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Hi!^^ I am from Turkey and currently an architecture student. Hoping to build a huge cabinet to showcase all my figures and to own each piece I love! I love to talk about anime and figures so if you like to have a conversation don't hesitate!^^
Naruto, Fairy Tail, Toradora!, Zero no Tsukaima, Zetsuen no Tempest, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fate/Zero, Mirai Nikki, Kuro no Keiyakusha, Kuroko no Basket, Deadman Wonderland, Noragami, Ergo Proxy, Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and many more!
Naruto Shipuuden Ninja Storm Series, Danganronpa 1&2, Pokemon X
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You're very Welcome!

I love Turkey, it's such a wonderful country.

Sorry for the late reply btw.
1 month ago
Cok tesekkur ettim ama Ben yurtdisinda yasiyorum ve amiami burdaki karti kabul etmiyo malesef shipping adresim Turkiye oldugu icin kartinda Turkiyeye ait olmasi lazim diyor:(Nippon ve mandarakeden alabiliyorum sadece:(
1 month ago
You have a wonderful collection and great photos!

It's great to meet another Naruto fan. :D
1 month ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Np at all ^^ most ppl are confused with proxies so i sometimes buy for ppl for a small fee or resell ^^ like i just ordered some extra eeveelution glasses to resell (that way i can cover the 2 more expensive glasses so that they become the same price as other ones i bought plus make someone else happy :D)

Well they are so far ive had no issues :)
And i continue ordering with em. Only 1 incident ive had with a figure i suspected was broken but i think it might just be the way she was sculpted after all..

Yeah thats what I do atm. I do character displays :) or themes ^^ tho i might swap here and there not sure.

Haha yeah one is just more present than the other but for sure

Yeah theyre my top favs ^^ from naruto that is.

Well i only have one and i consider getting more but theyre too expensive for me so i stick with only louise. I did 50/50 with my ex so she was more affordable
2 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I see nice picks. I like the white one the most ^^ from both you linked haha. Tho i like the black ones too as theyre more accurate to the source.

Well with FJ just read their page how it works, its not hard :D ! You only need to copy the links when you find an item. Since you have trouble searching, i will link it to you if i see her ok ^^ and all you need to do is copy the link. Tho above 5k is better to avoid 216 fees that surugaya charges.. i found out the hard way cause i accidently added a preorder item and while it was >5k i paid that fee twice now as it counted seperatly :(
With FJ you can put your own value on every item once youre at charge 2 :) so no worries about customs.
And FJ also offers ferry shipping i use it all the time to save costs ^^ (you mean boat shipping right?)

True theyre nice together ^^
Tho i dont display em like that anymore but guess i could

True im kinda like a tsundere in a relationship xD cant handle a copy of that hahaha

Well for each their own every character needs some love :) from naruto i really liked tsunade,pervy sage and itachi ^^ thats my top 3 :) but i also liked kakachi,bee and many more xD not many i rlly disliked..

Yeah i couldnt get rid of her even after the breakup.. i love her too much same for my dollfie <3
2 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Ahh glad i was able to help. I assume you mean the white ver? Or are you referring to the louises on the bed which have a pink one?

Yeah on manda u have to be really quick sometimes..
I recommend using fromjapan. Cheapest in fees. Only charge 300 yen per order if from the same store. So i usually go big and buy a lot from the same store (surugaya) i make blogs about my loot sometimes. My next loot is still on its way :D since sal is not available for my country anymore i use slow boat shipping which takes 2 months :( well at least im hyped for quite a while xD

Hmm.. sometimes it is small like i had white ver of the one you want for only 2k cause of a rusty chain. Could easily remove the rust and shes rlly rare!
But i will look out for you for her np :) i love the hunt

Seems youre more fond of the nekomimi one and made up your mind :) i paid like 25 euros or so for her. Very cheap but that was just pure luck.

Yeah exactly plus its fake, its anime. I prob wouldnt handle a tsun well irl XD but maybe i coukd cause saito asked for it while i make sure she never feels insecure :)
True they are.. i love her.

Yeah same voice actor both tsunderes so yeah similar.
Hmm i at first didnt like her but she developed strength and in shippuden sakura isnt that bad. I do dislike sasuke.. he never rlly grew up and his motives are silly rlly..
Tho im not rlly one to hate a chara thats a bit too strong.

Same shes my 3rd fav i think. 1. White bustier 2. Nekomimi louise atelier sai 3. School uniform louise
I got her from my ex and the very first louise i got :)

Yeah limited to 700 and rare and expensive yes. I got her from my ex husband and i still cherish ger <3 eventho the memories of getting her are less nice now but its ok.
True she is indeed my favorite
2 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Well i made blogs about them, perhaps thats easier for you to decide?

BLOG #27246

BLOG #27127

Personally i would go for the first one, the louise on the bed. Ive seen her on yahoo jp and suru several times compared to manda where shes indeed more rare. Still even with fromjapan proxy fees etc you can get a good deal on her.

The nekomimi louise i would personally not pay more than 30 euros for her so approx 40 usd.. with shipping. She is cute but has sooo many issues rlly..

Yeah i mean she can be heavy tsun and people just hate her or think youre maso for liking her :( and no one noticed the rest is just as bad cause they get saito in those situations in the first place and dont explain it to louise at all and let him get beaten so yeah ^^;
Same! My first ecchi and louise holds a special place in my heart eventho i know by now ZnT isnt the best serie ever, its still in my favs and louise is still my no.1 girl.

Yeah will see! I can see why you dont like her face, her typical eyes are what attract me as well ^^ shes not my fav louise ;) white bustier louise is the best personally :) but school uniform louise is close too which you already own
2 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Oh thats good! Louise love is always welcome. Shes often misunderstood and u mainly see the negativity around her nowadays :(

Hehe so it seems good taste those are also nice tsunderes.
You got the better louises out there too it seems ^^ so great picks.

Well stay tuned cause i plan to review more of my louises. Prob doing clayz soon
2 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Np :) thank you!

You got some good taste as well :D

Nice tsunderes and tony girls
2 months ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
G'evening and happy new year btw! It's just been really rowdy here.

My family has a mixed reaction.

My brother is indifferent about it, mom is sort of supportive because she collects as a hobby, and my dad tells me I should do something else Haha

Many of my cousins think it's weird, and my uncles and aunts disapprove. However, my grandparents from my mom's side like it. Gramma thinks I have "good taste" because I collect beautiful girls, while gramps has always been a fan of animation and art.
4 months ago
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