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Aiming for the Bishie Heaven
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Just look at my Ordered list and guess how I'm coping with life right now.

Current status: Touken Ranbu Addict I need more friends to talk about Touken Ranbu with though. OTL

Also currently into;
- Idolish7
- Free!
- Haikyuu!!
- Vocaloid
- DMmd
- Lots of other BL titles

I'm sorry I'm a slow ass with replies, I'm paranoid I'll answer wrong even if you were asking me what my favourite ice cream was.

Also hoping to calm down on scale collecting and focus on merch instead. But merch is even harder to hunt than scales so bugger me I guess.



Rueleer4 years ago#6988734I don't really know if they do this on this site, but happy birthday~

Haha, thank you!
4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#5357673Understand your feel. ;w; When I joined I'd just missed the 2nd Hakata event, and I thought I'd never get the little Blondie. I only managed to smith him on the second last day of the last event too. OTL Him and Monoyoshi were torturous quests indeed. qwq
I feel the exactly same about my Kashuu~ I did feel a bit guilty tho, since Kashuu out-levelled Kasen (who was originally my highest) really quickly once I got him. I'm sorry I prefer another starter even tho I have you Kasen. ;w;
And hell yeah Jirou was rare for me. I actually managed to get 2 Taroutachi and 2 Hotarmarus before I managed to smith him, AND THEN HE DROPPED RIGHT AFTER IN 5-3. OTL And oh god our RNGeuses must be alike, because mine loves to toy with me. I've only smithed two 3:20 in my whole Saniwa life, but they were both Uguisumarus. Drops aren't even that nice to me when it comes to R4s, since I've only gotten Kousetsu.
UGH I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! I dragged a friend of mine down with me when I fell into sword hell, but she stabbed me in the back by smithing Jirou (and Kousetsu and Ichi) in her first week of playing. QAQ (I got revenge by getting 4 Iwatooshis throu drops, since Iwa's her fave |D)
I'm only missing the R4s and the KBC-only drops now (since I was a wuss and only started battling KBC recently); so Jiji, Kogi, Ichigo, Akashi, Tsuru, Nihongou, Urashima and Nagone.
Why won't they come home. TAT
About the new swords, hmm... I like their designs, but Hizamaru's hairstyle irks me. -A-;; I dig his outfit though. I also prefer Hizamaru's personality, and I feel sorry for him that Hige always forgets him. qwq
How about you? What do you think about them? Are you keen on hunting them down once they've been released? Oh, and just because I'm curious, who's your strongest/highest level sword atm? (Mine's Hotaru since he's the MVP hog |D)
Oh and... I guess I'll have to fight you then, because I don't like Hori much...

Since you like Hori tho, how do you feel about Kane-san? .A.

ROFL. We must be twins! The only 3:20 swords I've smithed are two Uguis and recently Tsuru @A@ Hotaru & Iwa already dropped twice for me though the first time they dropped I screamed through the roof :>

Characters I'm missing: Jiji, Kogi, Ichi-nii, Akashi, Nihongou (haven't got to 6-4 yet), Urashima (I've fought so many kbc but they only drop Tantous for me. A moment of silence for all the lost troops & many severe injuries OTZ), Hirano (I'm too lazy to smith for him and raise yet another tantou), Monoyoshi & Hakata. So yeah, 40/49.

As for Hige & Hiza I'm quite neutral on their designs (cannot unsee unibrow as someone pointed out on wiki GUH!). They remind me of persona's art and like Ugui, I'm sure they'll grow on me. On the other hand; THEIR PAST *gross sobbing. I'll be hunting them down for sure in the upcoming event (I have a bad feeling it'll be similar to Nihongou's War Training event because that hasn't been repeated yet? and how else are they going to implement two swords at once? Dear RNGesus no...)

