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Gooday! From Perth Australia.

Its been nearly a decade since picky up the hobby and soon after joining Tsuki Boards and I have had a really enjoyable and fun time!

At the moment I have just cast off my life as a student and have gone out into the world to go and work. Unfortunately balancing time between friends and my hobbies, Gunpla, Anime and video games is really difficult.

Top 5 favourite Anime:
Watamote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad, Welcome to the NHK

My Reviews so far!

Scale Figures

1:Touhou Project | Kompaku Youmu | 1/8 | Griffon

2:Rurouni Kenshin | Himura Kenshin | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

3:Code Geass | Lelouch Lamperouge | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

4:Touhou Project | Hourai Kaguya | 1/8 | Griffon

5:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Kyuubey | N/A | Seven Two

6:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

7: Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier | 1/8 | Scale Good Smile Company

8: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku | 1/8 | Griffon

9:Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Ultimate Madoka | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

10: Panty & Stocking | Stocking Anarcary | 1/8 | Alter

11: Evangelion: 3.0 You can not Redo | Shinji Ikari | Non Scale | Sega

12:Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion | Akuma Homura | 1/8 | Stronger

13:Tales of Symphonia | Colette Brunel | 1/8 | Kotobukiya

14: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku - Ryuugyodoriru | 1/8 | Griffon


1:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | N/A | Max Factory

My collection as of 26/01/2017.


Newest Additions


Nendoroid Photo Travel Diaries:

1. Tomoko's Sakura Tour

2. The Legend of Zelda The Hokkaido Holiday Special

3. Alice in Koyo Land

That One time Time which I 1CC'd a Touhou Game, also move of a Decade ago!

When i Discovered Touhou and pitiful state of clearing.
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I hear good things about their noodle stoppers, recently ITEM #1128615 also got my attention, I might (pre-)order her. I also wish ITEM #581611 would have gotten a proper Lilith counterpart.
7 days ago
Did you already see ITEM #1129091 ? A nice and more affordable Reimu. :)
14 days ago
No problem. I've met a few fellow Touhou fans on here so far, and it's always nice to talk with them. I discovered the series when I was pretty young, about 11 or so I think. First love was the music. I listened to various remixes of tracks from the games for a while before getting into the characters, watching some gameplay, and buying a copy of Touhou 8.

In regards to other Touhou characters I like... It's pretty hard not to like Sakuya a lot, so she'd probably have to be another of my favourites. Speaking generally, my favourite Touhou games character-wise are 7 and 8. As probably comes with liking Ran, I also like Chen a lot, mostly because I find the idea of 'The Shikigami's Shikigami' amusing. Kaguya is also one of my favourites, along with Eirin. I've also recently grown a great fondness for Yuyuko, post beating Touhou 7 again. I could keep going with lots of others but that would probably defy the point of trying to define my very favourites!

The thing I like about collecting and painting resin kits is that for the most part its all about hunting them down and discovering new kits that really excite you that you sometimes never even knew existed before you managed to nab them online somewhere. This just happened today with ITEM #62820, 1/6 too, very excited. This really differs from collecting PVC figures where it can sometimes get frustrating trying to get a hold of what you want.

I'm gonna come clean and admit I'm working with a no brand super cheap airbrush from Amazon. I haven't been airbrushing for very long so I decided to start with something cheap. I do plan on upgrading to an actually good one once I A: Have the money and B: feel like I know how to properly look after an Airbrush.

It's definitely possible to get that Okuu kit still. I've seen it twice on Mandarake in the past few months, and there have been many auctions for it on Yahoo Auctions. In fact, I think there's an auction for it up right now. It's honestly a blessing to have such an amazing kit (somewhat) easy to obtain. Normally these things pop up once and never again. The main issue with getting it for me was the price, although I think I'm actually pretty stingy with how much I'm willing to pay for resin kits. Oh, poor Aquamarine. I was really looking forward to your Koishi...
21 days ago

No worries; I've been well. How has this year been for you as it begins?

I've decided to watch the 1st season of Prisma Illya, and I'm on episode 4 now. It's really funny, and I like how it does meta references to the Magical Girl genre. I should watch Fate Zero the others; they were popular meme sources XD I saw many of them in the 2000s.

