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Gooday! From Perth Australia.

In 2023 I made an anime tier list for non Action anime.



How it works below in Spoiler
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S Tier: I really love these Anime. I think they do learn towards quirky rather then Classics. I would really love you to watch them but should be placed in A tier realistically. Bocchi and Clannad Would stay here on their own. Being in anime form really enhanced this medium.
A Tier: Animes at their time did their variant slice of life. Hence were trendsetters for what followed after but still stand well on their own and should have wide appeal. My Highest Recommendation to go out and watch, along with Azumanga and Clannaed Before S tier.
B Tier: A Bit more inaccessible then A tier, this would be slice of life where not everything hits the mark or is carried by a couple of very strongly developed characters. Have traded their assessibility for a highly rewarding moments if you stay with them. Definitly reccomend to any anime fan if prompted about these titles, and the average person if they are looking for a thing to watch.
C Tier: Animes with unique ideas and at least a very good opening 3 episodes, even first 1 and a half seasons and then fail the landing. Or could drag after the first 3 episodes. Recommended only if your a slice of life fan.
D Teir: Generic slice of life teir watch if you are bored. At the times these shows came out others had done what they did better or the pacing of the show is rather bad, being way too fast or slow. No Recommendation. No Recommendation.
T Tier: Trash Teir. Execution of Anime butchered the source material or a stuido was like what can we make cheaply for a season as we fill 22 minutes with talking heads.

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Scale Figures

1:Touhou Project | Kompaku Youmu | 1/8 | Griffon

2:Rurouni Kenshin | Himura Kenshin | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

3:Code Geass | Lelouch Lamperouge | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

4:Touhou Project | Hourai Kaguya | 1/8 | Griffon

5:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Kyuubey | N/A | Seven Two

6:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

7: Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier | 1/8 | Scale Good Smile Company

8: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku | 1/8 | Griffon

9:Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Ultimate Madoka | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

10: Panty & Stocking | Stocking Anarcary | 1/8 | Alter

11: Evangelion: 3.0 You can not Redo | Shinji Ikari | Non Scale | Sega

12:Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion | Akuma Homura | 1/8 | Stronger

13:Tales of Symphonia | Colette Brunel | 1/8 | Kotobukiya

14: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku - Ryuugyodoriru | 1/8 | Griffon


1:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | N/A | Max Factory

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Nendoroid Photo Travel Diaries:

1. Tomoko's Sakura Tour

2. The Legend of Zelda The Hokkaido Holiday Special

3. Alice in Koyo Land

That One time Time which I 1CC'd a Touhou Game, also move of a Decade ago!

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And within the collection.

When I Discovered Touhou and pitiful state of clearing.
Source: maribelhearn.co...

I now play Touhou Lost Word.
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Original Conflux clear.
Star Ex Clear.
Just completed Arena Phantasma Difficulty.


Completed Moon EX challenge. 66 SP Now 36 SP.
And Second EX challenge 31 SP. Now 25 SP
Water EX, 51 SP. Now 41 SP.
Wood EX, 36 SP.

With 1 Star Erin and 1 Star EOSD Sakuya. Should be Replayble.
Cleared Towers level in 81 to 90 without healing. Still 10 floors behind front due to current progress. So many powerful friends makes this easy.


New Touhou seccond hand Nendoroids, still not opened.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/Sazako/Iku.jpg Above First Iku drawing which my thumb nail is themed after.



Sazako hello,

I'm doing well, going to check out a convention tomorrow. Work has started again, so I've been much more involved this week; however, this time it's going well, and I'm less stressed over things. I found out the issue was drinking too much coffee! Just by lessening it, all of the baloney had calmed down.

The Wonfes was astounding this time. Definitely amazed by all of the new figures. I've added all of them, but I doubt I'll get many of those. I've been wanting to save much more lately, and not get as many figures. For example, I've been wanting the School Days Nendoroids since they were first announced, but when they were available, I decided that I didn't want them.

But some of them will be really difficult to resist. The Mako 1/4 bunny, the crazy cool Flandre, and the Remilia with the blood bag. Seeing the kit a long time ago, I wanted that as a figure, and here we are. And I'm getting every Ilulu figure ever.

