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Watanote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad
Tales of Symphonia, Touhou Project
Sony Alpha A 7 with Zeiss 35 mm F/2.8 Lens. Sony Alpha Nex-5N



Good to hear from you again, no worries about being late! I always have a small hope to see an April Fools review from you again, but you shouldn't rush such a thing if you're personally busy. :) I'm happy that I was able to make more posts recently, but for me that will also soon end as I'm switching jobs as well. Don't forget to also spend time on your hobby's and family/friends! It's my personal biggest mistake from my last few jobs with high working hours/high work load. Take care!
2 months ago
Sorry for being so late!


How is everything? Long time no talk!
2 months ago
Thank you for your wishes! My family and I are all right and I could start buying figures again.
8 months ago
1 year ago
Sazako (1 year ago) #28710128Hey long time no speak Maakie. Again sorry I don’t have a laptop at home and really busy at work, but always been meaning to get back to you. In reply to your last post:
Admittedly last time I was home on break I was very selfish. I devoted almost all of the time to getting my character through to level 70 so I could play with my friend in Scotland. FF14 releases about 5 hours of main line story content.
My last vacation I went to the Australian city of Cairns in North West Queensland (North East). At that time, august it was beautiful as usually it is hot and humid but it was hot and sunny when the rest of Australia. I have been down a couple of times to the south west of Western Australia to see my extended parents there. Most of the time down there I just chill out and recover from work.
Yeah I guess with people investing lots of money into camera and lenses there is lots of passion with cameras. Perhaps this www.canon.com.a... which is comparable with Sony RX100.
Yeah my brother has a VAIO laptop which he still uses. Talking about that I got a new one to play FF14 and new games like Neir Automata www.ozbargain.c.... I won’t ask about the Sony gaming consoles.
Yeah I agree with people here going to see Japan, you have to go there some time. Its pretty cheap to travel to there from Australia last time I went it only cost me $500 return. Ooo please be careful if you got to America, seems a dangerous place these days.
Hey good for you doing good in your volunteer work. I think people have so little time to invest in such work or just don’t care, you’re a good example. I should make time to do that for myself. Yeah I feel the same way with my work. Hey but it is great that you’re an active member of the anime community and give workshops, that’s really something I could only dream of. Must be really fun thinking about and planning presentations. Btw what type of workshops lectures do you give there?
I guess the friends who I made in university weren’t too into anime so I went to conventions by myself, so never got asked to cosplay.. Anyway think you are very popular on this board, i would imagine you would have lots to respond to. You even have your own cosplay of the Lemur.
Yeah I play mmo occasionally to keep in touch with friends on the other side of the world, before I used to be quite addicted to them and it chewed up a lot of summer vacation time. FF14 has a very linear story. Cool with Gaming PC., any particular high end games you wanted to play? I bought a laptop just to continue playing FF14 and also Neir Automata (I really like Platinum games) (hey that is eastern but western look as well). Cool about your game choice as well. I get 2 weeks coming up over Christmas which I am looking forward to.
Hey good cosplay. Looks really clean and to the point and eye colour is really noticiable. I have never made anything but I think been part of a group would do that. However here in my city of perth I feel kinda old at the anime conventions (we don’t have many in the most isolated capital city in the world). Since we only have 1 a year, everyone is like really awkward and keeping to themselves. Yeah it should be on my bucket list. I could pick a character from the 90’s and amaze all the young kids. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me here. Ive cosplayed/ gone to a convention as Arthrun from Gundam seed (A friend came as Shin, Zun, Touhou Creator (One I did myself), Hazama from Blazblue. That’s all i ever did
Yeah unbuilt model kits a sign of too little time, hopefully I can fix that with a 2 week break over christmas. I have several kotobukiya kits, Combat San and Pest X San from Hoi Hoi San, series. But am mostly a Bandai and Master Grade Gundam man. Yes I agree with you on Koto as they have created a space for themselves were they take risks with kits, ie from Western looking games or adapting Western media into figure forms as well as the usual anime figures as well. Yes and do agree with you with the constantly inflating price of figures, when I got into the hobby 5800 yen was a reasonable price for a 1/8 scale now it is 10,000+.
For the moment I got 3 more days of my break left. Going to do take these figures and try and place them in the floor space in my cabinet.
I bought some new figures, but they are only prize figures which you game for in the arcades so are lower quality.
ITEM #287684 PHat Anastasia which is second of my Idolm@ster figures, even though I haven’t seen Cinderella girls, Something encaptivating about her.
ITEM #641120 One Aya from Touhou Project, she is a Tengu, wasn;t a big Aya fan but whow that pose is really dynamic.
Hmm may look out of scale with my 1/8 griffon scales who are notoriously small.
Secondly is Moemura from Madoka Magica, that golf club and determined face, and a dynamic pose.
ITEM #621966
I’m going to attempt to take my figures out of their case this time.
ITEM #397074 (Before i didn’t know she was voiced by Tanaka Rie).
ITEM #500248 (I love Shijou’s character design, im going to give the Cu-Pochi over nendoriod.
ITEM #6596 ( I love Luka’s chacater design as well).
ITEM #267183 (Yoshi, my main character in Super Smash bros has been chillilng in his box for ages).
ITEM #129666 (Noel has been just chilling un-opened as well, I didn’t really have much time getting into getting good at Blazblue as I would really like to)
And putting these on my shelf as well as I’m more then half way through Tales of the Abyss now and think that I have earnt the right to open and display them.
ITEM #880
ITEM #73323
ITEM #1649
Edit: I failed to notice this from Summer Wonfest... Wow there was something i wanted to buy. Nendoroid Nagisa ITEM #604420