I looked at Groove Coaster from your link; I love how the environment is minimal, but they still incorporate motifs of Tanaka Hime and Suzuki Hina in the background, and how they play with the dimensions, so it doesn't look like you're just having a top-down view of the line. Looking at it with the Switch controller, it reminds me of Sound Voltex a bit, a newer Konami rhythm game. I'll look further to see how the arcade version works. Final Fantasy had a rhythm game? I had no idea. What is it like? I'll look it up.

If I may have you played danmaku games? Ikaruga, Cave games, and the like? I went through a phase where I played those as well, including the USA-locale ones we got, like R-Type Final and Einhander, but I'm getting nostalgic of them now. Tales of Symphonia is an RPG if I recall correctly? A turn-based one? That as well I'm going to look up. It's your favorite and I want to learn more of it.

I've been to Japan in 2008 but I want to go back there again. I have this dream of going to Comiket 100...but yeah XD indeed it doesn't look possible. I want to go with my dad, and he does not want to go at the same time as the Olympics.

My Vtuber gateway was Virtual-san is Looking, an MMD series that has Nijisanji members, Himehina, and Tokino Sora, among some others. I think Hololive was just beginning then. I almost dropped it after the first episode, but I kept at it. It's really similar to Robot Chicken but not vulgar, because each episode is the standard 22 minutes, but composed of 2 to 3 minute clips that have nothing much to do with one another. They kinda do later on, but it's all really random, and until I got used to it, the episodes felt like I was being bludgeoned over the head with ridiculous non sequiturs.

In that vein Omega Sisters' humor is kind of childish and slapstick; a lot of it involves how they are yelling all the time. For example, one video involves them making toilets, and another has them dehydrating various foods, to then eat them. My favorite is a video where they step on Legos, to guess from which 4 shown is the one that they stepped on. www.youtube.com... They get English subtitles at a sporadic rate. Pikamee has a more "wholesome" vibe that she even references in her videos, and mixes Japanese and English. The way she speaks and reacts to things is very cute and funny.

I truly wish I had the time to watch full livestreams; I've seen a few all the way through but none longer than 90 minutes. If these were happening while I was in college I would've been glued to the computer screen lol; it's nice that people clip them into smaller chunks when they translate them. Because Korone's and Suzuhara Lulu's streams are so long, I often just leave them on if they're during a weekend day, and look at them while I do laundry and vacuuming etc

Thank you for the pictures! I have no experience with painting model kits, and these are immaculate. I know some need to have their parts glued together, right? What magnificent Gundams. And the Alita one she is so cute. I have yet to see any Battle Angel Alita, but I plan to. It's a classic.

My childhood friend actually only watches anime now and then; I know he's seen Konosuba, Kill La Kill, and Full Metal Alchemist, and he's been watching anime for about 4 years. I lent him some DVDs of mine; while he wasn't a fan of Gochiusa, he enjoyed Squid Girl =3 and he didn't like anime at first, when I began to watch it. I have some on Instagram that I converse with far more frequently, but I'm incredibly thankful that I know someone in-person who watches it, when considering where I live anime is not really known. He knows of Touhou also, of a brief understanding. Coincidentally he also plays World of Warcraft and he let me try it one time...thank goodness it was a demo character and not his, because mine got killed in about 5 minutes.

Your university time reminds me of my anime club when I was there; back then I was far more strict about what I watched, and I just wanted to watch moeblob stuff from the time period. Like with Kannagi I had to beg and plead to them to just put one episode on. Nowadays I look back and think about why I did that XD I want to give all anime a try.

But yeah Ina is one who I need to watch more of. She's very relaxing and heartwarming; have a most splendid weekend ^_^
22 days ago
Mmm, thanks! I’m just about done with my own break and going back into the swing of things. My busy period will be as hectic as usual from what I’ve seen. It’s really interesting to hear about how you celebrate Christmas down in Australia, and those are quite some nice models you’ve got there! I’m also pretty interested in modelling myself. My friend has actually been introducing me to try my hand at diorama models, and I hope to make my first one in a few months.

