkaReka7 years ago#2107386It's alright, I'm currently fighting with finals so it's been hard for me to get one for long. Hang in there! Ganbatte!
I'm happy that you liked it! I tend to get really emotional about them as well, but I think that's better than not feeling anything xD
I checked out the song and it's really nice! Kalafina really makes nice music.
Ah sorry about that. Hopefully things work out well for you soon. My writing block lasts for maybe week and then ends. I beat mine already, but it comes back every now or then. It's a sign that I should take a break sometimes I guess xD

Damn, finals are awful, they imply a lot of stress >_< GOOD LUCK WITH THEM! I hope that you finish them soon! And thanks for the words of support my friend :D

Hehehe indeed! One time I said to a friend "If you don't cry with Anohana or Clannad, then you're dead inside" xD

Glad you liked it! Yes, I absolutelly love Kalafina, perfect music is perfect :P

That's good to hear! But as you said, It's a perfect time to relax and try to make the stress go away xD Sit in front of the PC for 8 hours with a Word blank page is not very useful :'c xD
7 years ago
ありがとう RekkaReka7 years ago#2048027Your pictures are so nice! I wish you'd take more, I really love them ^_^
7 years ago
RekkaReka7 years ago#2029422Hey! Also, its okay I'm not the type of person to get angry over something like that xD Good thing you're feeling better ^^
Ah it's this one: www.youtube.com... It's not the main focus of the AMV, but it's mixed in there. Also yes, I'm really enjoying it and yes tears were shed! (I can get really emotional when it comes to anime!)
I haven't heard that one yet...or maybe I have but don't remember. I'll listen to it soon.
Yeah, I'm experiencing major writer's block right now...and it sucks even more because I'm on spring break and have so much time to write. Hopefully I can get over this soon! ^^; Thank you very much!

And I did it again, another month to reply u.u I've been hating my job lately xD

It was a very good AMV, I liked all the series that were included, even some scenes from CLANNAD ;__; I can also ve very emotional over fictional characters, that's why Anohana crushed my hearth and CLANNAD ~After Story~ completelly destroyed it xD

Yes, it's a very good song, my favorite from Kalafina, here's the link to a live version that I like a lot, www.youtube.com... check it out!

Damn! Writer's block is the worst thing :S I've been having some of it lately, I just can't find the words for my thesis, I've been stuck in the chapter two for two months ;__; hopefully yours has ended already :D
7 years ago
and I think shipping cost are rather high for European countries that sucks ._. and without forget customs taxes
7 years ago
RekkaReka7 years ago#2040824Haha, I guess xD Hmm...well my figures have come from multiple places. I got one from a convention, two others from namco bandai's store. My newest came from amazon...was the cheapest I've ever gotten a figure probably. I've never use AmiAmi for anything really, because they're always sold out of what I'm looking for.
From my experience of buying figures...buying them in person at conventions was somewhat of a rip off for me. The ones I bought were about 30 dollars overpriced, (I didn't know at the time as they were my first ones and I was new to this.) and the other falls apart constantly.
Namco Bandai's store was pretty good, I got my Naruto ones in a bundle with the game, and I don't remember shipping costing too much.
Amazon was the best experience I've had so far...not only did I get my figures EARLY I also found them at a cheaper price and in my country of residence. Shipping was pretty much free or around 10-20 dollars for me.
Yup, that's exactly what I like about them!

I see and did you ever purchase bootlegs without know before and at a high price ? I would like to order on AmiAmi because the price are cheaper but I'm afraid about the shipping x)
About Amazon I dont know it so well and I saw quite expensive figures on there
Haha that's annoying indeed I saw lots of figures there always ' sold out ' I guess I will wait a bit..))
Haha did you buy a bootleg? there are real Nendoroid for $30 all depends on rarity I think but I think even genuine figures can fall off sometimes
7 years ago
Be proud of your inner child


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