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Strike Witches - Gertrud Barkhorn - Nendoroid  (#259) (Good Smile Company)Nisekoi - Onodera Kosaki - Nendoroid  (#457) (Good Smile Company)Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Rey - Nendoroid  (#877) (Good Smile Company)Jian Wang 3 - Mo Yu - Nendoroid  (#1122) (Good Smile Arts Shanghai, Good Smile Company)Nijisanji - Sasaki Saku - Nendoroid  (#1849) (Good Smile Company)


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League of Legends Jinx 1/7 Complete Figure



thats ok! i would love to see her whenever you do end up making her !
9 days ago
hi! do you have pics of your custom lain nendoroid anywhere? i saw your list and wanna see what she looks like put together :D
10 days ago
No worries! That's how most people do it. I would've DM you, but I'm too lazy to clean my inbox haha.
29 days ago
Hello. Pardon if I was off-topic and got mad at others on your latest blog. I was surprised as well that a simple question would cause a war haha.

Anyways, I sadly got laid off last week and been acting snappy. My depression returned as well. I am working on trying not to waste my time scrolling on MFC since I admittedly have an internet addiction. This website is my only safe space, but at the same time did affect mental health.

It's been a while since I saw that conservative-minded guy leaving comments. I vividly remember 4 years ago he used to report POTD photos that had the gay-pride flag and a year later started creating political polls. Whoever left that homophobe comment in the poll is correct. Yep, this dude does in fact have controversial lore. I've seen him getting into long winded fights with other people in the past. I thought he mellowed out after all that. But I guess not.

Not the main elephant in the room. But I had a few unfortunate encounters with that "cat" user. (I can't think of a good nickname, sorry) It took me a while to realize she is 2-faced. Glad someone spoke up to her and I don't regret sending them a snarky response. She really did showed her true colors.

Ah, sorry for the long ramble and venting! I just wanted to get this off my chest haha.
1 month ago
tysm for accepting!! i guess we both just have great taste ^^
1 month ago
Happy birthday! Have a great one :D
10 months ago
Welcome to the board Ryoo! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 year ago
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