I guess I also really like Shakespeare’s plays for one. And though it’s more a musical, Hamilton is also another one I really enjoy. I wouldn’t say I’m really cultured either, haha. I just found myself enjoying them when a theater friend of mine took me out to see a play. Oh I see, I guess it makes sense to choose some of the more recognizable ones, it’d be great if more touhou songs were added. Speaking of music though, do you have any favorite touhou music circles? Oh yeah, that’s a classic PV with the Eientei rabbit gang. I might have already said it already but my favorite PV is www.youtube.com...

Right, that’s really inspiring to take to heart.

Mmm, the prices are quite good for nendroids in comparison. I’ll probably look for a Yuyuko one or a Sanae one. No immediate concerns in terms of covid over here. It’s good that you all are taking it seriously, hope that you all continue to stay healthy over there!

Ooh that’s nice, I’m still pretty new so I might take a look into more of them soon. I’ve seen Marine and Fubuki’s stuff and watched Watson as well. Crazy to think that we’ll get figures of them too. Maybe the growth is because the potential English market is bigger than the Japanese one? That’s my best guess.

Ah, that makes sense, I’ll also be looking forward to seeing your display set up in the future once that happens! I can’t deny that we’ve seen flucations in weather due to climate change.

Shipping from Japan will be an issue for the foreseeable future it looks like. Don’t think I ever took pictures of myself jumping, though I do take photos of the areas I visit. I usually go solo anyway so it’s a bit hard to record myself anyhow. If I can find something, I’ll let ya know. Hope to get a bit better at taking pictures. I’ll keep that in mind when I try out skiing and snowboarding.
Ah yeah, something similar for the part of my family living in Korea. Have to get permission from the embassy about certain things and also have to quarantine themselves before being let out.

Haha, that bad huh? That reaction is honestly justified though. Yes, I am super happy about the new figures! When I received the box, I was really impressed by QuesQ’s box as well as looking at the figure through the window! For the most part this should be it for a few months. Theres quite a few events, though I personally haven’t gone to any yet. One of my friends is interested in going together to an anime event later in the year though if things look a bit safer for it. I feel as though anime in general has become a lot more accepted in general compared to the past, though I guess it depends on where you live.

It’s nice to find another friend with similar interests! I actually don’t have too many friends who are into touhou or anime really, so I hope to make more friends if I can to talk about things like that. In any case, I might see myself pretty busy in the coming month or two, so it might take longer to respond the next time around. Just in case I don’t see ya for a bit, hope everything goes well for you!
22 days ago
Hello! Nice to hear from you! And wow that is great how much time you had to spend on your hobbies! You already got days off planned for this Summer? I am not sure what to do yet. I'm thinking about maybe taking no days off or only minimum of days off because I rather save up my free days to 2022 where I hope 'real' vacations will be more possible again!

That's some nice work and I especially like your custom Nendoroid! I had a couple of the manga a long time ago, but never continued reading it or watched the anime. I do hear a lot of good things about that recent movie, so I do plan on watching it some time!

It's pretty wild for me to imagine the situation is so under control in Australia that people are not even wearing masks! Unfortunately the number of active Corona cases here has only been going up since December with no sign of it going down. Strangely enough our postal services did recently open shipping to a lot of countries again (so now I can also ship to Australia again haha). I'm not complaining, but I don't understand how that is possible if the numbers are going worse for many countries.

Well, at least I have the promotion now. So my resume is looking a bit better although my tasks have not changed. For us we currently have the 'luck' that because of the working from home, that even if one of us is in a period of a lot of overtime, we see each other a lot. That is probably the only thing I'm going to miss once the pandemic is over, my working desk is not next to my husband anymore, haha!

Yeah all my employers that had very strict phone rules and censored computer rules were also the ones with the worst work environments. When you try to micromanage that people are not even allowed to listen to music anymore, then, well....

Are you still waiting on your surface items or did they already arrive? Over here the estimation is that surface will take the full 3 months, so at best I will be getting the first part of my order March 20th, haha.

