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Cosplay Update


Well, I finally finished my Elizabeth project! For the people that missed my act or want to see it again, you can watch it here:

Pictures I stumble across or get send to me in the next few days I will upload here: www.cosplay.com...

Does this mean I can rest? Well, simply put: No. :P Something quite unexpected has happened and I will write a blog post about that soon, so keep an eye out on my blog!

~ Maakie
4 years ago

This is a message to all the people here on MFC that have shown interested in my Mecha Musume cosplay~!

I wanted to send a reminder that this sunday will be the competition that I will be entering with my costume! Here is the information:

MaakieWebsite: whenever.is/
Date: june 15th
Time: From 14:00 (2PM) Dutch time. (You can convert on this site to see at what time it will be in your country: www.timeanddate... )

The show will take around 2 hours (there is a high chance I will be in the second half of the competition, but nothing sure yet). The winners will be announced around 16:30 (4:30PM) in a show that takes around 30-60 minutes, but it's uncertain if the announcement will also get a livestream. If it does, the stream will be on the same website!

I'm very busy currently finishing the last parts of my costume and preparing for the lectures that I will give at the same convention, but if there are any questions, I will try to reply to them before I leave to the con!

I hope to get your support! I think it's so weird and great at the same time that people from all over the world can see this competition! ^w^

~ Maakie

p.s. My latest progress for the people that haven't seen it yet! --> www.cosplay.com...
4 years ago

This message is for everyone that showed interest/support in my Mecha Musume Elizabeth costume!

Last weekend I debuted my untransformed version of the costume and I just got the first picture back!

This picture in higher resolution: www.cosplay.com...

I hopefully get some more pictures soon! I hope for some full-body pictures! ^w^ If I get them, they will be uploaded here: www.cosplay.com...

And I got some other exciting news, for the people interested in the competition I will be entering in my transformed version! There will be a live-stream for everyone around the world to watch!

Website: whenever.is/
Date: june 15th
Time: From 14:00 (2PM) Dutch time. (You can convert on this site to see at what time it will be in your country: www.timeanddate... )

The show will take around 2 hours. The winners will be announced around 16:30 (4:30PM), but it's uncertain if the announcement will also get a livestream. If it does, the stream will be on the same website!

If there are any questions, you can just send to me! ^w^

~ Maakie
4 years ago

This message is for all my MFC friends that have showned/are showing interest in my Elizabeth Mecha Musume cosplay!

View the picture in higher resolution here: www.cosplay.com...

Her untransformed version is almost completely done right now! I hope to get some good pictures of it at the end of this month!

Her weapon I will debut at the end of may and her fully transformed version in june!

Thanks for all the support and interested in my cosplay! ^w^

~ Maakie
4 years ago
Rudra (4 years ago) #1981882Hmm, I don't have problem with feedback, so be my guest :)
Well, Stella and Morudina fit each other as the dominant and dominated pair, I think. ITEM #27958 can be classified as teasing but I'm not really sure about ITEM #3835. Innocent tease?
Haha yeah, figures based on his art is plenty, maybe rivalling Tony Taka. From her page ITEM #143871 there seems a bit problem about paint transfer. Not enough clear coat?
Yep, I over-spend right in the first month T.T although February is pretty much empty for me. And ITEM #156652 come sooner than I expected yay (then they show painted ITEM #167145 =A=). I got myself ITEM #144389 (by Alter so it's not surprising) and ITEM #117926 delayed. Nice, I'm not a fan of Alien franchise though ^^. You mean ITEM #97006? Yep, I'm looking forward to her too beside ITEM #97003. Haha, yeah they are pretty expensive except for Lucifer.
Haha, yeah, focus on completing the costume first.
Hime means princess maybe just because of that?
There's no guarantee I will get her so no worry. And most probably I buy cheaper resin kit from 2046 for practice first. I got some experience from painting gunpla (it's really been a while though) so I'm not totally at zero experience maybe :P
And the Wonfes report has sprouting everywhere, what figure(s) catch your attention?
I bet the list would contain this ITEM #136458 :D
Mine would be
ITEM #198447 Shinono Houki by Choco
ITEM #198382 Kan-colle Wo-Class, dunno the character but looks beastly XD
ITEM #198336 Kan-Colle Yamato :P
ITEM #198442 a castle gijinka? why not?
ITEM #198524 the prototype looks nice
and this ITEM #198749 looks interesting but Ques Q? hmmmm

Okay then! Here goes! I think with both pictures the light is a bit off. Both pictures are a bit too dark, especially in the background. I think both pictures would have improve a lot if more lightning was there during shooting. :)

At first I also thought of them as dominated and submissive pair...but for some reason they don't completely fit together anymore, I can't really explain why since earlier I thought otherwise. Maybe I will change my opinion again and do it different in the future. xD Pastel is more teasing than she looks on the database-picture by the way! She really has her finger underneath her leotard (which is partially see-through) so she is teasing quite a lot!