Hello! Indeed it was, but not to worry about that! ^^

Nothing wrong with a 'selfish' vacation to relax. :) I am inbetween jobs right now (starting my new job soon) and have spend most of my free time on writing a ton on my blog (you may have noticed it became a lot more active recently) and am trying to plan 1 or 2 blogs a week until the end of the year in the little bit of free time I have left before I start the job. The other free time went into spending time with the PC I build at the beginning of this summer, where I played a lot of backlogged games (did not have a good PC for many years, so even though I bought the games, I could not play them until recently). Anyway, some nice quality me-time, lol. And met up with friends and family too. :) And going to a concert next tuesday, where I'm really looking forward to!

Never went to Australia myself (the prices of a plane ticket for me to get there are already *welp*), but I really want to visit Sydney someday. Do you recommend going there too or is it less interesting than it sounds for tourists?

Thanks for the recommendation! The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II seems like a step up the ladder from my trusty Canon IXUS, but I think I want to get even a step higher when it comes to professional looking shots and options with different lenses. I'm really tempted to get the Sony Ilce 5000k (Alpha series) and the Canon Rebel gets recommended to me a lot too. Such a hard decision to make!!!

I absolutely don't recommend you get a Dell Hell. I got so many bad experiences with that brand. Especially at previous jobs where I got laptops from them mysteriously crashing while not even getting close to pushing their processing limits. I do have to admit I'm not sure which new brand I will go to for laptops now that Sony quit making VAIO's, but I would trust something from Asus, Acer, HP and the like more. I have been looking at some Acer models myself recently, but hope my VAIO will stick with me for a few more years. Oh wait shit now I re-read it and you already got the Dell?! D: Sorry lol. But I still stand by my point so I won't remove what I typed above. xD I hope your Dell will give you a lot less trouble than the Dells I have dealt with in the past. In general, if your computer doesn't need to be portable, I reccommend building a desktop. Their cooling mechanisms only are already so much better than any laptop (even when my own VAIO was still considered a gaming laptop, it was not reccomendable to play games pushing it's limits, the laptop would get so hot!).

Oh man I am so jealous of you and a lot of other people living sort-of close to Japan when it comes to getting there. xD I am very lucky if I can get flight tickets to Japan costing me less than $1500, and of course I want to go together with my husband, $3000...and that's without any place to sleep, any shopping money or the trips I want to do while being there. D: Long-term savings goal for sure! And well, to me every big-name city can be considered dangerous, lots of people in a small space an a well-known-point on the map. Better not to think about it. >.<

I have a list on my profile description with lectures I have given in the past and will soon give. :D They are mainly about collectibles or cosplay. ^^

I started out cosplaying by myself and went with friends that didn't wear any outfits to cons. Only later I met other cosplayers, especially when I started entering competitions and you talk/meet with people backstage. ^^

Oh wow, thank you. xD I notice myself that I am well-known/recognized, but I wouldn't call myself popular lol. And ha, that Lemur cosplay was a joke outfit. xD I wear it a lot less nowdays because I got more into J-Fashion for my 'lazy days' at cons. ;)

I used to play a lot of Tera and Aion when I was in college, but pretty much dropped playing MMO's. Sometimes I log into Tera to put my Elin in some cute outfits lol. I sometimes get tempted to start with a new character, but I should spend the small amount of free time that I have on more story-driven 'short' games as most of those provide a better experience. ;) And hrmm, you mean FF15 was disappointing to you? I'm quite looking forward to playing it!