Ah, I remember you were talking about that same Reimu last time we spoke as well! I hope you'll be able to find a good second hand deal for her!

I thought New Zealand was one of the strictest countries when it comes to pandemic prevention or are they OK with travelers from Australia as your corona numbers are a lot better? Personally I am hoping that we could also make a safe 'bubble' in Europe maybe late this year or somewhere next year so I would be able to visit my family in my home country. Currently I am not seeing any possibilities for travel to outside of Europe soon unless all the vaccinations will go smoothly and will be proven to work.

Ah! Sorry I always am of the mindset that almost everyone has Netflix. xD Yeah I will really treasure this figure. I am already thinking about a custom display case.

It is interesting how figures went up in price so much more than almost any other anime merchandise. I do know it's because of increased wages in China and trying to do more of the work inside Japan, but still, with those factors almost all merchandise should have seen higher increases I would have expect!

Yeah I got multiple feedbacks on eBay from people mentioning that some of the items they had been looking for for years. :) So it's nice to hear such things that you get happy buyers!

Well, even if you sell just very rarely on eBay, people tell you that you have to see it as a business and that means on average about 20% of overhead (which on eBay mainly means refunds for unhappy customers or late post deliveries). So you basically have to keep that number in mind when selling there, you just have to be ready to give refunds and such because people expect a lot and there is also unfortunately a scammer here and there.

Thanks! :) The pandemic gave me a lot more free time to spend on this hobby and it seems like the stream of these blogs will continue for a while more. And regarding the views and comments, well...that is just going down a lot in general on MFC. People have been recommending me to branch out to other websites and social media, but so far everything I have tried I quit within half a year before it took too much effort to crosspost for the amount of hits and comments. So unless the numbers would really drop to nearly no-one seeing my blogs, I'll just keep them to here.

Well I can't say much about Watamote because I still plan on watching that one! But when it comes to Lucky star it's hard to say. I actually never asked someone let's say 16-18 years old on here to go and watch Lucky Star and let me know how it is haha. Kind of a different subject, but nowadays every anime season gets so much anime that I feel like more recent anime fans barely watch anything 'old' because there will always be so much to check out at the same time with the new seasons.

I would definitely say there are more collectors, but I do feel like there are less 'sharers' when it comes to knowledge, pictures, blogs etc. But this is something I feel like I have seen increasing on social media, YouTube, Twitch etc. as well. A lot of people nowadays are big fans of certain content creators, but would never create content themselves. Regarding the Chinese website, it's hard to say. A lot of China related websites and merchandise seem hard to access and hard to understand the community. I can imagine that there would be quite some collectors there as in general anime (style) is also pretty popular, but it's hard to say how tight knit the collectors' community would be there.
23 days ago
Oh wow, thanks! It looks quite nice, and looks in fitting in character! I like how you've made Atila's mark and painted her hair. It's great to see that you can do something like this to make a nendroid for an older series. How many times have you made your own custom nendroid?
24 days ago
I'm glad you've been doing good, no worries about the reply once again! I've just been enjoying my time off before getting back to things at the end of the month. I'm glad you got those all fixed up, I'll be looking forward towards seeing your custom project! Vtubbers I know indeed, though I haven't watched too much. I've watched Fubuki and Marnie from hololive but haven't had much exposure beyond them. Who is your favorite?

I'm also looking forward to seeing how things pan out and it's kinda amazing how much Watamote has evolved when you look at the first few chapters and compare them to the more recent ones. I can emphasize with the feeling of social anxiety in a lot of situations really.

Yeah I'm excited! I'm planning on traveling to Ikea soon to buy furniture to hold the figures in, it's been a pain since the nearest one is a few hours away so I have to plan a trip. Hopefully I'll be able to display them soon!
1 month ago
Late Happy New Years! I hope you've been doing well!

I also really like how the series has been going, and now I'm excited to see Tomoko start thinking about her own future seriously. The feeling of anxiety is something that is really relatable with her character.
2 months ago
Hope you been having a happy holiday season Sazako!

No worries on the reply, I’ve also been rather busy for the past month, just now settling down for some time off during the holidays. Once again, you got me at a good time for me to send a reply!

