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Welcome to my figure collection!


I started collecting figures in 2013, so I'm fairly new. I'd greatly appreciate any tips or advice involving figures! I usually get figures from animes that I really like or just from a really nice figure line. Anything that entertains my eyes or pleases my interests really.

My goal right now is to collect all Seven Deadly Sins Girls
These seven beauties :)

Please leave a comment ◠‿◠
Monogatari series. One Piece. Naruto Shippuuden. AnoHana. Hyouka. Bakuman. Ranma 1/2. Adventure Time.
The Elder Scrolls. Pokemon. Forza Motorsport.
MOE Point(s)
Tsundere, Yandere, Cat ears, Glasses, Loli, Fighter, Weapons,
The Strokes, Lana Del Rey, The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Doors, Muse, M83,


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
4 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Have a great day.
5 years ago
RoldyShampoo (5 years ago) #1539403Yoiyoi! Thanks for giving my PICTURE #718855 five stars! xD
I see you have the Yozora figure to match her! :D
Anyway, nice profile and nice collection!
hehe :3

You're welcome! I only give 5 stars when the picture deserves it ;-)
Good Smile´s Sena looks very cute ^3^

And thank you for the compliment! I need much more figures *haha* it´s never enough XD

Have a nice week! (^-^)/
5 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
RoldyShampoo (5 years ago) #1537973Hey thanks for the FR! :D
Any advice you can give me involving figures I'm interested in or figure collecting in general would greatly be appreciated :D
I really want a Holo figure, preferably ITEM #5468. But since I just started collecting this year, it's almost impossible to find her Dx! Or I just don't know where to look :\
I'll keep an eye on you then. If I see anything you'd like, I'll definitely let you know. Suggestions are fun.

That Holo figure is actually hard to get for a good price. You can find her on ebay easy for around 3-400.00. But I don't think you want to pay that much. I chiseled the ears down on my Holo so they would rest easy on her head so her value isn't as high as the rest. Not that I would consider selling her. I'm sure that's the mindset with a lot of her owners. She's quite the catch. Keep an eye on Manda. Sometime AmiAmi may produce good results once in a blue moon.
5 years ago
RoldyShampoo (5 years ago) #1537638Hey buddy! I just saw the unpainted prototype for Sone Miyuki. Care to tell me how you feel about her?
I like her overall design but it looks like her chest is also bare like Gamer Girl x3

Hey there!

Yeah, I've already added her to "Wished". I absolutely love Tsuji Santa's art, and if they can do justice to the sculpt when they color it [I'm sure they will, Native is usually great at this]...yeah, I don't think I'll be able to resist! >_<

It does appear as though there will be more option to display her fully clothed, though. It seems like her breasts will always be bare. I don't mind personally, since it's not an especially lewd pose and is pretty innocent, but I know how it might bother some people.

So yeah, there's a 99.9% chance I'll be picking her up [the remaining 0.01% depends on whether they perfect the painting].

So many great figures coming out this year. Regardless of one's personal taste, there's something for everyone!
5 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
It's all about how you ended up on my page from two different stores. Thanks for stopping in and glad you liked it. I started collecting seriously about a few months ago. Before that I was just getting whatever I liked. Now I have a bit more knowledge on what I desire in a figure. You'll come to find out what you truly want in a figure as you collect. It's quite fun. I enjoyed the learning experience. I'm sure you will too.

Thanks again for the compliments and feel free to send any comments my way if you've got anything on your mind. Talk to you later, mate. And welcome to MFC.
5 years ago
RoldyShampoo (5 years ago) #1527994Hey! I'm really liking your collection and your orders! I'm filled with envy actually x3
I was really leaning towards on getting Gamer Girl but it looks like her breasts are bare even without cast off -_-. Don't get me wrong, I love boobs, but most of the time I like displaying my figures with more modesty. That's why I really like Cat Lap Milk since you can cover her up or show her off in all her glory :3 haha.

Also planning on getting some Sonico!

Thanks, I'm quite happy with it myself. :)

I see that, while in the beginning stages, you're choosing some great figures yourself [hey, we all need to start somewhere!]. Excellent decision on purchasing Leviathan. She. Is. AMAZING. I haven't received Sena yet [she's in my combined May AmiAmi order that's still waiting on a figure before it can be shipped out], but from what I've seen, she turned out pretty well [despite GSC's quality-control issues as of late]. You're off to a great start!

I wish you luck on tracking down Asmodeus upon releasing. If you're fast, hopefully you can grab her for a decent price. Being an exclusive [in a set of figures that is, seemingly, growing in popularity as time goes on] might be a problem, but if you're dedicated [which I assume you are], you should be victorious! What are your thoughts on Mammon/Satan? Personally, I love the both of them. I don't really understand people's compaints with Mammon's breast-size, she had a pretty decent set in the original illustration after all.

I understand your dilemma with Gamer Girl. When I purchase cast-off figures, I prefer the option to fully cover them up if I need/want to. While it's not possible with Gamer Girl, she's not in an especially sexy pose [more seductive than anything else] so I don't really feel bad with her being semi-naked. Of course, I just purchased Sexual Police [ITEM #118029], so I guess you can say the nudity aspect doesn't officially bother me anymore! Cat Lap Milk, though, is among my most anticipated figures for this year. I absolutely love everything about her. I need her. NOW. The most recent Native figure, though, is a bit too...obscene for me. That's an area I'm not willing to explore, at least for figures in my collection. [Warning, NSFW: ITEM #144481].

Yes, you definitely need Sonico! I'd recommend the upcoming 1/5 scale from Orchid Seed [if we don't take into account her previous releases].

ITEM #98781

Incredible scale, from a great manufacturer, and a very decent price. Also, she's due next year [at the earliest] so you have time to save!

As you might imagine, I love Sonico. ~_~
5 years ago
Hey there, thanks for the FR!

It's nice to see a fellow collector accepting the task to collect all seven Seven Deadly Sins girls.
5 years ago
Thanks! I honestly have too many though. I got too eager when I started collecting and basically bought everything that caught my eye. (Protip: budget if you can lol.) But I'm sure there are worse problems to have, haha. And yeah, Yoko is one of the best figure subjects.
5 years ago
RoldyShampoo (5 years ago) #1497420Grrrr, can't wait for my birthday next month. I'm probably gonna spill all my birthday money into figures. There are so many I want to buy right now!! I just started collecting this year. I first pre-ordered figures in January and got my first figure just last month. I've only bought from AmiAmi and Nippon-Yasan. I just bought a glass cabinet, it's not a detolf but it's really nice. It has the same shape as a detolf though, it even has a light. I just need to fill it up now!
I agree with scales, I love them the most! Especially if they have interchangeable parts.
I really want Yuri but I can't find her :'(
Most definitely going to get that Yotsuba model kit though. She just seems so fun! Have fun building her!
Oh, and one question: Is it okay to put a Nendoroid on your dashboard in your car? Just curious since I'm thinking of getting one or two.

Have you looked for Yuri in the ads section of this website? That is where I found her, along with Tenshi. Also check Mandarake, you can use Figinstock to put an alert on her.

I wouldn't put a Nendoroid on the dashboard of my car because not only would the top-heaviness make it fall all the time, the direct sunlight would bleach the colors and deform the plastic. Then again Nendoroids are cheap and it's your car so you can do what you want :) Just know that within a week it will probably be too damaged to ever resell.
5 years ago
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