The picture is wonderful! You can see so much from there, and Sakuya truly completes everything, with her face. I looked at the Cycling website; maybe I can find a way to watch the last 2 days here.

I'll also see if I can post pictures of the convention. If not in an article then as a message.
3 months ago
Hello Sazako,

It’s been a while. This time didn’t go to WF. I wish to go but i think there are things i should do. Especially currently i busy for house moving.

Maybe after August i will be free. I can’t wait to buy new cabinets for my figure/gunpla.
How about you? Got any good loots? How about traveling..
4 months ago
Heyo, it’s nice to talk to you once again! I’ve also had a quite a few things pop up on my end as well, so no worries there, great to hear from you. Will be busy in the coming month as I need to go back to school soon on my end!

Aha, it’s the hottest recorded on average from what I’ve heard, definitely feels that way too. Got a chance to go out on a few trails, and am planning to go to the Shenandoah sometime this week. Looking forward to it.

Once again, really impressive to see how ya managed train and perform out on the road with your bike. Got a chance to do a bit more exercise with my time off as well though nothing as strenuous as yours.

Yes, happy to receive my fumos! Now just waiting on Rumia to hopefully pop on by sometime soon. Just looked at saw quite a few new touhou figures that look interesting, really considering the Cirno one… Have any merch also caught your eye?

Mmm, I basically have one more year until I graduate, though then I need to study and pass the bar exam afterwards. Unboxed a majority of things and now am left with very little space haha, might need to make some readjustments.

Yeah for sure, I think the way the Bocchi anime popped off contributed to a rise in popularity, I think if Watamote ever did an adaptation of the later part of the series, it’d also be a success.

Congratulations from those in Australia for a good showing! On your end hope your recovery is swift and smooth and that you feel better!

That’s what I’ve also heard as well from the School Days adaptation, I think the VN goes abet deeper into the themes.

Soo many interesting products, let me know if there are any your considering collecting!
Huh, I’m also not familiar myself but that sounds like fun! Whenever you get them let me know how they are!

Hope ya have an enjoyable time with wow! Although I haven’t tried it my cousin recommended hardcore diablo, dying gets really scary in those scenarios!

Once again, hope ya have an enjoyable time for whatever your going to be trying out. Till next time!
4 months ago
Things are getting quite hot now, but makes going out from time to time quite nice. Woah, gotta ask how hard races like that are, how’s it like in the mountains to bike I mean.

Haven’t received mine quite yet, usually choose slower shipping options so it’ll be a few months usually.

Lots of different kinds of fumo beyond Touhou from what I’ve seen by GIFT, but they’re also expanding their touhou lineup too.

It’s great to see another MV.

Haha, that’s an accurate comparison to prep for the race, really sounds you put all the stops to perform well!

It’ll be as usual from then I see.

As for me, wrapping up a few things before I go to unboxing, looking forward to displaying it.

I see, hoping everything slows and stabilizes down, wonder if this is the cost of having money being so easy to borrow before, lots of companies are not used to high interest environments.

Will look forward to hear about your trip sometime in the future hopefully! Wishing for a great time!

For me, I’d say my favorite character would either be Bocchi herself or Nijika. Honestly though, all the characters are written so well, and you root for the band to do well.

Haha, convinced me to go back to it after a long time as well. Only read a few chapters when it was just starting, but your praise of it made me reread it all! It was the best.
Until next time!
6 months ago
I add stress to myself in addition to that from the workplace; there is a lot to do for sure, but I'm the kind of person where social interaction is similar to using a phone battery. In addition, unexpected things are part of life, yet I seem to be allergic to them. And there is some uncertainty with a lack of organization. We had a change in a grading deadline, for example, that was not communicated properly to any of us.

Another thing is that the traditional "stress relieving" tools, like breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation, do not work for me and make me more stressed when I try them. But that is okay. I'm doing my best and I have 2 weeks left. I'll be cleaning my parent's house, as we hardly throw anything away and have stacks and piles of miscellany everywhere. Japanese learning will be top priority too (that is something that calms me down), and watching the anime backlog that is astronomically large now.