Hrmm I have the paint transfer problem also a lot with parts of clothing that rub against each other. For example with my recent ITEM #119377 he already had purple stains on his black shirt before I decided to remove the cape for the first time. -.-'

Hehe, yeah the Alien movies and Alien himself is a "love or hate" character because of the weird design. :P

I didn't see ITEM #167145 before! She looks cute! I have to say I like ITEM #144400 more and would love to own her in the future, haha!

Maybe...in the series HiME stands for "Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment", which refers to the monsters they are linked to and can use.

Well, GK's are quite different, but you have some experience! :D I defenitely recommend a cheap and/or fake GK to practice with! Just don't buy thai resin! They are the lowest quality recasts there are! (My first GK was thai resin and that material is so bad and easily breakable! >.<)

Haha, I'm defenitely looking at that CCS nendo! She looks better than expected, but I'm really not into nendo's...so not sure if I should get her or not.

About the figures that grabbed my attention...well I'm watching everything Kan Colle, just to see how it turns out! xD Next to that, that Caste personification I also thought was very interesting! :)

Next to that the newly announced Guilty Gear ITEM #198530 ITEM #198554 and Elin ITEM #198598 ITEM #198177 ITEM #197320 ITEM #196930 figures! And actually not much else! :O My most wanted figure ITEM #119376 didn't get any updates unfortunately! :(
4 years ago
Rudra (4 years ago) #1971235Well, I did take some figure photos before the year change, already uploaded before but the reception is very low so I deleted it XD. I have re-uploaded it again PICTURE #917749 and PICTURE #917750.
Ah, you've preordered Stella, you're gonna put her beside Morudina? I'm gonna skipped her, as I don't have Morudina and displaying her would be too risque :P. ITEM #157 is pretty, I like the uniform and Shuunya's art is as pretty as always. I almost preorder ITEM #143871 but I haven't heard about Wing's quality so I skipped her.
Not good, in january I bought several busou shinkis from YAJ(got her ITEM #14633 brand new with desk mat bonus) and mandarake (ITEM #18333 for customizing purpose I guess or when I can produced something like stormyrain.blog... not that I can sew XD) so my wallet getting skinny fast haha. Still waiting for ITEM #144400, ITEM #130977, and ITEM #156652. Saber and Noel should be arriving this week as for Momo, I need to wait a bit more. Also i still haven't preorder ITEM #97004 Belphegor of 7 Sins, I will do that later I guess.
Haha keep it up. I hope you can achieve the best result :D
The summoning type sound more interesting to me than enhanced mercenary school XD. And how can they only enhanced women?
Thank you, I need to sell some more as the storage space is growing thin XD
Her stage is awesome indeed, one of the amazing figure base ever produced if you have place to diplay it :D
Yep, it's from Persona although I prefer his other work featuring Elizabeth and Thanatos livedoor.blogim... I haven't got any experienced with GK so this will be my first if I could get a hold to one. Not really sure that could happen though XD

From your pictures I really like the second one! Is it okay if I give feedback on the pictures or you prefer not to?

Well first thought that I had is that I wanted to display her together with Mordina, but I thinks he actually fits my shelf better together with ITEM #27958 and ITEM #3835 since she is more "teasing" (while Mordina is shy). What do you think?

Yeah, I love Shunya's style! Not all of the figures though, but quite a lot of them. I hear quite good things from ITEM #143871 so maybe she's worth it? (Or wait until a review of her comes along.)I'm very interested myself in the "lying" figures of Border Break: PICTURE #832514 But they seem so expensive for such small figures... >.<

Woah! That's a lot of stuff coming in! For me, I don't have much items I'm awaiting now. Two january pre-orders were both pushed to march. Just this morning I ordered an ITEM #21667 for my boyfriend (and I actually like it myself to a lot hehe). As for the Seven Sins, I'm really looking forward to Gluttony, I'm going to pre-order her for sure when she is released (I love her wings)! I plan on buying the whole set in the future, but for now I think they are just too expensive. So I will buy them when I have a better paying job (hopefully soon! <.>)

Thank you very much! For now there's just the stress of completing the outfit before the deadline, I can always revisions and make some parts again in the future. ;)

Well in Mai HiME I'm not exactly sure, actually. There is no real explanation for them all being girls, it's just that there is a specific star in the sky and if people can see them, they are HiME. In My Otome there is an explanation, since the powers come from bio-engineering and can only work together with certain hormones.

