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Please do not ask me if my collection is for sale.
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Agender / Aromantic / Bisexual pride I guess eyyo feel free to refer to me with she or he pronouns.

I'm basically a hopeless fanatic for the Persona 5 protagonist and he's all I talk about with my friends. Mostly use this site to stalk as much merch of him as possible and do Nendoroid splits for customs.

I'm a pretentious snob when it comes to writing and analyzing stuff; I'm sorry in advance if I sound like an asshole!

I'm not very good at talking to people either. I'm sorry in advance for any misunderstandings!


Happy Birthday!!
3 months ago
Hello, sent you a PM regarding Mai Sakurajima Nendoroid.
9 months ago
Shaerileth a little obsessed...
Your inbox is full as well, haha. Sorry, I never got notified about your post in the thread, orz.
10 months ago
Hiya, I got a PM but your inbox is full!
10 months ago
Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a good one with some good cake~
1 year ago
Decided this was best to go into dms
1 year ago
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Argh! Thanks for the heads-up, and I did get the info from PayPal.
1 year ago
levicakes μ'sic forever ♪♪
Sorry about this! My supporter period ended, but I just renewed it! I have more space in my inbox now :)
2 years ago
Made room! Sorry Dx
2 years ago
Hey! Just saying hi! I was also wondering if you’re on Discord?
2 years ago