It seems like you have more control in your line of work with what to select. What you said made me realize that work in itself is stressful; I was expecting before that stress was something that I could "turn off" no matter where I am.

A Miku Fumo! What a wonderful thing. I really want that. It is Best Timeline for Fumos. More media, plentiful amounts, and more new Fumos and from LW. How do you like your Aya?

For Watamote, I am taking a break and practicing Japanese with a copy of the spinoff manga (www.amazon.co.j...). I thought that it never got an English version, but Yes Press, the US company that sells English Watamote, did translate parts of the 4-koma skits as little asides in their localized volumes, something I didn't realize. This manga covers Tomoko, Yuu-chan, and Komiyama in middle school. In reading the earlier volumes, I love the humorous situations Nico Tanigawa crafts. They are unique and wonderfully done; I find the story overtakes them in later volumes. The prime example I remember was somewhere after Volume 8. I forgot but something where Komiyama was trying to cover up a lie with Tomoko and her brother both there at a cafeteria table. Truly masterful story construction.

This morning, I got an alert from Mandarake: they have a Tomoko Nendoroid there. I really want that still, but I don't want to pay >$150 total for a Nendoroid.

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite; Bocchi rolling and bonking into the cabinet, Kita in Bocchi's mind doing the magic spell coffee order, and Ryou being stoic but not always. But I think mine is Nijika. I found this game where you can multiply her Dorito: tamanidamani.it...

Tonight I shall watch the Youtube links; I'm finishing Onimai now and have 3 episodes left.
6 months ago
Heya, once again just stopping by as I’m about a week or two from wrapping up. It’s officially the warm season over here. Hope things at home are cozy as things get cold over there.

Wow, you did really well to place that high, sounds like a very long ride and had to go against the weather and lighting for a majority of it as well. I have to ask how the training is like to prepare for such an event.

Oh, glad you got the fumo this time, and you can always find alternative options and offers from other places. Waiting on my Rumia…

Huh, didn’t know other companies did plushies like that, it’s cool to see. Also good that the author has recoeved from their injury, rest well.

Right, I’m hoping things will start slowing down, but I think higher prices are things we might need to swallow for lots of goods.

Oh that’s exciting news, definitely let me know how the trip goes/and if you take any pictures…! Always interesting in hearing about your journeys.

Very neat to hear all of your movie hits, been barralled down with work, but now should have some time to myself for a few months, looking to it.

Thanks for letting me know, I’d be sure to add him, it’s great that’s he’s doing okay.
Those prices… I actually did get a FREEing Marisa which isn’t nearly as much as Reimu.
Lost word Reimu looks to be more affordable in comparison.

Once again, till next time!
6 months ago
I'm doing well, resting up on Sunday and getting some laundry done. I've been very busy with work and getting very stressed. It's been making me think "How can I calm down, and take things lightly" in terms of long-term living. But I've got 1 more month; I'm a teacher and get about 2 months off.

Those plushies are very adorable. They look smaller than Fumos, and RemiFlan make a face that reminds me of classic 2channel characters. Very nice you got Miss Aya.

I've been rereading Watamote and am on num3, because I read the later volumes and get confused on the plot. In this refresher time I'm appreciating how Tomoko started out anew, all full of herself but still afraid.

Thank you for Bocchi the Rock, my goodness it's great. I finished it in 9 days. That's a world record for me; never before have I finished an entire series in just 9 days.
7 months ago
Sazako hello; I hope things have been well. I decided to restart my account, so now I've got X2. I'll just make the account for friends' discussion and my pre-orders now.
7 months ago

At the final stretch of things, so hoping to end off strong, hope things have been going well for you as well.

Aww, well hopefully AmiAmi will be fine with that, and you are a long time customer.

Yes, hope for the best of them in whatever they are pursuing.

Over here, it's actually getting much warmer, people have been dropping off their long sleeves and light jackets for short sleeves. Guess it's the opposite haha.

Oh, it's nice to hear your thoughts on the movie, haven't actually heard anything about it before and am unfamiliar with anime movies as well.

To you, hope you are also doing well. Once again, till next time!
7 months ago
Hwawa, wow that's amazing timing, alright I'll wish for Yuuka next for both of us too..!
8 months ago


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