In the future...wehen I have a bigger place to live and more display space for my figures I will give her an own shelf. :3

Oh man, that's a HUGE and complicated kit for a beginner! :'D Maybe you should start practicing first with some cheap, simple ones?
4 years ago
Rudra (4 years ago) #1944104Hmm, except for new year event, I mostly just lazying around last holiday haha. Well, good luck on the competition. There's nice progress there with the shoes and uniform. What is still left unfinished for the non mecha parts? Ah, I'm not really active much on mfc lately so I think I missed your reviews XD.
Haha yeah, I remember Mai Hime more than Otome. I remember there is summoning system in Mai Hime called Child or something, and they change it in Otome. I can't really remember.
Ah, because you're doing anime hair with spikes. They really need more maintenance than normal hair style indeed.
That's good for you, i only get 1 offer since new year and that also not working as they really want it cheap ==a
Haha yeah, her design is interesting to me the she got a re-release, then why not? Love is War figure is too big for me XD.
After i look on Vocaloid wiki, Calne Ca is the identity of Calcium, a mechanical living skeleton being, when it's wearing Miku Skin. Crypton acknowledge her/it as Hatsune Miku derivative. Maybe like Hachune ITEM #23068 and Mikudayo
I have received 2 new figure this year a die cast gundam and AGP Houki ITEM #91515 . Done some browsing on Mandarake and bought ITEM #42329 and ITEM #61398, still waiting them to come. And looking up to wonfes. this garage kit look interesting www.wondershowc....


Well lazying around doesn't sound that bad, haha! How is it going with your (pre-)orders by the way? I recently pre-ordered ITEM #144408 and I ordered ITEM #157 from Mandarake. Both I'm looking very forward to!

For Elizabeth's untransformed version I have the following parts left: jacket (collar, belt, pockets, small detailing), her bag (not even started on...she wears this small, leather bag around her waist) and the glasses (lots of sanding). So that's actually not that much anymore for the untransformed version! But the deadline is creepily getting closer! >.<

Jep, in Mai HiME people were connected to Child's they could summon. In Mai Otome it's completely different. Simply put: Because of engineering they created genes that can make a person a great warrior. The series is about this elite school were people are enhanced with this gene and follow training to become these warriors that afterwards mainly get jobs as bodyguards or are bought by countries for military.

Ah, wel for me it went a bit better. After weeks of not selling anything, just this week I sold 3 items! So it's going good for now! I hope you get better offers for your items soon!

I agree that the Love is War figure is huge, but I also really like it because of that! xD

Hrmm, that Garage Kit is from Persona, right? Looks very interesting indeed!
4 years ago
Rudra (5 years ago) #1914429Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Sorry it's a bit late XD.
Yes it is, they need to be paid monthly and that's the only way to transfer your old pokemon from older games.
Mai Otome isn't that popular back then too, everyone would recognize Sakura from CCS or Sailor Moon :P. Hmm, do wigs need repair?
I haven't sell anything last month XD. I got some offer but they are offering items that has been sold T^T. haha, the attachment syndrome strikes again.
Haha, yeah, and she already succeed in tempting me as I own ITEM #9438. Also it seems I've done some mistake, Calne Ca isn't based on Miku but she herself donning Miku costume.
Looking good there :).

And of course the same holiday and new-years wishes for you~! View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://www.desktopaper.com/wp-content/uploads/gorgeous-hello-kitty-christmas-wallpaper.jpg

Have you done anything special with the holidays? :3 For me, it were quite some lazy days and I have actually spend most of my free time on my cosplay of Elizabeth. A few days ago I have officialy entered the competion here! So in june I will compete in the preliminaries for the Netherlands! I'm so excited about it! *wheeze* If I manage to win, I can be send to France, England or Belgium to do an international competition! But first things first, finish the cosplay! xD At the moment most of my priority lies in making the untransformed parts. I think I haven't updated you in a while, but here can you see some recent progress: www.cosplay.com... , www.cosplay.com... and www.cosplay.com... Next to that I have also worked a lot on my reviews! ^w^ I have no idea if you are a subscriber or check my blog, but quite some new reviews have been added these last few months! :3 So long story short, I'm quite busy with hobby-related stuff, but it's fun! ^^

No, not really indeed. ^^'' The series before My Otome, Mai HiME, had a short while where it was popular here...but not much people have heard from My Otome.

