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Cassiopeia. (^ω^) Ikemen addict. (º﹃º) Shipper fangirl. o(≧▽≦)o
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I like meeting new people. ^ω^ (I speak English, German, Croatian.)
♬♪♫ ~~FEEL FREE TO FR ME~~ ♬♪♫

I like a lot of things and I'm always open to new suggestions. ^-^
I love to talk to people with same interests. <3
I'm a hamster. -.-'' I collect everything that looks useful or cute.

I started collecting figures in April 2010. Until then I had only collected manga & artbooks. I have tons of manga (800+) and a lot of artbooks (30+), but now I'm collecting figures & keychains like crazy. \o/ [obsession?! (ಥ‿ಥ)]

I've been watching anime since 1997, since I was 13 years old (since I saw Sailor Moon in German TV for the 1st time ♥) and I've been reading & collecting manga since 1999, since I was 15 years old (also Sailor Moon's fault).

My love for anime & manga later led to my love for Asian video games, music, TV series, movies, books, languages.
I've been a K-pop fan since October 2010 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal's fault ♥). I'm a Cassiopeia (fan of TVXQ/JYJ).

Themes I like: mecha, magical girls, BL, reverse harem... martial arts, swords, magic, supernatural, psychological...
Anything with: kemonomimi, ninjas, vampires, witches/mages, mermaids, elves, winged people; dragons, unicorns...

Genres & demographics I like: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, comedy, romance, drama, action, adventure. A mix of genres is the best. d(-_^) I mostly read/watch shoujo & shounen. I like some seinen stuff too. But very few josei stuff. No idea why.

I'm a romance freak, and a shipper fangirl, I always find many pairings to ship (boyXgirl or boyXboy or both in the same show). o(≧▽≦)o But I'm not a rabid fangirl. (눈_눈) And I don't ship real life people (idols or actors), only fictional characters.

I mostly listen to K-pop, J-pop/J-rock and OSTs from anime/drama/games/movies. I listen to some ''normal'' music too. XD
I love video games. Genre I play the most is RPG, after that survival horror, action & adventure.
I've never tried playing Visual Novels, but would love to. ♡

My MAL profile: myanimelist.net...
My MDL profile: mydramalist.com...

☆*:.。.(¬_¬) (;-_-).。.:*☆ .ヽ(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚)人(゚∀゚)ノ .ヽ(•‿•)ノ ヽ(•‿•)ノ ☆彡 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧✦ (╥_╥)(ಠ_ಠ) ✿✿ ♡♡ ♥♥ ✰✰ ★★ ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


Hi, Veronika,

it´s ok, don´t worry about it. I´m writing always back, when I have time for it. :)

Ah, okay. I write back in english, it´s training for my brain. XD
In my job, I don´t need english. (in this 21years in my job I need maybe 3 times english, but no more. XD)

Ah, I understand. So i leaned english. *lol* After school time. in school, long time ago, I had english by teachers, but it wasn´t my thing. I had it lerned for school, that was it. And then, yeah, then becomes the Internet and Manga & Anime. XD After school time, during my training, I learned japanese complete. During my school time, I had learned it by myself (Vocabulary, grammar, Kanji, Kana). It was my beloved speak. :)

Ah, cool. :) And you read german always yet?
Yeah, costs are really bad. -_- I was in the end of the 90th in Italy for Holidays, and I buyed the "das lustige Taschenbuch" (Do you know it? Donald Duck and co) in DM, our currency, before €, and it was nearly the double price as in germany.
*laugh* Yeah, so was it by me, at times. My older sister were buying clothes and I buyed Manga, Books, and staff. :)

Yeah, you´re welcome. :) But, if you don´t find an seller in the UK, please DON`T order it by nippon-yasan! They are not so good if they are before Corona comes. Many people - inclusive me, are in trouble with them!
What is your job? I´m shop assistant as the butcher. In german it calls "Fleischereifachverkäuferin". :) The word "Fach" stands for "learned/training the job". My Training was for 3 hard years.

Yeah, Peruru/Pearl with Chibiusa is aren´t my pair, too. I like Perurus/Pearls original Voice, Chika Sakamto, because it´s the same voice actress for Yaten Kou / Star Healer. *_*
Okay? I don´t hate homo pairings, because it´s normal in nature. ^-^
Yeah, the generals. XD The 4 (shi) Tenou and the Inners, YES! One of my Fav couples. *_* I hope, it comes a pre-story of them as an Movie or something else. Silver Millennium story. That was a cute thing. *_* But I don´t believe, that Toei makes it.

The Movie of Mortal Instruments I Like too. But I don´t like the series. I was broke up in Season 2. To much of Clary and Jace. Important scenes from the books are not included in the series, and that was a really No-Go for me.
The witcher is really good. *_* You shpuld read them, when you have time. Or see the series on Netflix. ^-^

Skip Beat and Akatsuki no yona I knowing, too, butI didn´t have it complete read.

The change in the englisch Anime on Sailor Moon wasn´t nothing more in the new Dub by VIZ. And it´s the really best dub, I´ve ever heard. AFTER the original dub. ^-^ Japanese dub are always ever my fav.
Dragon Ball Z I had waches on cartoon Network in the end of the 90th, but... Freezer (?)sounds in my ears as a very old woman. XD Gundam Wing I had saw in german, bu I like the japanese Cast more. *_* Tenvchi Muyo: Here I had read the manga series in german.

Ah, I had an Account on Myanimelist, but I was on it for.... uuuuuuuum.... many years XD

Yeah, Heero & Releena are my favs of Gundam Wing.
I had each two of the S.H. Figuarts on Tuxedo kamen, Black lady and Sailor V, because I want them to stand up in each two poses in my display cases.^-^

Yeah, I´ve collecting since many years. :)
(I like Gundam Wing very much. ^-^ Gundam seed and Seed Destiny, I like too, but I Prefer Wing.)

