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Hiii! :D

3 months ago
Hello! I love that tavern you are making!
6 months ago
SageGuy4 years ago#22677787Yea, the price would depend on what you're ordering. I mostly order nendoroids as you could see from my profile. And those are smaller than a lot of scales. Also nope, I've never lost a package thankfully.
Just found this post online. forums.redflagd...

Guess we are not alone here, waiting endlessly for our package to arrive.

Edit: There's an interesting post there. Apparently, CP is cutting down the manpower to fast up the speed and meanwhile suggesting people (us) to use expensive shipping method so CP can profit more from it. Even so, using a more expensive shipping method doesn't guarantee that it's gonna be fast. It all comes down to which trailer CP choose to do on that day. To put this in another way, our packages could sit there indefinitely. In short, it all comes down to our luck.

That's fxxx-ed up racketeering...
4 years ago
SageGuy4 years ago#22671873Yea, I switched to airmail on my latest order. It was only a few dollars more than RSAL, but it arrived in 2 weeks. So I'll probably stick with that for the time being.
I was gonna use Airmail too but then I don't know why, for this package, Airmail costs more than EMS so I chose EMS. And here I am Q.Q

But yeah, I am gonna switch to Airmail for now as well. Used it a few times already with AmiAmi, pretty much they all arrived around 2 weeks. By the way, have you ever lost a package before? Never happened to me, and I hope it never happens.
4 years ago
SageGuy4 years ago#22669586I hope it does too. I've only ordered from TOM twice. I've ordered a couple things via EMS from amiami and mandarake earlier this year, and both arrived in under a week. But the longest I've waited for a SAL package, was about a month, when normally that should arrive in about 2 weeks.
This is the first time EMS has taken this long for me. Usually it only takes about a week or even less.

Me too. The longest one I ever waited was a RSAL Package, and that's about a month as well. But that was like 3 to 4 years ago. The waiting time really is ...painful ;-;
4 years ago
SageGuy4 years ago#22669204This was over a year ago, so I don't remember how often the tracking got updated, sorry. But if I were to guess, I'd say not often. And everything that I've ordered this year, has just appeared without the tracking being updated.
I see. Thanks a lot! Really hope it would arrive soon.

If you don't mind me asking, so far what's the longest waiting time for them to arrive? Thanks, again.
4 years ago
Sorry if it's a bother but I can't help but ask. Apparently my package shipped in EMS still has no updates of its whereabouts. It has been 16~17 days now since the status stayed at "en route to Canada". Called CP and should've known that's useless.

I was wondering the ones you bought from TOM that took 3 weeks to deliver, Did it get updated frequently or nothing was updated, then all of a sudden they delivered to your place?

4 years ago
SageGuy4 years ago#22129795Happy birthday guy.

Thank You ^^
4 years ago
SageGuy4 years ago#21017742Happy birthday friend, may you have a great day.
Thank you for the kind words! :D
4 years ago
Will this fit the kemono nendos?
ITEM #577177
4 years ago
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