Yeah, I had many backlogged games that wouldn't even install on my laptop lol. The games I played right away when we had the new PC were The Evil Within, the newest DOOM and Resident Evil 7. After finishing those I also bought Just Cause 3, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Outlast and Obduction. Right now I'm looking forward to the free DLC for RE7 that is supposed to add a lot of storyline, which will release on December 15th (I won't have much time off in december, but I hope I can squish playing it somewhere there, with the main story only being 10 hours, I guess it won't have much more than 5 playtime hours?) and when the next time when I will have a vacation comes around (probably spring 2018?), I want to buy and play Evil Within 2. You will mainly play FF14 and Nier when you have vacation? :)

Thank you very much for liking my cosplay! :D About contact lenses: I thought they didn't add much and were too expensive when I started out cosplaying. Now I can't go without them! I love finding matching lenses whenever I do a new cosplay and wear them casually (if possible) too. ^^ And regarding to your own cosplay experience: You can always post some shout-outs online or try to find a group to cosplay together with? Touhou following seems to be huge wherever I look. ;)

Do you have any pictures from the time you cosplayed? :D I'm especially curious to how your suit would have looked. ^^

I welcome you to my list of backlogged stuff I should start building LIST #55585 xD

Urgh I remember back in the days, 50 euros for a new figure and ~30 euros for a second hand figure was normal. Nowadays you can triple both of those prices. Of course quality has improved and it's good to read that there are better work environments in China. Downside for me personally is that my income did not triple together with the rising figure prices. xD It did make me change my collecting to more small merchandise and doujinshi in the last few years.

Cinderella Girls is a cute Idolmaster anime, but not something world-changing. The series does have Anzu, who is my absolute fave imas-girl. ^^

Have you also been making pictures of the figures themselves or your displays? :) I still have a bunch of backlogged pictures I want to write reviews about, which I tell myself I need to do first, before unboxing more figures. xD
1 year ago
Sazako (1 year ago) #26729194Hey Maakie, Long time no Post and I'm glad for your consideration. Yeah still busy here and i went on holiday during my break from work (14 days in a row), just very busy with that so had no time to respond.
I'm pretty good with Cameras, For Shooting figures I would suggest the upgrade of my camera, Sony A 7 Mark 2 For shooting figures It has the E mount (which is 18 mm mount) and Full frame sensor, hence you can mount nearly any lens (Below the on it with an adapter). Taking it outside you have to focus with the ring instead of auto focus for one of these (works for shooting figures for review). The sensor stabilization in the Mark 2 make up for image stabilization which is usually in the lenses of most modern camera. You can buy a pretty good one for shooting figures with off ebay for $150 USD off ebay (Prime lens). A prime, 35 or 50mm lense would be perfect for shooting figures as well as vacation photos for.
Unfortunately the Good Sony Lenses, with autofocuse on the camera are overpriced. Perhaps when the Mark 3 range of the A7 is released they will release some more, but very much behind Nikon and Cannon. You get into manual mode and adjust the settings to take the perfect photo.
For me a lot of my attention has been taking away from figures, which originally got me to buy a camera to photography, But now is invested into travel. If you haven't i have tried to combine both hobbies of mine of taking my Nendoriods to famous places (Especially in Japan). The article i was actually was working on was the 3rd in the series of these, I have about 2 more to go after that.
Otherwise i find the high end compact camera Sony RX100 or equivalent good. Btw did i mention that i am a Sony Fanboy for just about everything.
Hey by the way where would you like to take an expensive holiday?
Hey I think that's really good that you do volunteer work, I wish i wasn't as lazy and tied to do that on my time off. What type of work do you!?
Also judging how popular you are here i bet you have a lot of emails to answer as well.
Cool what video games do you play, do you prefer Western or Eastern? But definitely agree with you about prioritising friends and Family.
I seem to only play Final Fantasy 14 now on computer, and some times an RPG on the Nintendo 3ds. But am definitely with you with the tower of backlogged games. And what Cosplay have you done? Your life sounds so fun. I could never find anyone to cosplay with myself but i have came to some of the sparse anime conferences in ebay- Cosplay. Since my immediate friends aren't interested in this stuff I usually find it hard to find and keep in contact with people with similar interests.
Haha, Yes I should get busy about reviewing Haman Khan, i haven't watched Zeta Gundam in its entiriety but I do like her character in it. That reminds me that I used to build and paint 1/100 Gundams as well. Would really like to work on some more.
Cool choice of the Koto Resident Evil figures from Wonfest, Yeah I have noticed while they still do traditional anime figures while still remianing competitive with Alter and GSC on the, they have branches off into a few other areas . With Lina Inverse its good to see old franchise get love as well, just not the newest and hottest flavour of the month franchise.