I’m glad your enjoying yourself over your Christmas break, this year’s been hard for a lot of us, it’s nice to settle down for the last few days before the New Years. I’m just imagining the wintery holiday celebrations we have here in a warm place like Australia, do you all celebrate the holidays similarly? I’ve been taking care of getting things in order as well, and also enjoying my time off with family.

My favorite story is probably Cyrano de Bergerac, though it’s more of a play than a novel. I’m rather fond of stage shows.

Groove Coaster is pretty fun when I played it a bit, good variety too. Isn’t there also some touhou songs available for it as well?

I think I agree with a lot of your speculation there, I feel as though it really was experiencing things for yourself and getting used to things. Looking back, it has helped give me a big perspective on things, and the way people live their lives. I moved from one side of the country to another, and everywhere in between.

Oh, the same thing I do with my old lego sets too then. It makes that you keep things to each character without mixing and matching too much. I’ll have to look into getting a Nendroid of some kind just to see how they work, time to look around!

You’re right about COVID being determined on the local level, it really depends on whether our local politicians are taking the issue seriously. Luckily, the place where I live has been doing better in following rules than other counties or states. I’m glad that you’ve all been doing relatively better than other countries in response to COVID. I do remember how the start of 2020 began with the Australian bush fires, hope that’s not an omen for things to come. I’m not too familiar with the Australian government, but it does seem like there are issues which are challenging.

Melonbook is a great option for a lot of doujin things, didn’t realize they had brick and mortar stores as well, interesting!

Haha, no worries, I’d never judge on what people enjoy, I have plenty of hobbies like that as well. V-tubbers are something I’ve been introduced to all over, it’s amazing to see how they’ve blown up over the past few years. They really do draw you in, I’ve watched a few from HoloLive myself, which ones have you been following?

All really nice figures you’ve listed there. Yeah, I have no complaints about the delay If it’s to maintain quality, and either way I’m still a little bit away till I’ll be able to display them. I’m planning on doing an overhaul with some furniture and I need to wait for the right time before I spend a day going out to buy them and assemble them. It does seem like a hobby where it’ll fill up quite fast.

Yeah, I have to agree with you, it really does stand up so well with its themes. It is highly rated among the people who’ve seen it, but it’s never really seen widespread recognition compared to some shows today. Things really are different.

Thank you for the concern, I hope to just do my best in day to day. The fundamental divide really is something I hope we address as a nation, but as you’ve probably seen, there’s a lot of animosity on both ends of the spectrum. Right, the situation for COVID is gonna be like this for quite a while till we reach a certain mass of immunity. Virginia didn’t get hit by that snow storm like other states, so we only got a bit of snow. Are there any parts in Australia that get any snow during the year like the mountains?

Interesting, it does seem like quite a unique show. Don’t know anything remotely similar in terms of attention to detail with tanks

Ah yeah, shipping is gonna be a pain no matter where you live huh? I’ll be waiting for a bit longer till I buy anything else in bulk just cause of the costs of it, and DHL is still the only option from Japan for my country.

No big plans myself honestly, just glad to be off so I might find a game to play myself.

Ah yeah, that’s true, luckily it seems like they still have that market even without foreign tourists. I’d agree that it’s still not too favorable of a situation regardless for anyone though.

Oh wow, the pictures look beautiful, especially the clear pools and the vast starry skies. I love places and sceneries like this, thanks for showing me! If I ever travel to Australia, in the future I’d love to tour places like this.

I don’t have much experience skiing and snowboarding myself, but the experience does sound similar. I’ll have to admit that I’m not too good at jumping off with my bike myself, I’ve hurt myself quite a bit! I’m like following along the rough trails and experiencing the scenery more than tricks honestly. Don’t have anything interesting to show, though I’ve been thinking of getting a GoPro though for when I go biking more during the summer.
Looks like you traveled around a fair bit during your visit here, let me know if you want any specific ideas if you plan on traveling over here later in the future!

Happy holidays and a happy Early New Years!
2 months ago
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Watamote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad, Welcome to the NHK
Tales of Symphonia, Touhou Project
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