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Just believe, and DO what you must do. Love what you do is the priceless.



SamuraiofHeiji6 years ago#26448354Hey . Thanks dear. :) (I read it on my birthday and ((but)) i skip to reply because i had to login and you are not bothering to see me reply either :D :D :D, but better late than never)
Just login to reply your wish upon me. :D See ya around with another topic to talkin.

Don't worry mate, i am happy to know you are replying at least, hope you are ok!
6 years ago
Happy Birthday friend :D
6 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji6 years ago#19028557View spoilerHide spoilerHey. I reply in quick time, am i ? :D
Even you say so, you know, before there SCultures was created, Banpresto "only" has Grandline Men product as a decent series for OP statue. And, i don't really like that boring static pose (just not my main taste). Mmmm lets stop that SCultures topic XD , kinda boring hahahaha.
Yes, i do have King of Artist's Luffy, Law, Ace (not marine), Sanji and (incoming) Usopp. I sold mine's Law because it is kinda naked dumb (lately i just realized to make his own jacket 's sculpture/cloth). The latest pre-order of Zoro, i kinda like it, but the costume tho . . . Why not making his regular costume instead of Dressrosa. Compare to predecessor's Master Stars Piece, this one is better, much better. How's that Ace's marine ver. quality ? I thought that Ace kinda smaller than the other.
Im sure you kinda nice talkative and tidy woman :D Same here, i dont really buy into it anymore. Now i kinda just following the news about it.
Oh, true, that Zoro's moveable figure is great. The pre-time skip for zoro is the best. I kinda into Shanks, that is so legit from megahouse XD.
About Jinbei, i am too wish it for Jinbei's new P.O.P for the long time. But for him to be next Strawhat, i i i i i i just have a (little) doubt about it. His role is too strong and he suits better to be alliance of Straw Hat Pirate. Like, Vivi's role of Alabasta Kingdom, Jinbei is suit for leader of Fishmen Island.

Hi, sorry for long reply, i'm sick and i can't type well with my hand, anyway hope you are alright and enjoying the hobby.
I didn't buy figures recently but i ordered nathan drake nendoroid, one piece figures aren't excited these days. Iguess it's because there isn't new characters made aside of the half naked girls POP, the only figure i wish to get is Zoro sitting on the chair pop, anyway,have a good end of the week mate!
6 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji6 years ago#18800549hello tattsuns ! i am glad to know that you are still replying :D . Sorry for keeping a long time. I just not regularly go to this site as often as the old days :D . You will know why when you already have a long time socializing in this forum.
Back to topic. I just not as love as the first time i own the SCultures vol.1 . Idk why, but their unstable quality control is made me down -_-. But you know what, i agree with price. This is the best one, i must say. Even this is counted as prize fig, this is awesome. Comparing to Megahouse, that is even not the winner, if we comparing to amount of people that loves this Banpresto. Nowadays, im just looking for King of Artist. They keep the consistency of quality. Do you already see that Banpresto is coming with another new Scultures season ? I m quite like Marco and Jinbei, also Bulma from DB.
Anyway, i love to talk with a good topic as well, furthermore we have similar likeness, so dont even shy or afraid. Mmmm, anyway, are you a woman ? I just seeing your collection a week ago (sorry if that is bother you XD)
Yes, that Luffy gear 4th is one of my target for this year as well. Im trying to get him for my first P.O.P collection. About his stand, i dont think that he could separate with the smoke-fog effect in his feet. So, he could keeps the balance. As the replacement, im assuming that he will not has regular base, instead he has special base (the smoke itself).
But instead that all, i am saving my money right now for this ITEM #520671 . This is crazy !
Anyway, How is it goin' ? It is nice to have conversation like this XD.

Hello friend, i'm glad you are fine! I was a bit afraid since you didn't replied but i guess everyone is busy with life outside, i am busy too and don't often come here either.

Well about the Sculture line, they have a bigger variety, but you are right about quality, i somehow checked them again to compare and it's not really perfect, but for the price you can somehow let it slide, i am also interest more in king of artist too, i'm looking forward the Zoro one, i already have the Ace marine version, how do you find it? do you have it?
I'm a woman indeed, don't worry lol
I'm glad to talk about this hobby, i'm not much of a collector anymore like i used to, last figure i got is Law sitting on chair, and he looks pretty cool.
I'm looking forward Zoro sitting on the floor and Luffy gear 4, aside of that there is really no other portrait of pirates that interest me.
Megahouse action figures line showed up Zoro pre time skip, i'm interest in it too!

Jinbei Sculture is interesting but i am somehow wishing for the portrait of pirates re-release or a new version so i can complete Luffy crew once he officially join lol.
6 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji7 years ago#16525500hey, it is really rare nowadays to see someone greet each other about their similariy of likeness . yes i appreciate your taste, that is a good statement. but as a collector and observer, i really disappointing about quality control that banpresto had. for example, the scultures product that has a great point in extreme pose and great sculpt detail, they have a lackness in their painting. i think i will stop there lol.
about the "long message'' you mentioned, i am glad to have a great discussion, so dont be sorry. peace dude XD nice to read your wallpost for me.

Sorry for late reply, i changed country so it took time to settle a new home and stuff!
I agree there is some Sculture that aren't well painted, not all of them but there is still some with less details painting.
But i find banpresto offering a nice figure for the price we put into them so i can overlook the few flaws, but i can't forgive megahouse for making us paying so much and there is still anything perfect.

I am slowly getting to know here actually, hope to talk to you more about upcoming figures, btw what do you think of the gear 4th Luffy by megahouse? no painting but still i am excited to see the painted version and the price too, the only worry is how will he stand!?
7 years ago
Hello, you do have nice figures!
I love the portrait of pirates line butthe quality doesn't justify the price and there is a lack of diversity in term of characters.
This is why i love banpresto sculture line more because they are cheap,well made and accessible to everybody!
Oh and the king of artist and msp line too!
Sorry for the long message,have a nice day!
7 years ago
salam kenal gan
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MobiusX Chūnin Rank
SamuraiofHeiji9 years ago#2559627hey happy birthday, naruto collectors ! bless with precious things for this new age. be happy!

Thanks and all the best. Have a great new year ahead of you too!
9 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji10 years ago#1471869hello syde1234. i'm from kaskus. the nickname's adiostomodachi, who pre-ordered from your shop. i send a friend request. please accept it.

Accepted, thanks for the FR
10 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji10 years ago#1346115hey thank you very much for this posting ITEM #143181
you helped me getting information for .hack// figure. thanks.

10 years ago


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