Well, most of my wigs after a while need repairing depending on how the haircut is styled, composed (gravity <--> spikes for example) and how gently it was travelled from home to convention and other way around. Simple wigs only need to be washed and combed once in a while. ^^ But yeah, around 90% of the wigs I won have styling with big bangs and/or spikes, so they need quite some repairing. ^^''

Well, my selling haven't gone very well the last few months either... ^^'' But this week I have been getting a lot of messages of people interested in figures I am selling and asking for shipping costs. So fingers crossed I will sell some of those items in the end!

Oooh~ That World Is Mine framed figure Always have interested me! xD At the moment the Miku I would like to own most is Love Is War ITEM #27602 I think her gritty colors would look very good together with Calne Ca! ^^

I thought Calne Ca was an Hatsune Miku cosplayer/impersonator and not Hatsune Miku herself? But correct me if I'm wrong! ;)

And thank you very much! ^w^ I also hope you like my new progress! :3 How's it going for you and your hobbies? Bought some nice figures? Or made some good photographs? ^^
5 years ago
Rudra (5 years ago) #1875212Haha, sorry again for the late reply, I got sick and still recuperating now XD.
For the design Sligoo and Inkay is very cute :D, as for the usefullness Flametalon is great.
Some of the old pokemon is available on the wild areas and friens Safari but there are plenty of them still unavailable from those method like gen 2-5 starters and others. But they will pour in via pokebank in 28 December.
That's too bad, I hope the organizer learn from their mistake and make the next one better.
The character isn't well known probably (I don't really remember him either :P). You and your boyfriend looks enjoying it. What's wrong with the wig?
Haha, my previous monitor(a flat screen CRT) stored for almost 2 years before given to others XD. Sometimes I'm too hesitant when I list my to-be-sold collection, hope you don't have the same experiences.
Hmm, about the same I guess. As she is based on Hatsune Miku, I prefer original color I suppose (although I'm not a big fan of Miku =.=)
Well, it's possible although the change would be drastic I guess. Minimizing the legs, then the pylons stand etc etc.
Haha, you should believe in yourself more and keep trying for the best result at least until you're satisfied with the result :)
Not the same series but you've still got the same genre right :). Anthromorphic war instrument. And both of you're cosplaying the armor so you can both share many things and be more motivated to finish the project :D.

No problem, it's the time of the year again to be sick. xD

Pokébank? Wasn't that the system where you pay monthly and can store all your Pokémon or something like that?

Indeed, I hope the convention will be way better next year, it was mainly the problem of the location.

Yeah, they are characters from an old anime (My Otome) so it was to be expected that nobody would recognize us. :P Well the problem with the wig is that it got crushed in my bag on my way back home from the convention. :( So that's why it needed a lot of repairing. :(

Well with figure selling it completely depends on which figure. :'D At the moment I'm selling a lot of my doubles from trading figures and I'm selling some action figures I don't plan on opening LIST #14643 I don't really feel bad about selling them, since they are mainly doubles and/or series I don't plan on collecting anymore. But I am also saying to myself for multiple years I should sell my figma's, since I don't do much with them anymore...but since I'm way more attached to my figma's, I think it's very hard! >.<

I'm also not a Hatsune Miku-fan, but she has some cute figures and costume variants. ~.^

Yeah, the cosplayer would have to alter so much compared to the original design it probably isn't going to look like the original character much anymore. ^^''

Yeah I'm trying my best to keep in contact with her! Also so we can help eachother out! ^w^ And our costumes would probably look great together, although we are not from the same series. ;)

I have by the way some updates on my Elizabeth-costume! It's mainly work on the wig and clothing. Currently for her clothing I am making a test-version to test the patterns.

5 years ago
Hello everyone~!

A new review from me is up again! This time from Black Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh! BLOG #11521

With this message I also wanted to let you guys know that this will be my last wall-updates for my reviews, since they are taking me too much time to do. :( So if you are interested in my reviews and would like updates, please subscribe to my blog here: profile/Maakie/... You can do that by hitting the button "subscribe".

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy my future reviews!

~ Maakie
5 years ago
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