Yeah, I have three on it, (ITEM #381650 and ITEM #381652 and ITEM #381653), because I show them with each character in front of the show cases. ^-^ Sorry, but I don´t sell them. ^-^´ I had them all buyed on HLJ (Hobbylink Japan) at the release time. Do you have looked on ebay? On amiami I had ordered maybe 4 times, but I wasn´t happy with them. HLJ was at time very good, but that "was once upon a time". XD

Oh, so many not. I know from another collectors in germany & USA, they have really really really BIG collections of sailor Moon, but I collect only, what I really need. ^-^
But you don´t be ashamed, you have a really nice collection, too. ^-^

Ah, that is because, mas I opened my account here, it was only for me, to have an overview of my collections. As for a few weeks, I was with more activity here. Joined some clubs, writing with other user here. ^-^ Maybe, when I have some more time, I make lists, maybe I taking some photos here, but it is really difficult here to upload some photos.

When I really sell something, I goes on ebay. At times, in the past , where I was on facebook, I sell something there in german Sailor Moon Fangroups. But that time is over.

Ah, yeah, when Covid is over, maybe I travel in the world, and maybe, I goes on Con there as a visitor. ^-^
Ah, I live in the big house of my parents. I have my own rooms, 2 actual with a hall. ^-^ In my sleeping room (in the attic) are my oldest show case with gashapon and trading figures out of Sailor Moon, on the hall are my books and in my living room are my Sailor Moon and fate/Collection, books and Blurays and DVDs collection. :) Is the dragon woman (mother of my father, 93years, and she hate me really really since i was born) dead, I become the ground floor. We 3 live in the first floor and attic. My older sister lives ~12km away.
From 2008-2011, I lived in Hamburg, is a hanseatic town in the north of german.
Ah, I understand. Yeah, there isn´t enough space, current, for you.

Maybe I have time to find out, how I can upload some photos, yeah, then I can send you it. :)

Best wishes and good night, (I must stand up at 4 o´clock in the morning for work, tomorrow.)
1 month ago
Hi, again.
Maybe is this one what for you, too? german shop too, but I don´t know, if the shipping costs better?

Best wishes,

1 month ago
Hey, Vernonika,

it´s all good. :) Don´t worry about this.
I had send you an friend invoice. ;)

Ah, you´re from croatia, I see. Yeah, the shipping costs are very silly. -_-
Here is an another link, but I don´t if is better with the shipping costs. The seller is from belgium: www.archonia.co...,
is also insert of the EU. :) figuya.com has her too, it´s an german shop. How yorokonde.de.

Yes, Saturn is mine, too, But better I find the Starlights & her princess Kakyuu. *_* On Place 2 are Saturn, Pluto, Galaxia & her Animates, Princess Serenity, her mother, Prince Endymion. Mars I like, too. As the Villians I like Mistress 9, Black lady, Witches 5, Amazoness trio &Quartett, Queen Nehalenia, Galaxia and her stuff, 4 (shi) tenou, yeah. :)
My fav couples are Uranus & Neptune, Prince & Princess, and I shipping Kakyuu & Star Fighter. XD (Stay away wih usagi with seiya. KAKYUU rules! :)))) )

My name is Susanne, called Susi by some friends. ;) (and on my work)

I like yet Doctor Who & the spin offs, The witcher, on Anime/Manga: Fruits basket, Mermaid melody pitchi pitchi pitch (Rina & Sara rulez!), Angel sanctuary, Blade of the immortal, Clamps Manga (RG Veda, X, Tokyo Babylon, Wish on place 1 of them), uh, I had some ones more. XD

So, I want to get out for BBQ. :)
See you,
Susanne / Susi / Sataan


PS: Are you from german/austria or swiss? I had seen you can speak german? Or have you lerned it? Sorry, I´m very nosy. *laugh* When you like, we can write in german. (I´m from germany, if you haven´t seen it.) ^-^
Know you the Sailor Moon Musicals & the drama series? I love them! *_*
My collection begans with Sailor Moon in the first time, it run´s on ZDF the first time in germany. And it´s changed to the TV channel RTL2, I saw it again at the last few years of the 90th, when we have a satellite-TV. There runs Season 3-5 as the first time. I don´t like the german cast of the Inner senshi. Sabine Bohlmann I´don´t like as Usagi. The german voice of Chibiusa in the 90th I really hate. Chibiusa is a brat in german. >_< Now so nice as in japanese version. But I really love the voices of Starlights, Kakyuu, Galaxia and her Mates, Nehallenia, Black lady, Mistress 9, Souichi Tomoe, 4 Outer Senshi. My absolute fav. cast of the 90th + Crystal/Eternal is the japanese Version and the Viz dub (USA). *_* The Eternal cast of german version is a really joke! But the translations of the manga aret cruelty. -_-
I read them only in japanese and in english.
And yours?
1 month ago
Punoooo ti hvala!!!!
7 months ago
it's ok been busy as well ^_^
8 months ago
Not really new. I been collecting for 2 years now. I just found out about MFC. Haha I sharing space with my sister so I can’t collect much figures for now. I only in to figures and rement miniatures. I used to collect Manga but don’t know where it is now. >_<
9 months ago
Yesss I totally love pairing figures. Sakura and Syaoran are my fav couple. <3 thanks for liking how I pair my figures ;)
9 months ago
It's okay! <3
10 months ago
Haaaaaaappy Birthdaaay!!!! <3 <3 <3
11 months ago
Happy Birthday! :3
11 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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