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Your inbox is full but I’m interested in buying your Harry Potter Nendooooo!!!
2 years ago
this is far fetched, but do you still have the korra nendoroid?
2 years ago
I bought a birthday Nozomi figure from this seller and he was nice and helpful through the whole process. It was my first time buying anything from MFC so I was a little spooked, but he sent me pictures when I asked and shipped the figure as soon as the post office opened after I sent him payment. She came in only a few days with the box in perfect condition. Very thankful for this excellent birthday gift find!
4 years ago
I bought some Love Live nendoroids from RustyWinnebago and they arrived in excellent condition, they are practically brand new! He was very patient with me, while my payment ended up processing very slowly. Responded to messages promptly too. I'm so so happy, thanks so much!
4 years ago
Leaving feedback for recent purchase here. Items were as described, packaged very well with lots of bubble wrap, and were shipped quickly. Seller had excellent communication. Very pleased with such an easy transaction and purchase. :)
5 years ago
RustyWinnebago6 years ago#3171858I would say Dallas is more a place to live than visit, but it isn't short of things to keep busy with. I have been on several tours of different businesses which is fun. We have Six Flags Over Texas theme park right next to Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington. Lots of great food from all cultures and some nice clubs and shops too.
We also have renaissance fair and several conventions throughout the year which might be something you would be into? Our state fair is a mecca for all things fried. Fried bubblegum, butter, pies, mac and cheese, crab cakes, even fried beer which you can wash down with a pint of funnel cake flavored beer. It is wonderfully indulgent and absurd!
Definitely going to be on the hunt for some Kaasoufles myself X)

Hrrmm, which kind of business tours? Are there some famous multinationals there?

I love theme parks, so those are always good! :) I'm not much into sports, but I've never visited a US sports competition, so I think that would be interesting to see once too.

What are the most interesting or biggest conventions at your state/region?

Oh man, everything fried? I sort of want to try out and also at the same time not. Is your place also the place where deep fried Snickers come from? Those things look absurd, I read about them a few times. xD

It's too bad kaassoufles only come frozen, so you can't import them! But if you want to make them yourself you could try it out a recipe like this mybigfatcooking... or www.gourmandize... I tried making kaassoufles myself, but I never got the same taste as bought ones. :< But I think it's really hard unless you visit the Netherlands to get some!
6 years ago
RustyWinnebago6 years ago#3082685Well I live in the city, Dallas, so it is similar to New York mainly with more parks and (imo) better food. Kaassouffle and Efteiling will go on my bucket list then! I'm a soccer/football player and fan so I know a lot about European countries from that which is why I know about the Netherlands too.

Is Dallas worth visiting as a tourist? And if yes, what is there to do? :)

Kaassoufles are glorious. Deep fried crunchiness with lots of cheese! *tummy starts rumbling* And the Efteling is especially amazing if you're into fairytales and/or fantasy.

Ah yes, we're famous because of soccer! I'm not a huge soccer-follower myself, but whenever there is a big international competition there is no way around it here and there are huge parties everywhere that are nice to visit. :)
6 years ago
RustyWinnebago6 years ago#3056970I am a Gorillaz fan, but would never have made that association!
Dutch though, that is pretty cool. I myself am a Texan and my parents are Spanish so that is as close to European as I get, never been but would love to go sometime. I would like to visit Netherlands for a football game or those tulip fields y'all have. Also some beers and bitterballen. :P

Oh, that's a big coincidence then! xD Especially in phase 1 and 2 Murdoc talked a lot about his Winnebago that was in the garage of Kong Studios.

Hehe, thanks. Not that much people heard from the Netherlands, lol. Bitterballen are way overrated, if you want to try a good (deep fried) Dutch snack, you should try a kaassoufflee (cheese souffle). ;) The tulip fields here are really pretty, so those I recommend, yeah. Also you should visit the Efteling, it's the best theme park we have here!

I went to Spain twice, it's about 2-3 hours flying to get there. :) Texas I never went to. So far I only went to the US once and I visited NY and Brooklyn. This summer I will go to the US for a second time and I'll visit a friend in Florida. :)
6 years ago
RustyWinnebago6 years ago#3046935Hey, thank you it's random but I like it too. Your icon(lemur?) is funny looking. In a good way though.

Ah, so nothing about it? The first thing I thought of was Murdoc from Gorillaz always talking about his Winnebago. xD

And yeah my icon is a lemur! ^^ I'm Dutch and in my language the animal is called a "maki" hence my nickname. :)
6 years ago
Lol, I like your username! :)
6 years ago
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