On Horikawa though, I didn't expect to like him as much at first because his designs are quite simple compared to other characters but:
-He's my first waki
-Always comes through for me - MVP stealer :D
-Kane-san! Yatta yo! - It's cute how much he responds to Kane-san
-His gorgeous blue eyes when he enters battle (!!)
-His current status: lost at sea ;w;
-Apparently he's a fake (similar to Yamanbangiri) but to him as long as he have Kane-san it validates his existance
-... he's just so sweet!!!! >//A//<
Kane-san on the other hand drops way too much. STAHP! "Ore wa Izuminokami Kan----AAAAH"

My current highest sword is Horikawa at 79 but I'm trying to keep everyone as close as possible so I have: 70-80 x 8 swords, 60-70 x 5 swords, 50-60 x 6 swords, 50-20 x 21

What about you? How high is your Hotaru? Any characters in particular that you're 'meh' about? Favourite and least favourite characters in each sword type? What resources are you always hurting for? And which figs are you DYING to have/wish they will sculpt? :D
4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#5334445I was actually hoping you'd notice my Aussie-status. XD I didn't realise you were too, because I visited your page after I commented. Yay for more Aussie collectors!!
HAHA! The power of figures! Their force is strong, huh? ;w;
I caved and got sucked into Tourabu about 3 months ago, after being haunted by fan art and such for several months before. You're right that you Gotta Catch Them All. I've just obtained all of the Event-Only swords, so now I'm just trying to lure those damn Rarity 4s into my haremCitadel. XD
My starter was Kasen Kanesada! Because he reminded me of Garry from Ib, and was voiced by Kageyama. |D
Originally, my absolute favourite Toudan was Jiroutachi (I really love his Horsekeeping lines). But, due to certain obstructions (coughRNGcough), I formed other favourites in order to cope with my poor luck. OTL
So now it's like a tie between Jiroutachi and Gokotai, followed by Kashuu, CCP and Namazuo (in no particular order).
Now tell me your starter and faves~! >V<)/

Yup. Historical swords turning into pretty boys? Hell yeah! I've been trying not to get into the game for the longest time because the sheer amount of merch/figs/art/doujins etc but alas; resistance was futile OTZ

I started a month ago right at the end of Monoyoshi event but at least I got Gotou this time round (no Hakata despite all the resources went into smithing *shakes fist)

My starter was Kashuu! and he remains one of my top swords even now XD. I always feel bad if I don't use him because he'll be like; you don't love me anymore? That guilt-tripping is very effective! Was Jirou one of your rares? I find he drops a lot in map 5. But to be honest most of not all of my rares are from drops. I've given up on smithing due to RNGesus hating me. My cousin on the other hand have only started two weeks ago and have already obtained: Usetsu, Jiji, Kogi, Tsuru, Tarou within a week through smithing. W.T.F?? and she's not even playing that much *dies

Favourite swords: Gokotai (he really grew on me), Gotou (precious vamp child), Horikawa (my strongest waki and currently strongest sword and I will fight anyone who says bad things about him), CCP, Crane boy, Hotarumaru, Iwatooshi & Ichi-nii (who hasn't come home yet ;A;)

What do you think of the two new swords; Higekiri & Hizamaru? & who are you still missing?
4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#5331935God I feel your pain.
I've got Mononoke and Mika-chan preordered too. OTL
But holy crap bro, you're gonna go all out with the Toudan scales! OAO I'm not sure whether to admire you or wish you luck. =w=;;;; Well, both, then. ;D

Let's move it here since I don't think they'll appreciate us cluttering the post lol. And hey! Fellow Aussie! *high-five

I caved when Jiji scale came out and started playing the game. And it's been downhill since. Now it's the case of Gotta Catch them All when it comes to Toudan. What about you? Do you play? And who's your favourite/starter? XD

4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#4676055-

Haha, it’s no problem at all. Oh I see, nice! Forever? So you don’t need to do study anymore? Congrats! Hope you did well!

Yeah it’s kind of weird. Well I guess you don’t spend much as a child or teenager because you’re at school and you don’t really have anything to spend on. Well it depends on the person I guess, if you go out a lot you’ll spend a lot. As long as you can make your own money you can do whatever you want with it. You won’t really feel guilty because it’s yours.

Maybe, I don’t really know. I haven’t compared the prices of anime between other countries yet. All I know is that the US gets some limited editions of anime at a premium, yet ridiculous price.

I got to admit that I’m a bit bored of jumping on mfc, I don’t know why. I usually just hop on and off, don’t even know why I bother, haha! It’s very useful, and also I agree on if it’s a gift or a curse. It helps you organise your collection, communicate with people, read stuff and everything else like that. Definitely makes this hobby a lot more interesting and in depth since you’re not in it alone. Unfortunately it shows figures that appeal to you and upcoming ones that are going to be released in the future haha!

