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♡Your Sakura Collection is wonderful ♡
20 days ago
Thanks for accepting! Love the Sakura collection <3
1 month ago
Yeah A3 goods tend to have events beforehand I think most of the time? The event also has cute GraffArt illustrations, I almost died when I saw those. twitter.com/A3_...
2 months ago
Drafted Them ! :)
2 months ago
Hello, sorry for bothering again!

Do you mind draft-ing ITEM #1279558 and ITEM #1279560 as they are event goods and need information added (I've been having to put these up for a while before they got their standard release but I kept procrastinating lol)
2 months ago
Omg other sakura haruno fan nice collection!
2 months ago
Hi! Inbox full, but I’m interested in taking your minato nendoroid pre- order :)!

-please pm me when you clear your inbox ^~^
2 months ago
Oh yeah I just checked the change log, the person who originally changed the release date for Sakura forgot to change it for Hinata I guess.
2 months ago
Copyrights are usually there, they don't show in the Company tab when submitting but they're at the bottom of the page! Also I just realized this was incorrect but the release date for Hinata is 11/2021!
2 months ago
Hello, sorry for bothering!

Could you add the copyright holders (ENTRY #7813 , ENTRY #18612 , ENTRY #116114 ) back to ITEM #1190714 and ITEM #1212746. Also, for the future, copyright shouldn't be removed.

Thanks in advance!
2 months ago
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