Oh! What did you do in your vacation? Did you go somewhere or did you just lazed around at home? (Also that last one can be very rewarding!) Did you go to Japan again? (If yes, I'm so jealous!)

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm storing the info between the other recommendations I've got for camera's! And yeah, I'm very used to easy autofocus, but if those expensive Sony lenses with autofocus are good, I don't mind investing in 1 or 2 of them (or pick them up secondhand). :)

And nah, I won't go for compact camera's anymore. I'm very happy with my current Canon IXUS and before my current one, I had other IXUS'ses or Canon camera's. So I'm quite used to Canon camera's, it will be hard if I decide to step away from that brand (so I definitely understand your fanboying/sticking to one brand! :) ). Most photopgraphers over here seem to be really attached to Nikon camera's btw.

I'm also a huge Sony fanboy, I'm especially fan of their Sony VAIO laptops and I'm sad that they have stopped making them. When my current VAIO will die, I will have a hard time to find another fitting laptop. I was just so used to customizing a new VAIO every time I had to get a new laptop. *sigh* Also my TV is a Sony Bravia, my headphones are sony, don't even get me started on Sony gaming consoles lol.

Well, Japan of course! It seems like a common thing on this website to have gone to Japan at least once, but I never went before! And also my husband really want to go to Las Vegas, which I think will be very nice (and super over-the-top too)!

I do way too much volunteer work, don't get me started on it (people always think I'm crazy because of it, haha)! Anyway, most of my time currently goes to helping out an LGBQT-friendly convention. :)

Well most of my e-mails are regarding said volunteer work, haha! But I also get quite some e-mails of people getting in contact with me after giving a lecture or workshop at a convention. :)

Yeah, sometimes I get so busy it feels like I'm neglecting friends/family. :( But luckily my best friends and close family understand. :) Anyway regarding games, I play a mix of Western and Eastern games. Actually most of my favorite games are "Eastern games with a Western look' (Resident Evil, Evil Within etc.). xD When it comes to Western games I mainly play story-based shooters I guess. But I play almost anything if the story/setting catches my attention. :)

Ah, I remember reading about another new expension for 14 recently. I don't really have the time nowadays to invest in MMORPG's, so I rather spend my time now on shorter games. Did you also hear yet that FFXV will get an improved PC version? :D I'm very excited about that one, because I don't have a PS4 (yet), but did recently build a new gaming PC. :)

Well, check my cosplays out yourself here: tinyurl.com/maa... ! :D I've been cosplaying for 10+ years, but I'm quite a 'slow' cosplayer compared to others. I used to do about 2-3 costumes a year, but nowadays that's 1-2 a year. *cough* But I do take on bigger projects nowadays. I like to brag with my progress on my Calne cosplay: www.cosplay.com... :)

Wait, I have a meme for that remark you just made (saw this one a few minutes ago lol): i.chzbgr.com/fu... xD I have a lot of interesting hobby's, but too little time to properly spend time on them. xD So I'm only interesting if you have slowchat with me because my day-to-day-life is quite...average. xD Anyway, regarding cosplay! It's so fun! And there's a high chance cosplay will make you meet new people, even if you don't have friends right now that cosplay (yet)! And well most of my contact with fellow cosplayers is at cons and a bit of online. I'm one of those people with not enough free time to keep in active contact with most. ^^'' So I'm more solo than most others. Which outfit(s) did you wear when you cosplayed? :)

I noticed model kits getting more popular around here. They even hold speedbuilding competitions right now at conventions and I see way more vendors selling them! Me and my husband used to build and buy kits quite a lot about 5 years ago, but also didn't pick up this hobby much recently. We still have multiple unbuild kits lying here. ^^''