About those Alter figures, now that’s a dilemma! Mind telling me which ones they are? I’m just curious of course because it sounds intriguing! It depends on the figure, franchise, company, etc. Too many variables to say it is rising, but the you’re right, the majority is.

Oh I see. That franchise is very popular, as in Touken Ranbu. Good Smile Company/Orange Rogue are smart, they’ll make figures that are trendy or popular. Marketing tactic. It depends how you see the character, if you really like it or not. Hmm I think it looks good, I actually never looked at poses before, I’d just buy it because I like the character, and of course other factors. I doubt he’ll drop, no way because of the franchise and also figures hardly drop, especially popular ones. Let's say you bought a figure. Would you include the shipping price to it's value or not? It's just to say I bought this figure for x amount or y amount (with shipping)

But dayum, that price though. That price for a 1/8 is pretty expensive to be honest, I’d buy it if it was a 1/7. I can see why your mind shuts down though, $200 must be the norm now since they're increasing, HAHA! Personally, I’ll wait. I mean that thing comes out in August of next year, that’s a LONG way away. Almost a year away, assuming no delays. You’ve got a lot of time to think. If you pre-order it now, you won’t be able to cancel it, on most sites anyway. If you believe more figures of him will be produced, then wait until if it gets announced in the future. I personally don’t see a lot of figures of the same character produced. I mean Saber, you probably know who she is. Blonde hair green eyes. She has a lot of figures of herself but the difference is that they’re in different clothes or it’s from a different origin, like separate anime. They’re distinct. I don’t know if a different company will pick him up, obviously because it’s impossible to predict if a figure is made or not. No idea if they’ll make a different pose either, I’ve never seen that happen but there’s a first for everything! So just wait! Orders only usually close when it’s close to release date or if it’s on the Good Smile Company shop, (at max price, rrp) so I don’t recommend buying from there unless there’s an exclusive and you really like what you’re buying. Be patient and wait, don't pre-order it now.

Decision is ultimately up to you though, you could always sell your pre-order if you have second thoughts though.

Oh me too, I love reading long responses as well. I just dislike typing them because I take forever. Of course they don’t bother me, I hardly talk to anyone on this anyway so it’s nice to have a little chat. I haven’t replied because I’ve been working and when I get home I’m just too lazy to do anything really productive so I apologize, haha!
4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#4521996-

I’ve pressed backspace two times now and it caused me to re-write everything. Now I’m using word and I’m going to copy and paste it. So annoying! Writing this for the third time now.

It’s not really impressive, it’s spending money. Not great at all. If anything I should be ashamed of my spending. I’ve probably spent more money this year than in my whole entire life LOL! Nah I dunno! I haven’t even opened half of my figures because I feel like it’s wrong to open a lot in a short amount of time, so I open them like every few weeks or months. Oh I see, well it’s good that you don’t usually regret it. It’s also good that you think so much through before a purchase.

Ohh! Well your collection will always continue to keep growing. Looking at loot hauls is pretty interesting for me at least. I don’t think its guts, it’s more of impulse buying I think haha.

Anime is so expensive, overpriced if anything. If you divide the price by the number of episodes then that’s like a certain amount per episode. Yikes! I usually buy blu ray anime when they’re on sale. I’ve seen manga at cons and festivals or whatever they’re called and man they’re expensive! It’s so darn popular.

Yeah there’s plenty of blogs that you can search on mfc! There are plenty of questions that have been answered in blogs I think. You can always ask on the item page too.

I prefer Alter first. Alter is definitely the best. It’s on a different level in my opinion. The quality, paint and details are amazing! They’re almost flawless! That’s why their figures are so expensive! Wow there’s not one character that you like? Yeah you don’t need to spend then! Haha. I only had one problem with Alter and it’s just that the prototype’s hair was lighter than the actual product. It was lighter in the anime too. It still kinda bothers me still but it’s still a decent figure.

Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya are the same level in my opinion. I don’t know much about Max Factory but I heard they were great also. I only own their figmas but they’re small and you can’t compare them. I don’t think I’ll buy anymore figmas unless I like the character.They're pretty small so you might as well buy scales. GSC and Koto have popular characters so I think that’s why a lot of people buy from them. If anything, Koto is lower than GSC by an inch, so they’re pretty much equal. I think Koto wasn’t that great in the past so their older figures weren’t that good, but they’ve stepped it up. I think I just base this on the amount of complaints I’ve seen on Koto than GSC. The Koto figures I have, I’ve got zero complaints honestly. People are just obsessed with perfection. As I mentioned earlier, prices of any type of figure are getting more expensive, but there’s also some new cheaper than usual figures which is pretty surprising.

I honestly didn't like nendoroids in the beginning but I guess they grew on me. I'll only buy certain nendoroids but they add up to a price of a scale! So small as well.

I don’t know if its impulse buying, but I do have a little thought to it. Most of the figures that I buy on impulse are on my wish list. Sometimes if it’s a popular figure, looks cool and I see a lot of positive things about it, I’ll buy it. I guess that is buying on impulse but it’s only happened once or twice. I don’t think I buy a figure just because it looks cool in seconds because that’s crazy! I guess I put a little thought but not as much as you!

I usually have justifications if I buy a figures though, I ask myself what happens if the price increases because the figures are so limited? A company only makes a certain amount of figures. The majority of figures usually increase in price because they’re older and there’s not much stock left or they’re popular. Only some figures decrease in price, hardly any really. That’s why I buy figures now rather than later. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the particular one you want and it gets annoying searching for it. Don't want to pay the inflated price.

I’ve bought figures from the Amiami pre-owned section impulsively because they were in B/B condition and therefore cheaper everywhere else so I bought them. I bought them even though I said I’d stop. The preowned section is a trap though because it lures you to buy cheap figures and it makes you want to buy more. It becomes very expensive in the end. There are certain figures that get sold out in a second or less which is annoying because you really want it! People camp on that site like there’s no tomorrow!

It's risky buying expensive figures because you never know if there re-releases or if it's cheaper anywhere else.

I apologize this for being so long! I’ll try keep it short next time.
4 years ago
Rueleer4 years ago#4485773Economics is a headache. OTL We can only hope for a change, so until then I'll just have to stuck it up and spend wisely. But yeah, I think I've arrived into a bad time. TwT I preordered my first scale only a week or so ago, and the figure alone is going to cost me ~$120. @A@ Lots and lots of contemplation went on before I decided to place the order, I'll tell you that. D|

I'll comment here instead because I think I've spammed too much on that page haha!

Yeah true, nah you're fine I think. I started collecting earlier this year in April and I think it's just a little lower. Well you never know, the exchange rate should alter over time so you'll probably pay a different value. I've spent way too much on this hobby and still got a lot of orders for the future. I'm really disappointed because of my impulse buying. That's good that you can put time into before your purchase. I just realised a few months ago that I've spent too much so I'm just restricting my orders, like not ordering figures that are already released and only pre-ordering them exclusively. Also budgeting or having only 1 or 2 scales per month. I'm really cautious on what I use my money on now so I don't 'waste' it like I used to. This hobby is way to expensive, especially for teens like me. I relied too much on my parents money sadly, so I need to make back (or at the least most) on what I've spent by working my butt off. No university right now so I've got all the time in the world. It's not just figures, it's 'goods' like posters, key chains and pretty much accessories that you also buy in addition to this hobby which makes it expensive. I don't even know any hobbies that are this damn expensive.

Oh yeah a tip for scales, the brand/company is very important because some of them aren't that good, you definitely need to do research before making a purchase of a scale. I think scales are worth it, to an extent anyway.
4 years ago
Yokuso to MFC I hope that you will find that this site has many things to offer collectors like us. I have found with time an patients that you can find almost any figurine / Plushie or Goods that you may want. At what price that is a different story. As you peruse some of the profiles you will see some that have embellished them thanks to being a donor to the site. Some features like a back ground picture are activated that way. For me I used some Jpegs and made my profile that umph.
There as many ways you can customize your profile and as you get to know the site features you will be able to make this site your home. I look forward to seeing some blogs if you do like to write.

Enjoy your stay in the MFC community.

= )

4 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
4 years ago
Welcome to the board Rueleer! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
4 years ago
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