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Hello, i'm Luuk and i like dorkish things.

I started collecting bottle caps at age 6, don't know why but i guess i just liked how they looked or something :p

At age 12 i found out about the retro game collecting scene and thought it was the coolest thing ever!
I grew up with the Nintendo 64 and games like Conker's Bad Fur Day and Banjo Kazooie are probably the biggest reason's i got into fandom/collecting
Most of my game time currently goes to my PS4 so feel free to add me if you want to play some Fortnite together.

Started watching anime about 2 year's ago and it did not take long before i found out about the wonderful world of figure's
I already owned some action/trading figure's and i still have most of those but my first actual figure purchase was a Yamcha Zoukei Tenkaichi figure and it looked so cool i just had to find out more about the Anime merchandise scene.
My favourite series to collect for is by far the Portrait of Pirates line and i one day hope to have a giant line-up.

Thank you for reading and feel free to add me, love sharing thoughts with other collector's and anime/gaming enthusiasts.

One Piece, Gintama, Keroro Gunsou, FullMetal, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball, Nanatsu no Tazai, Sengoku Basara, Rick & Morty, South Park, Workaholics.
Tale of Genji, Robinson Crusoe. Manga: Claymore, Ragnarok. Hellsing, Mob Psycho 100..
Guilty Gear, Monster Hunter, Okami, Dragon Quest, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, GTA, Zelda, Mario, Cod, SMT, Tekken, Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, DKC, F-Zero, Pokemon, Yakuza, Deus Ex, Rayman, Crash, DOOM, Gargoyle's Quest ,DmC. Souls, Fortnite, Ninja Gaiden.
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glasses, long hair, swimsuit, wink, psycho, droid, tattoo, bike
Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Rock.
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Thank you for the birthday wish!! :)
1 year ago
SanAndreas (1 year ago) #25717447Thank You!
I only recently got into collecting but i'm already really enjoying the hobby.
One Piece is my favourite show and there is just so much to collect, that Shirahoshi will definitely join my collection at some point too!
It Would be a strange situation if they cancel our order because they need more money, i don't even care if i have to pay 20-40 euro's more but i'd preffer the price at 90 euros :)
I think normally her price would be around 140 euro's so 90 is still a strangely low price for them to sell it at.
Jam usually costs around 120-130 for a pre-order at Japanese Webshops and they charge 200 for some reason, it would have been way more logical if they charged 140 for both but i guess they just make their own decision's with pricing, I'm just happy that Ramlethal costs 90 and Jam 200 instead of the other way around.
I can't wait too find out and im pretty sure wil get the product where seeking :)
Guilty Gear Revelator is my favourite in the franchise so far, the fighting is really smooth and it has some fun extra's like fishing for goodies and maintaining a digital figure collection.
The storyline is also pretty cool, u can watch it like an anime movie and if you have previous knowledge of the origin it's very interesting.
I would love to see a full fledged anime of Guilty Gear cause the characters and there powers are just so damn cool.
Sorry for rambling and have a nice day!

Yeah it's a pricey hobby but totally worth it! I had a year long break from One Piece, the Doflamingo arc took
sooo long it got a bit boring.. and also I don't really dig the "new" art style. The figures look really
nice though!

You are right about the price, I'm just a bit paranoid sometimes D: the gameplay looks excellent, I will for
sure get the game once I'm done with some other games :) thanks for all the info! An anime would
be sweet, I'd love to see more of Ramlethal :D

No worries, it's all good! Hope you have a nice week. :)
1 year ago
SanAndreas (1 year ago) #25656378You're welcome!
I purchase game's regularly from that site (both new and retro games) so i'm quite fimiliar with them.
They also have a decent selection of Game/Anime figure's wich i frequently scroll through so that's how i came across it.
The Jam figure also look's quite good imo, but for 200 euro's it's waaaaay overpriced, i also barely use other characters then Ramlethal when i'm playing GG so i'm not that interested in her atm.
I'm still a little confused with the price being so low but i think my theory with Jam being overpriced make's sense.
U have a beautiful little collection by the way!

Yeah, their website seems good, I might order something else from them in the future. I hope they don't change their mind about the price and cancel our orders! :D

I actually haven't played the GG's with Ramlethal in them, but I'm going to buy Revelator soon. :)

Thank you, it's growing slowly! I like yours too, I'm also hoping to find Rangiku for a good price.
1 year ago
SanAndreas (1 year ago) #25650963U visited Nedgame for Ramlethal right? I think the reason that they can sell it for 90 euro's is because they try to sell Jam Kuradoberi for 200 euro's.
It's like they have no clue know what they should charge and just decided that Jam should be way more expensive.
It make's sense aswell because if Ramlethal where to cost 50 euro's more, the price would have been normal and if they charged 50 euro's less for Jam her price would be just about normal too.
Anyway, i can't wait to receive the figure and for 90 euro's it's a great deal!


Yes, that's the precise site! Well spotted, I didn't even think about checking for Jam. You're probably right about the price, what luck you had finding a deal like that :) funny how Jam doesn't even look that special compared to Ramlethal.

Thank you once more - now we shall wait for the beauty! :D
1 year ago
Hallo dit ben ik
2 years ago
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