Kotobukiya keeps on being my favorite manufacturer, although they get quite some backlash here on MFC for their quality. And yes, I have to admit, their quality isn't as high as some other higher end manufacturers over here, BUT Koto does a lot of designs others will never do + their prices are more sane compared to our current market prices. And yeah, I'm sure Lina will be super cute as a Nendoroid! <3 Can't wait to see pictures from the people that will own her. :)
1 year ago
Sazako (1 year ago) #25001496Hey So sorry Maakie I have been MIA 2 weeks away at work but i was always meaning to get back to you on the matter.
Haha my article is another Nendoroid exploration article. All which is stopping me now is Ive got to photo edit maps together where i took the photo. Its of Alice Kuonji ITEM #124610 when i went to Japan to see its Autumn leaves. Perhaps i will get it posted up two years after i finally went on the trip. That should be a good milestone. I got 2 more of these articles in the works One which would be absolutely massive.
Yeah i know what you mean when you get home Afterwork and not having motivation to write a review. So much easier I'm starting to finish up playing Tales of the Abyss on my 3ds. I think if i did another one it would be on ITEM #5438 to see how she holds up in Modern day or ITEM #18 or ITEM #449 Oldies but Goodies.
Ha i followed through what was announced for Summer Wonfest 2017, saw absolutely nothing which i like. Maybe im just old and not connected to Anime properly these days. Last thing i watched was besides LuckyStar was Attack on Titan Season 2. Interestingly enough I think Saber and Miku were dethronedwith number of announcements this wonderfest by ENCYCLOPEDIA #39862

Hey! No problem, I have been very busy too! Take your time in replying whenever you want. :)

That sounds really fun! :) I have recently also been looking into camera's, I think that it will become a future savings goal for me, to buy a good system camera with at least 2 lenses. My compact is good enough for reviews and very easy to use on vacation, but I just want a bit 'more', before I go on expensive vacations (would be a waste to have a part of your pictures messed up because you cheaped out on a camera!).

Most of my time after work is spend on checking e-mails and doing stuff for my volunteer work. ^^'' And then on my days off...I try to play at least 1 day a week games and work 1 day a week on cosplay. :) Sometimes I meet with friends or family of course, and skip one of those 2 activities (mainly gaming, which is why I have a lot of backlogged games :P ). And ooh! I would love to see a review of ITEM #449 ! I think I never saw one before!

Oh wow! I do have a bunch of figures I will follow, but most of them are from older franchises, lol! Anyway, these will pretty sure be instant buys (unless the prototypes turn out very bad or the price very high):
- ITEM #600565
- ITEM #600566
- ITEM #600025
- ITEM #600568
Kotobukiya keeps on surprising and touching the niches I love, haha! Also i was happily surprised when I saw the entry of ITEM #604438 . I don't think I will buy her, but I like seeing the franchise getting some love. :)
1 year ago
Sazako (1 year ago) #24327042haha right back at you as well for your reply thank you.
Yeah I'm in full agreement with you with preparing photos and just writing an article in general. have to select the best then post-process. You've made a fantastic contribution to this site as well. I've probably said this before but I really like your review style and figure choices.
Myself I am working on a new article I have a draft written and photos up here. Just got to find time to do a final re-write over and more supporting photos.
I'm halfway through my re-watch of lucky star and it is as glorious as I remember it from almost 10 years back. definitely an anime which defines my golden age of anime.
Anything you like from summer won fest?

Thanks! <3 I'm really glad that (even if it's a smaller group) people are enjoying my style in writing and taste in figures. :)

So, what's the article you are working on, a new review?

I have a grab box unboxing over here almost ready. After that I need time to proofread and to upload itself, lol. I used to upload my reviews mostly in the morning when I had evening-shift at work, but in the last few months I have been working a lot of overtime, so I don't have free mornings anymore. :P And in the evening I'm way too tired to proofread and upload. :P

I have Lucky Star ready over here to rewatch! I will have a week off in 2 weeks, so I hope I manage to squeeze it into there!

To be honest with you...I did not have the time yet to check all the entries, haha! Ask me again in a few days and I can have a more full answer. xD The only thing I know is that from the figures I was following over here, not that much of them were updated. What about you? Do you have a list of what you like? :)
1 year ago
Sazako (1 year ago) #24208365Hey No problems and thank you. Glad you got it and glad to be friends with you!

Aww, so sweet of a reply! :D

Recently I have been working on sorting through pictures for new reviews and grab box unboxings, but have not gotten to the actual writing yet, ahah!
1 year ago
Completely missed out on the notification of your friend request SORRY! Accepted of course! :)
1 year ago
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